50 Beautiful Calendar Designs

5 pages, 50 examples of Beautiful Calendar Designs at Freakify.co.uk. I knew I could count on them with being creative & inspiring.

Also as I am presenting you with Shopaholic Daily Calendar I felt I should have inspire us with those 50 Beautiful Calendar Designs . All of these designs are really good, some standard and simple for people who like it this way. I have also noticed many examples with the pretty flower themes. Check this design for example or this one and you can see what I mean. It is a bit flowery, isn’t it?

I really like this Fairy Fest Theme here and Typographic One and so many more. I cannot make up my mind. Will you?

There are some calendars you can hang on the walls or put on your desk – whatever works for you really.

What is the best about this list of 50 Beautiful Calendar Designs is the fact that you can get & download any of those themes for free.

So find the one you like, follow the link and get it for yourself.

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