Italian Gelato – what is the whole fuss about?

Italian Gelato – what is the whole fuss about?

Don’t tell anyone but I came back to Italy for it’s Italian ice cream experience mainly…I remembered them from my childhood. I spent my holidays in Rimini when i was a teenager and all I can remember is: the beautiful beach, sun & warm sea & Rome & Venice, really hot weather and really refreshing ice cream served not in a scoop but with the big spoon so I was so happy to get a real portion with my limited pocket money budget but i still could afford the real treat!I loved it and i wanted to experience it one more time …older & smarter & in a different place and with a different company while visiting Italy! Now I can say I have not been disappointed and I will tell you why! I will tell you what is the whole fuss about Italian Gelato and why you need to visit Italy to try out the best ice creams in the world! Learn The Top 15 Basic Yet Interesting Facts About Italian Gelato and Enjoy them Even More!

The Top 15 Basic Yet Interesting Facts About Gelato!

  1. Gelato means ‘frozen’ so here you are Italian Gelatos are the frozen desserts! The word comes from the past participle of the Italian verb “gelare,” which means “to freeze”.Homemade Italian Ice Cream
  2. It is actually Florence which is said to be the birthplace of Gelato! The famous Italian frozen desserts have been invented in the city of Florence in the mid 16th century.Charming Florence
  3. The Italian city which serves the best quality Gelato, it is…Florence indeed! Why? They say the Gelato was invented here so the city needs to carry on the reputation and has the best original recipes.Enjoy the best Italian Ice Cream
  4. As the world changes, the flavours of Italian gelato as well. All of the gelaterias will serve you the traditional flavours but be prepared to be offered some new (strange) tastes such as puffo (the Italian word for Smurf) and Viagra. As crazy as it sounds that is just the beginning…discover more bizarre gusti!Even more tatests of italian ice cream
  5. One of the most odd dessert creation made with Italian Ice Creams is a brioche bun stuffed with frozen dessert. What’s a combination, traditionally this dessert comes from Sicily.

  6. The best Italian Gelato are found in shops/bars so called Gelateria. So keep your eyes open for this name and enjoy the Italian Best Frozen Desserts!
  7. Most Gelato are made with milk (even the whole fat milk) but still not cream so they are healthier and have less calories than typical ice cream, yet they are soooo tasty…why?Tastes of Gelato
  8. Yes, be careful, although the Gelatos are less in fat, they have more sugar added than typical ice creams…so while you save here, you loose there. But at the end of the day it is the taste that counts and you can be sure the Italian Gelato are the best ice cream in the world!
  9. If you are careful about your weight you might want to choose the ‘sorbetto’ version of Italian ice cream. They are made from fruits and have less or none of milk content therefore they are said to be less caloristic. On plus – they are more refreshing as well!
  10. Another healthy benefit of Gelato is the fact that it is made without preservatives, so you can be sure they are being prepared and sold fresh on a regular basis.Being crazy about Ice Cream
  11. Another healthy benefit of Italian Gelato is that they don’t use artificial colors So when you see the very colorful Italian ice cream, be sure they are fake and commercially made .Mountains of Italian Gelato
  12. So avoid the ice cream shops which offer “mountains” of colorful gelato but look for an artisan gelato – “artigianale”. They might be limited in number of flavours and they might run out of some flavours at the end of the day but be assured they are home-made with fresh, natural ingredients, no use of preservatives or artificial coloring. And on top..the taste is amazing!The Best Espresso only in Italy
  13. Do you like coffee? Well look for the Gelato “affogato” which is a type of gelato (usually vanilla) served with a shot of espresso on the top.
  14. Do you like the whipped cream? Well, say YES when they ask you if you want gelato “con panna,” This ice cream portion will be served with the cream on top!Scoop or gusti
  15. And lastly…not sure if you noticed but Gelato is not being served by scoop but flavours. So when you are ordering the Italian Ice Cream you choose the size of the cup or corn and then number of ‘gusti’. Depending on the size and number of flavours order the same amount of gelato will be served. So more flavours less portion of each of them.

Now enjoy and eat every day! That’s the rule!

So are you now convinced that for the real and best Italian Gelato experience you should go to Italy? And do you now know what is the whole fuss about the Italian Gelato? If you are not convinced that the best ice creams are the Italian Gelato you really need to pack and go to Italy as we speak! Otherwise I trust you will still visit Italy as you want to taste and have a real treat when eating the Italian Ice Cream! Spoil yourself you are worth it!


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    1. Thank you! So now you fancy a very good ice cream? If not Italy. the Vieux Lyon has a great choice of top quality ice cream, doesnt it?

  1. San Gimignano (Tuscany) hosts one of the best gelateria : Gelateria Dondoli. It won twice the Ice Cream World Championship !

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