Chocolate Treat – Just Because You Are So Fabulous

Here you are – Chocolate Treat for this Sunday! Just because you are so so Fabulous! And so you deserve this very Chocolate Treat To Have!

Chocolate Treat  at Thornton's

Chocolate Treat at Thornton’s

We need to celebrate this fact on Sunday and there is nothing better to celebrate then sweet & tasty chocolate treat!

Less then a tenner and your Sunday will look differently you will feel better as you won’t spend too much money but you get a great taste and a real mood improvement tool. There are many benefits for your body to eat chocolates – all proved 😉

I like how the Huffingtonpost is showing us a study on benefits of eating chocolate here. Even Womenheath magazine present us with 9 top benefits of consuming this sweet chocolate treats. Read their Sweet Side of Chocolate article here.

Chocolate Treat  at Thornton's
Chocolate Treat at Thornton’s


So spoil yourself with a nice chocolate treat from Thortons, will you?

Remember to be selfish and not to share it with anyone. This will be a Chocolates Box just for you as there is noone else as Fabulous as you are 🙂

Check the box here and order it with just one click 😉 You can also browse at Thorntons for more chocolates inspirations. I needed to stop myself because I got easily distructed and hungry but if you have some more strenght and will, search for more and get the Chocolate Treats. It does not have to be just one chocolate treat 😉 If we are spoiling ourself with Chocolate Treat, lets make it properly!

Just a small note, this is a great idea at Thorntons to have a chocolate treats within Just Because truffle section. It is perfect to get for yourself but also seem ideal to give as a present with or without any occasion. And those are the gifts we all love to receive.

Enjoy your chocolate treat because you are so so Fabulous!