F&F Tesco Clothing Online Fitting Room

F&F Tesco Clothing online has a fitting room app on their Facebook page.

Tesco Clothing Virtual Fitting Room
Tesco Clothing Virtual Fitting Room

You can create a 3D photo-realistic model of yourself by specifying measurements and uploading two photos.You can then try on clothes. It can look really funny if you get your measurements a slightly wrong or it can be a brilliant tool to help you choose the most suitable outfit. You can also check with your friends what they think and there is an option to share your images via Facebook, Twitter and email. Click here to try it now!

What is unique about it is the fact that you can use your real photo! You can upload your face, body or use the model instead.

So try it out here and let me know what you think! So you dont need to shop outdoors to get the full shopping experience. Be a shopper from home!