My Fav Place to Shop

Let me take you for a virtual walk to do some online shopping. Yes, I would like to show you where you can shop in the online space.


I have visited many shops, browsed many retailers, seen many online fitting rooms, sales places, voucher codes, cashback websites. I have tried out many online shopping tools which are brilliant to find a gift, perfect product for yourself and others, bearing in mind your preferences and budgets.

What i have noticed, it is not only about shopping websites anymore, but also about the adds on, toolbars, widgets, newsletters & alerts and even mobile apps – all of those are great places to visit when you are doing shopping. All of those places are easily accessible from your home as well. So there is no hassle involved in going out to visit a shop.

So here they come- check Thursdays posts for My Favorite Places to Shop which I want to share with you.

If you have further comments or anything else to add, just contact me here. I love your feedback! Happy Shopping!