Things I love About Lyon

J’adore Lyon! Yes and I will tell you why…

So I cannot resist really! I love Lyon! I like it when its colourful and sunny. I like it when its chilly and greyish. I like it black and white (oh well…with a bit of my personal colour touch ;-)…I also cannot resist the colours (this is a fact!).

I like when Lyon is crowded and full of people; but I also appreciate when its quiet and the streets are empty. Anyway that sounds like I am working for some Lyon Tourism Board whose aim is to promote its city. No way…I like & love & J’adore Lyon and I am sure you will as well.

So I have been playing with my photos of Lyon and got a set of black & white ones which I wanted to share with you. Hope you like them.

But this got me thinking, I have been in Lyon over 3 months (all together) and so far there are already so many things I love about the city!

  1. The view and landscapethe city on the hill!
  2. The idea of 2 rivers: Saône and Rhône mergering!
  3. The monuments & museums & galleries to visit
  4. Old & historical feel of the city
  5. Amazing city centre I cannot resist for walking & talking photos
  6. Vieux Lyon & Fourviere & Bellecour & Parc de la Tête d’Or
  7. AMAZING food! Typical Lyonnaise cuisine
  8. The official Food Capital – Huge appreciation for food.
  9. Paul Boucus  – the pop of French couisne and his restaurants;-)
  10. Markets! Food, art…mostly food and cheese!
  11. Bread!…plus cheese plus wine…scary!
  12. Fete de Lumieres (wow!) Been & seen and waiting for next year!
  13. Bouchons – so many of them and so any good ones!
  14. Pralines – my sweet, little & pink friends and famous Praline Tart – can you resist?
  15. Top class boulangerie near by. Jocteur – another WoW for Lyon!
J'adore Lyon & France and I am happy about it!
J’adore Lyon & France and I am happy about it!

So this is so far my tiny summary of things I love about the time goes I will be updating the list as I am still falling in love with France and Lyon. It seems to be ongoing process for ne to discover more things J’adore about Lyon and France!