Treats to Have

On Sundays, let me show you some Treats you should have after being busy shopping or just after the whole week.


It is a real struggle to have a Me Time nowadays, We are busy at work, at home, doing shopping, socializing, being with family and friends and so much more. It gets to the point where we need to recharge. It is very difficult to remember about it so I will remind you each Sunday that we all deserve a Treat – at least once a week…but don’t feel limited to one day only!

Just keep an eye on Sundays posts and I will inspire you with all those Treats you can have. Remember not only to read about them but also and especially have them!

I am sure you will like this place from now on, that you will like Sundays section of Shopaholic’s Calendar very much

Have a good Me Time! Get relaxed & spoilt because you are worth it!

If you feel like, let me know how it was – just go here to get in touch. I would love to hear how much you enjoyed it 😉