10 Things You Can Find Only in the French Kitchen

Now I know there is the whole philosophy behind the French Cuisine! French people live to eat and not only eat to live. They are so particular and different to other countries that make us more and more interested in France. Because aren’t you a bit curious, shocked on what the French do? Before coming to France, I had only known that French people have this smelly cheese and wine, they eat late and they have the best croissants and baguettes. Since that time I learned so much that i could write a book about the French Way of Eating because it’s so fascinating (unusual, annoying, funny and good on many occasions). Anyway,  I shall be discovering more and more…yet today let me show you that with the different approach to cooking & eating in France, here comes the need of the things so useless in other countries, yet so essential in France. The Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets So French jadorelyn - feature good oneLet me show you 10 Things You Can Find Only in the French Kitchen, The Top 10 Kitchen Gadget so French as they are so unusual and funny that they made me smile & want them. How about you?

1. Opinel French Knives. The very posh and beautiful knives were founded in 1890 in the Savoie region. You can find out the history on how they were invented here and you will understand why they are so special!The French are proud of them, they want to use them everyday and they want to share the appreciation for the brand so they created The Opinel Museum and the Shop! Buying the Opinel Knife is a great idea for a souvenir from France yet…a small note here! Never offer the knife to a Frenchman, the French believe it brings a bad luck!

opinel knife


2.Cheese Knife Set with the board. It is obligatory for each French house to be equipped with the knives for cheese and the board. The ones in wood look amazing. Such a wooden set never goes out of style. I would recommend it as a typical souvenir from France as well because I bet after visiting France you will be hooked up by the idea of eating cheese.

Cheese Knives Set For Blog


3.French Shopping Bag. So important, old style but still very much loved by the French! Why? Because French love to do shopping in the markets and to carry groceries in those mesh bags because they can use and reuse such shopping bags. I am not sure how practical it is when you wanna to carry some apples or oranges…will that not go through the holes? I don’t understand it yet which probably proves I am not French!


Mesh French Bags


4.Cloth napkins. Well, I am not sure if the French are so ecological but yet try to use cloth napkins for each meal! I found it a bit annoying as the cloth can get dirty after each meal so does it mean that you need to wash those napkins after each meal? At the end of the day even if you save on paper (being ecological) you spend more on water (washing your napkins) Anyway, it’s a French tradition that they eat with their cloth napkins and it’s an item you will find definitely in the French kitchen! And have a look at some colorful inspirations of the cloth napkins here, you might be tempted to get one set for yourself.

Cloth napkins

5.Madeleine Mold. Madeleines are very French famous cookies which everyone thinks they can get only in France. But the truth is that it is so easy to make, you can check the recipe here. I have tried many times but I usually add some twist to them. I like adding chocolate chips or raspberries or other fruits, dip in chocolate etc.  Last time I even tried the savory version. Anyway as easy they seem to be baked the trick is your need a special madeleines mold to make them….only in France or amazon anywhere in the world.

Madeleine Mold

6. Guillotine Saucisson. Even if French didn’t actually invent guillotine they are sentimental and seem to like it. So when you take 3 things: France sentiments, guillotine and French saucisson you get Guillotine Saucisson. It is actually very useful as French love eating their apero and their saucisson. This sausage is very hard so you need very thin slices and the Guillotine Saucisson seems irreplaceable.

Guillotine Saucisson

7.Long baguette toastersLong baguette toasters As wrong as it sounds it actually exists. Why wrong? Because the beauty of the French baguette is that it’s soft and when you put it to the toaster it can get very crunchy but I guess some people like it soft some prefer the crunch. And most importantly, the old baguette can be saved and used this way. How about you – do you prefer your baguette soft or crunchy?

 8.Snail-eating kits. Seriously! Don’t even try to eat snails with normal forks and spoons because it’s mission impossible. Instead, impress others with your knowledge of Freche eating etiquette  (because it exists and it’s very complicated) Because aware of the fact that there are a dimpled tray, tongs and an extraction fork for eating snails.


Snail eating kits.

9.Raclette machine. Don’t say cheese but eat cheese! So imagine any type of food: potatoes, sausage, ham, cornichons etc topped with a melted cheese. It’s heavy (not only the machine but the food!) but it’s so good and ideal for dinners with friends when you can do the buffet and share food. It’s more used during winter as it can warm you up easily. It’s a big thing to buy so enjoy when you are in France!

Raclette machine

 10.Foie gras cutter. Essential in the French kitchen because French love and eat foie gras as much as they can afford it  (it’s quite expensive yet so tasty). So in order to not waste any tiny bit of it, French prefer to use the proper foie gras cutter than the knife. And on top of that, it looks very cool & posh and so french.

Foie gras cutter


Do you know any other French gadgets that you can find only in the French kitchens? I would love to discover more! Have you used any of them…are you planning to use? It looks like a very cool thing to have or at least it’s a good souvenir from France, isn’t it?The Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets So French jadorelyn - feature good one


I am a Polish girl who felt in love with Lyon from the first sight! Jadorelyon is my way of exploring France, the French way of life, their cuisine, sharing the experience from visiting beautiful places in France. Jadorelyon is my new way of adding some Polish influence into French lives and watching on how they like it...

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