10 Top Reasons on Why You Have to Visit Strasbourg!

10 Top Reasons on Why You Have to Visit Strasbourg!

As I promised I am coming back to Strasbourg which is a place that deserves much more space to be properly described! I can bet you have heard of it so I will nicely skip the introduction and I will just focus on naming the reasons on why you should visit it as soon as you have the opportunity or ideally plan your trip for a winter season…and do you want to know why? Well I will tell you this and more in my 10 Top reasons …Strasburg

So here you are… Strasbourg is the It is the capital of both Europe and Alsace, capital of the Bas-Rhin department.  It is located not far from the German border and it is sixth most populous city in France. On top of the fact that it is very popular and interesting for French it has always been receiving many foreign tourists as well. Curious a bit on what makes the Strasburg an un-missable French experience?

So here you are My 10 Top Reasons on Why You Have to Visit Strasbourg:Strasburg

  1. Because Strasbourg’s Christmas market is famous worldwide. What is more, it is the oldest one in France and … the prettiest (anyway for me!) It has been founded in 1570 and become so well known because of its sheer scale and its location in Europe’s capital. It has a rich and interesting heritage in the French…well more Alsatian Christmases. You may have heard the name “Christkindelsmärik”? This is the main & biggest Strasbourg’s market located  in Place Broglie , and the one considered as the oldest of all in France. But to clarify few things, this is not the only one market in the town, there are other beautiful markets located at each of Strasbourg’s town square and each of them is totally different and unique.Strasburg
  2. Because Strasbourg is so beautiful! There are so many things to see and admire! You should start on discovering the town with the most significant Gothic cathedral Notre-Damithe de Strasbourg from where you can get the best view of the town. Then look for a lovely La Petite France, stroll through towns winding streets, have a look at the flowing canals, and 16th- and 17th-century homes. Add to this all, the numerous number of Christmas markets hosted at each of the market square and you will be amazed by how beautiful, full of charm this town is.Strasburg
  3. Because Strasbourg has a worldwide renowned historical heritage. Each part of Strasbourg has its distinct identity which is linked to its history and its people. It is a home for many important cultural and historical monuments. Get into the centre surrounded by the Ill River and you will find all the main places and monuments which make Strasbourg so well known. There is the Cathedral, the House Kammerzell, the Petite France or the Covered Bridges. And to add to this all, its famous Grande Ile has been  listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site ! Lastly, don’t forget to visit the Musée Alsacien and you will be sure to learn the history of the region’s traditional architecture and local dress.img_576fd75feb8bc
  4. Because Strasbourg is important not only for France but also for Europe! It is the Capital of Europe and is a home for numerous European institutions with the European parliament!
  5. Because Strasbourg has a strong sentimental value to French people It has sentimental & patriotically importance for France because it is the birthplace of the Marseillaise national anthem.Strasburg
  6. Because Strasbourg is also a young and dynamic city. So it is not only old & historical town but a place full of dynamism and life. There are museums, theatres, opera, concert halls, festivals easily accessible for you to attend.Alsac
  7. Because Strasbourg is a proud of Alsace and represents typical Alsatian look and feel. So visiting Strasbourg you will make sure to know Alsace well and experience its speciality. You will admire the landscape, the architecture and of course taste the local cuisine and this is another great experience of Strasbourg and Alsace! And if you like the nature, animals…birds especially.. Strasbourg will introduce you to Storks which are the proud of Alsatian region and can be admire in Strasbourg’s Parc Orangerie.Strasburg
  8. Because Strasbourg will offer you the experience of not one but many local Christmas markets. So on top of the oldest and the most famous ‘Christkindelsmärik’ Christmas you will discover many more. The one that offers you Alsace’s legendary small growers and producers and is located in Place des Meuniers. The one that you find in the Place d’Austerlitz,  – the Alsatian Christmas delicacies market which brings you  a chance to try the excellent local products. And the one that is not only for kids but mainly –  the Children’s World which is situated in the Place Saint Thomas.  So more less these are the main ones but again not all…Sometimes it is good to get lost in Strasbourg so you can find few more…Strasburg
  9. Because Strasbourg offers you the biggest and the greatest , the most traditional  and the best decorated Great Christmas Tree that will surly take your breath away!Strasburg
  10. And lastly but most importantly, because Strasbourg offers you the best pre- and Christmas experience in France!

So are you convinced now? I hope so! I promised to keep it Compact & Sufficient for you to make up the mind about visiting Strasbourg! But if you need more information or have questions just give me a shout. I have been and experienced it so I can highly recommend. You are also very welcome to share any experience you have! As as many enthusiasts of Strasbourg we have, the better it is!

So now I can only wish you a Great Christmas Experience in Strasbourg whenever you decide to go….



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