More than 10 Top Things to do in Lyon with kids.

Visiting Lyon in an interesting for Kids (and Parents) Way.

I wanted to write about top 10 things to do in Lyon with kids but I couldn’t stop. There are so many cool and fun places for kids to have good time and enjoy that I struggled to choose only 10 and that’s why I extended the list just a little. Yet I came to a reasonable compromise…not too many suggestions but hopefully enough to get you started. I also hope you feel invited to share your ideas and suggestions for the fun things to do and see in Lyon with kids. I would love to see your comments. Thank you in advance.

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And so here’s my list of more than 10 Top Things to Do in Lyon For Kids

France Adventures is an aerial adventure park located close to the city, just a 5min walk from Fourvière funicular. Climbing ropes, net bridges and skateboarding through the trees- super fun for everyone, different ages!

1. France Adventures
Parc de la Tȇte D’Or the best place for kids and adults which offers (FREE zoo, several playgrounds, a traditional carousel, a FREE Green House, train ride, lake, theater, electric bikes or even a paddle boat etc)

2. Parc de la Tȇte D’Or
Musee des Miniatures et Cinema – one of the most interesting museums in Lyon where you can see a cute collection of miniature objects and sets used in the making of films.

3. Musee des Miniatures et Cinema
Musee des Confluences – one of the best museums in Lyon, very interesting for kids and adults.

4.Musee des Confluences
Musee des Automates is an interesting little place to bring your kids. There are 20 different scenes there in total including a wonderful Peter Pan scene and the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

5. Musee des Automates
Aquarium de Lyon is a little aquarium with a large variety of fish and sea creatures including sharks, piranha and turtles.

6.Aquarium de Lyon
Theatres Romains de Fourviere has an amazing view, picnic area, cool funicular ride up the hill. There is the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere just a few minutes’ walk away.

7. Theatres Romains de Fourviere (1)
Vieux Lyon and traboules of Croix Rousse. But here, there is a bit of walking involved otherwise check out my list of parks in Lyon here

8. Vieux Lyon -traboules

Théâtre Guignol – so cool and not only for kids

9. Théâtre Guignol

Planetarium and the interesting fact to remember is that it’s for FREE each 1st Saturday of the month

10. Miniworld

Miniworld as a very magical little world where you can discover Lyon, France and have really good fun! I confirm not only for kids!

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I hope you found something new and useful today? Did you like my ideas? As I said there are so many more things to do in Lyon with kids that I could keep writing and writing. But I would love to hear your thoughts as well. Do you have any suggestions for Lyon attractive for kids? Please tell me. Thanks.


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