15 Top Things To Do In Portovenere!

15 Top Things To Do In Portovenere! 

So now once you know why you should visit Portovenere. Let me tell you what you can do in this beautiful little seaside resort. Be sure you will not get bored as Portovenere offers a lot and different experiences that you will enjoy! You will get tired, you will get relaxed, you will get busy and you will take your time. On top of that it is a real gem, interesting and stunning. So plan your next holidays with those 15 Top Things to Do In Portovenere!

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15 Top Things to Do In Portovenere!

  1. Admire the Town Gate and Tower which are the entrance to historical centre of Portovenere. The Gate was built in 1113, and the tower was finished in 1161. The walk in this part of the village will take you back in time!Admire the Town Gate and Tower
  2. Walk through the mall lovely streets of Portovenere. Discover typical Italian narrow streets full of souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants, colourful and charming!Portovenere - carrugi and cats
  3. Have a beach day: sunbathing and swimming!
  4. Take a boat trip to Three Island. This sounds and is magical! An excursion around 3 Islands during which you will learn their history and admire their beauty! More info about boat trips are on this pageTake A Boat to three Islands
  5. Visit Palmaria Island and do some hiking. The island is famous for its hiking trails. And you can see more details on ‘Hiking” page here.
  6. Have a refreshing cocktail in one of the beach bars!Local Bars in Portovenere
  7. Eat out on terrace with the view of the sea a real fresh fish
  8. Do not miss the visit to the Church of San Lorenzo. It has been constructed between 1118 and 1130 year. You will find it in the centre near by the Doria Castle. It is famous for the Miracle of the White Madonna, the patron saint of Portovenere and this event is celebrated each year on 17th   Visit Church San Lorenzo in Portovenere
  9. Visit the beautiful Doria Castle which is located on top of the rock in Portovenere. It comes from XII-XIV century. You need to pay a small fee to enter but it is worth it as it provides you with an amazing panoramic view!Visit Doria Castle in Portovenere
  10. Have a look at the ruins of two cylindrical structures which are located between San Pietro church and Doria. It used to be a place where mills and guard towers were situated. They were built near the shore in order to monitor the enemies coming and warning the people.Admire The Ruins of Portovenere
  11. Discover amazing 36 caves on Palmaria Island. Admire the main one especially the Arpaia Cave which is located on the continent near San Pietro churchDiscover The Caves Next to Portovenere
  12. Admire the Church of San Pietro, the old church built in 1198 and the first monument you can notice when coming to Portovenere by boat!Visit Church San Pietro in Portovenere
  13. Have a challenge! Find the shop with the ‘Pasta Curtains’ – one of the most bizarre things ever! And they tell you not to play with food…but for a good laugh I think you can
  14. Get yourself the Real & Home Made Gelato. Do not forget you are in Italy and you are obligated to have at least one Gelato per day!Homemade Italian Ice Cream
  15. Tick off the other main monuments of Portovenere. As the visit to this village would not be completed if you miss The Palazzata – Fortress Houses one its best symbols; the little calm piazza honoring the poet Montale with his ‘Portovenere’ poem on a plaque. And admire more and more carrugi‘ Don’t be surprised to see the cats; they are standard equipment for carrugi and they are very friendly to the tourists indeed

    Visit Portonevere
    Visit Portonevere

 So do you like the idea of holidays in Portovenere? I told you that the charming village can offer you so much! I hope you found this list of 15 Top Things To Do In Portovenere useful and that you decide to visit it if you haven’t yet. But if you have already seen Portovenere, please add some other things we all can do in the village. Because there is a big chance I will come back to Portovenere as well. There are places that you get great memories from and feel good in that you can return many times….this is what I wish for you. Like Portovenere and visit anytime you feel like having a good time!

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