28 ideas of making and saving money

Let’s make a fresh start and kick off a new month with 28 ideas of making and saving money! Let’s feel good of being useful, productive and savvy. Let’s leave the guilt of Shopaholic shopping and only spending money when there is a chance to make some spare pounds!

In order to be a proper ShopaholicFromHome and shop a lot, you really need some money to start with. As much as I love window shopping and as much as I am good at this. I mean I try not to spend too much and just enjoy online browsing through the shops…I always find an offer or a deal that cannot be missed. Therefore I need spare money.

Ok, you have money from your work but that pays off the bills, food shopping and your basic needs. If you want some additional money for your Shopaholic hobby, learn how you can make it.

Moneymagpie Logo
Moneymagpie Logo

I have found a great list of 28 ideas of making and saving money. The team at Moneymagpie – a very good website which gives you the  best offers, deals and ideas to save money as well as financial advise,  have put together a tip to save and make money for each day in February. I realized the month is over but the ideas can still be used.

I have tried most of them and I like the most:

  • 9 ways to make money from your home – check here 
  • New inspirations and good ideas to feed your family for less – check here
  • Get the best offer for your car insurance – compare here

So, don’t waste any minute and start making and saving money now.



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