5 unusual ways of discovering Lyon

My Top 5 Unusual Guided Tours of Lyon!

I like visiting places on my own without a guide or map (I only use my boyfriend as a GPS or I love trying to talk to local people for the directions and to get the local experience: good,  bad…interesting). I am also a very boring person who wants to visit and explore the world in a standard way…monument after monument, with a travel guide or travel bloggers recommendations. That is why so far I have presented you Lyon in a standard way by telling you how you can visit Lyon in 3 days , what are the best things to do in Lyon , what to see around Lyon, how to visit lyon on a budget, what are the free things to do in Lyon and so on and on. You can really search my blog for any other ideas which are relevant  to you likes and preferences.

5 unsusual ways of discovering Lyon

But I understand people are more adventurous than me and have stronger interests so I did go further in my discovering Lyon and found out many unusual types of tours of Lyon, each different and focused on different experience but still aimed to discover Lyon. There are so many that even I was lost so I decided to select 5 top for you. You can get the feeling want else Lyon offers you, you can try them or you can do your own researches to find even more unusual type of tours in Lyon. Don’t forget to share your experience with me. I would appreciate that. But for now, let me do the talking (or being more precise: writing) and let me present you My Top 5 Unusual Ways of Discovering Lyon:

1.Praline and RosetteFood Tour in Lyon for as they say bigger or smaller hunger. Well, when in Lyon, it’s obligatory to get food experience. Because as we know, Lyon is the Capital of the French gastronomy. It’s famous for the typical lyonnaise cuisine, unusual meals, best quality lyonnais specialities, for the best cooks and the whole buchons tradition. If you are visiting Lyon and if you like food, I would recommend to start exploring it with the lyonnais specialists passionate about Lyon and knowing the lyonnaise cuisine very well. You will find out what is the typical lyonnaise food, taste it and for the rest of your stay you will be sure what else and where in Lyon it’s the best to eat. And the BONUS here is: you will get a proper guided tour of the city. This all plus great atmosphere offers Praline and Rosette. They have their essential “food tour”, in Lyon available in 2 options according to your preferences and the size of the  stomach, because the lyonnaise cuisine can be very generous. So are you hungry for some Lyon? Practical details: Contact: 06 14 50 52 8; Tarifs: 29 € pour la visite “Petite faim” and 39 € pour la visite “Grande faim”

Praline and Rosette - Food Tour in Lyon

2.Cyclopolitain – Another way of visiting Lyon in an original way. You sit comfortably in the back of their electric vehicle and you let yourself be guided by so called pilots who will share with you their passion for Lyon. It’s a unique journey that combines historical facts, good plans and friendliness. BONUS here is that: as the pilots pedal and walk you through the city, they will tell you many small anecdotes about Lyon and its secrets, unknown by others, not written in the travel guides but only shared among lyonnais people. The tour can take you 1 or 2h. Practical details: Address: 2, rue Ste-Marie-des-Terreaux; Lyon 69001; Contact: 04 78 30 35 90; Tarifs: 40 € pour une heure pour 1 ou 2 personnes et 70 € pour deux heures pour 1 ou 2 personnes

Cyclopolita in Lyon

3.CybèleNow, are you ready for a very unusual way of discovering Lyon? Well, here it comes. Organised and run by an actor who takes a role of Jirome, a canut by profession, followed by the agents of Cybele and who will tell you the adventures of the silk weaver through the alleys of the Croix-Rousse. So unusual, funny, creative and available in the form of a gastronomic game, an investigation or even a theatrical play, all over Lyon: Vieux Lyon, Fourvière, Villeurbanne, Guillotière …Cool, isn’t It? Practical details: Address: 122, rue Montesquieu; Lyon 69007; Contact: 04 20 88 00 34; Tarifs: 12 – 25 €

Cybele Team

4.Mobilboard – Have you heard about Segway? Well, we have them here in Lyon, accompanied by the pilots, they are in place, to explore Lyon. It can be an easy tour for the beginners or more demanding tour where you climb Fourvière, hurtle down the Croix-Rouss slopes, slalom the trees of the banks and skid in the alleys of the Tête d’Or park. But don’t worry, there are some stops when you can listen to the stories of Lyon told by real passionate lyonnais people. Unique and funky, isn’t it? Be sure that Mobilboard offers you the authentic stories, made of original experiences, surprising and fun. The Segway Segway Tours are trips designed especially for those who want to share real encounters, (re) discover the city and be surprised by the intuitive and fun driving of the Segway. Are you in? There are many types of tours available in over 10 exceptional experiences. Do it yourself, with the family but it’s such a fun to do it with friends and colleagues from work. Practical details: Instructions: Segway is a smooth, electric, single-seat and self-stabilizing vehicle with two parallel wheels. Its function is both simple and fun based on the gyroscopic principle. Considered as a pedestrian and tolerated on bike lanes, the Segway Inc. Segway Inc. is the safest Segway of the Segway. Its mechanism is based on the inclination of the body. Address: 29, qu. Dr Gailleton; Lyon 69002; Contact: 09 83 58 73 35; Tarifs: Circuit découvertes 1h Centre Ville : 32 € et Circuit Expériences 2h Croix-Rousse : 57€

Mobilboard in Bellecour, Lyon

5.Tasty Lyon Another Food Tour in Lyon but totally different to Praline and Rosette which i mentioned above. With Tasty Lyon, you will get away from the beaten path! This is where you get the French food and wine experience in Lyon but especially around because Tasty Lyon offers it all during their wine excursions and gourmet itineraries. It’s a very original concept for discovering all the flavours of Lyon and its region. It’s a great opportunity to explore outside the city. Because we should bear in mind that from Burgundy to the Rhone Valley, via Beaujolais, the historic centre of Lyons, but also Bresse, Pérouges, the varied destinations can uncover more french experience and delight us by their authenticity. Tasty Lyon offers thematic itineraries that explore the wine and gourmet heritage of the Lyons region. During the original minibus tours, Tasty Lyon guides you around the most typical features of lyonnais region. So unusual and difficult to do on your own but easy and possible with Tasty Lyon which offers the tours of wineries and wine estates, introduction to wine-tasting among the vineyards, culinary workshops, discovery of regional specialities and exceptional products. Alone or as part of a group, according to your wishes and your budget, Tasty Lyon’s services will adapt to your stay. With a full-day or half-day private or shared tour, a large selection of destinations offers you a multitude of perspectives for discovering and appreciating the Lyons region. Tasty Lyon takes care of everything. And the BONUS here is: that during  your guided tour, you can enjoy a multi-sensorial tourism experience. Nature, culture, flavours and lifestyle join forces in complete harmony. Practical details: Address: 13, crs de Verdun Gensoul; Lyon 69002; Contact: 06 65 06 00 88; Tarifs: Different & adapted to the budget and preferences

Find your favorite wine

So this is a small yet comprehensive summary of what I have discovered recently – the concept of visiting a city – Lyon in an unusual way. So on top of seeing the best and unmissable things in Lyon you can get a great unusual experience. You know…a bit sportive if you like, or artistic, or funny in a comedian style or yummy – typical local food experience etc . And the BONUS here is: all of those visits are easy to book,  relatively cheap, run by the real local – lyonnais people passionate about Lyon.

Discover Lyon DifferentlySo are you now impressed on how creative the real lyonnais are and how much they love their city and what’s more how much they like to share this passion with others? Because I’m and I’m loving it! But how about you? Have you ever tried any unusual and creative local guided tour? In Lyon or elsewhere? Please share with me. Thanks and happy visit to Lyon!



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