My Favourite Affordable French Shops for Baby

My Top 5 French shops for baby shopping  I used to get prepared to welcome the Little One

There are so many shops specializing in baby clothing and equipment in France but if you are the first time Mam, you probably don’t know any. I love shopping and I thought there is no mystery in shopping for me. However, I was totally lost in France, once I found out I am pregnant and I need to start thinking seriously about preparing for the arrival of our baby. My Favourite Affordable French Baby Shops1

The task was quite challenging. Once I discovered many French baby shops where I can start shopping, I realized many of them are VERY expensive so I needed to be more selective and focus on some not all in order to be in a baby budget. Still, I think I found the best of the best French shops because quality is important for me and the good price too. I created this list of My Favourite Affordable French Baby Shops and I want to share them with you.


Aubert . Chain of about 200 shops providing a wide range of products for babies, children and mothers to be.  You can find Aubert stores in France and Switzerland, but also use its website effectively online. Online shopping at Aubert takes into account the Loyalty Card benefits and free delivery to the shop. The products ordered online can be picked up from the local shop usually within 2 hours. However, I highly recommend visiting the shop because the professionals working there will give you great advice on the products and obviously you can test, try and be sure you get what you want. The products offer by Aubert are very good quality and the prices will be 20% discounted for you if you decide to buy their loyalty card. This is a good investment and also will let you in the prive vente available in the store and online.

Okaidi. It is a French brand and chain of children’s clothing stores from 0 to 14 years old. Their clothes are very fashionable, the prices a bit high but during the sale in France you can get a very good quality clothes for your baby or as a present in an affordable way. They sell only clothing so unfortunately you won’t get the advice and tips on the equipment necessary for your baby. So visit a shop or buy online to be sure you find the clothes you like for your baby. Because, the delivery to the shop is free.

Vertbaudet – I felt in love with this shop, don’t know why. Well, maybe because it has super fashionable baby clothes and decorations ideas which I really like. The prices are not the cheapest but affordable and especially when you consider  the quality and the choice you get. Here again, I bought many nice things for a baby during summer sale. I would recommend for baby clothes shopping in France as well as for the baby and child room decorations.

Auchan . As simple as that. But do not count on the stock for the baby clothes and equipment available in the french biggest supermarket, they don’t display nice things in this French food chain. However, if you visit their online shop and the Baby Section here, you will be nicely surprised with the choice you get there. They sell from baby clothing through the equipment and beauty products for the baby. The quality is acceptable the price very reasonable and free delivery to the shop available.

Carrefour . So if I mentioned Auchan which is actually not my favourite supermarket in France but the Carrefour is. It is naturally, I have been doing some shopping for a baby here. Why, because I do my weekly shopping here and therefore, in order to get all the nappies, milk, baby food and in some cases  also the clothing and toys, I have been visiting the baby section of Carrefour. Here i didnt browse online much but I went to the shop to get the baby essentials on the regular basis. There are offers on nappies on a regular basis so it’s important not to miss the offers. Lastly, thanks to having the loyalty card at Carrefour, you can subscribe to the Primes Bebe and you get 10% off any baby shopping you do at Carrefour. Again, Carrefour offers all types of equipment, clothing, food etc for the baby, however for the professional equipment I still recommend Aubert. As the advice you get there is irreplaceable.E.Leclerc

E.Leclerc – the French hypermarket chain which I started to consider as a source for my baby equipment, clothing and especially beauty products in France just because…they, as the only ones at that time, offered the Kit de naissance for free for the future mams. So I signed up to get their loyalty card for free and picked up my kit. I think I actually visited this shop once in my life before having a baby as i have never had any knowledge and experience with this brand of French hypermarkets. Since I got the loyalty card, it has been more often. I realised they have a very good offers for the clients and well developed program for parents. There is an informative website to answer the questions the future parents may have here. And there are many offers and discounts for parents including  10% off in the parapharmacie leclerc.   

My Top 5 French shops for baby shopping
I hope you found this list of shops for baby shopping in France useful. It is not complete list of all French shops for babies and it should not be limited to those shops only. I have also used other shops to get the baby shopping in France but the above ones have been essential for me. IAnyways, if you are a parent, parent to be or a person who needs to buy a present for a baby, you can visit any of those shops or buy the products online. In this way, you are sure of the quality and affordable price for the baby clothing and equipment as well as toys and accessories, all you can find in those French baby shops.

Enjoy Baby Shopping on a budget!


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