All The Truth about French!

So What The Real French People Are Alike? All The Truth about French!

So now once you have learned the Typical Stereotypes About French People which are truly not right and honest. How about finding out What The Real French People Are Alike?


I am sure there are thousands of characteristics we could use to describe the French People but let’s try to keep it simple and let me tell you the Top 10 Characteristics about French People that I learned so far. These are their qualities & defaults because as we all the French also have some good and difficult characteristics…no matter what we are just the way we are and for this we are being loved. The same is with the French …they have many qualities but also many disqualifies, and it doesn’t matter as the whole world seem to love France & French people a lot…

  1. French people love to eat and appreciate food! They have a specific food attitude. They eat not very often (usually 2-3 times per day), but when they eat they eat long and well. They have at least 4 courses during one meal.. They eat and talk and the meals can easily last till midnight with the dessert coming. They appreciate and talk about the food they prepare and eat. They prefer the quality then quantity so you can see that many meals are small in size but made with the best ingredients and presented in a very artistic & creative way. This is a real experience to share with French people who ‘live to eat NOT as we all who eat to live’.french-people-love-to-eat-and-appreciate-food
  2. French people have big nose…according to my little studies! This is my private observation which i gained while I have been attending the Wine Faire and living in France for some time. I have realized that so many French people have their noses stuck in the wine glasses. Yes, they smell the wine first, then they circle the wine in the glass and then (finally!) they drink! And they drink the wine almost daily! So because they use their noses so much to smell the wine, they exercised those noses well and they have them longer! Since i moved to France and started to enjoy the red wine, I have noticed my nose growing indeed…2-french-people-have-big-nose
  3. French people enjoy life! They enjoy the food, they enjoy the glass of wine and relaxing evenings. They enjoy going out and spending time with friends. Restaurants & friends aperos are very popular in France. They also spend their spare time very active. You can see them in the museums, galleries, parks, on holidays.They actively take part in any Music Festivals, Cultural & National Heritage Days, Fetes & Bank Holidays.  They don’t stop and will take part in all the local activities even with their small toddlers…but this is another story…French-people-enjoy-life
  4. French people have a ‘very modern’ way of bringing up kids. Well, I dont have much experience with having a baby but I have observed some methods of bringing kids worldwide and i have to say French way shocked me a bit. I do not judge as I think each method brings some benefits for kids so here in France, the French people will adapt the child to their lifestyle rather than let the child to rule their lives. How? Well, French parents will not resign from taking part in parties, events, cultural festivals, holidays, sightseeings, late friends & family gathering. So you can easily see little babies being carried on the back in the museums, galleries…I have seen many little ones even in zombie walk event in Lyon…Also, you will see small kids taking part in friends parties staying up till midnight and coming back home with parents …in pyjamas …well you get the little French adapted to enjoy the life from the early years! Good thing? Bad thing? I don’t know! But it is a French thing!French-people-have-a-very-modern-way-of-bringing-up-kids
  5. French people drive cars like a maniac. So you have to be very  careful not to be hit by the car, especially in the South of France, the French drive very fast. Then you have to watch out when you drive a car yourself as small accidents are happening very often in France. And on top of that, the French people can park in the most creative way you can imagine. They use a lot of smart cars to be able to fit anywhere when parking but most of the mini cars I have seen are broken, marked, scratched…do you wonder why?French-people-drive-cars-like-a-maniac
  6. French people tear their bread with fingers! Not that they are not capable to use the knives, But they simply do not want to use knives to eat the bread. Don’t be surprised! And as surprised you can be at the beginning you will try it out and like it yourself. Eating the bread in France is a completely different experience. It is a part of each meal and it accompanies the cheese plate at the end of the meal. On top of that it is served for free in restaurants with your meals. Even when i went to the typical English pub in Lyon – Elephant & Castle for the Fish & Chips, I got the French bread to go with it…French are using hands to eat bread
  7. French people don’t hug but double kiss. So don’t even start with hugging a French person as you can offend them, scare them and you are more likely not to make a friend. Instead enjoy kissing. Don’t start with the ‘French kiss’ but give quick & simple double kiss on the chicks to anyone you have just met or known well in France. The men kiss, the women kiss, the old and the young ones. The whole France do kisses!French-people-dont-hug-but-double-kiss
  8. French people are actually very polite! If you walk into a shop, a restaurant or bar in France, not only will the manager and his staff greet you with a polite “Bonjour” or “Bonsoir”, but also, probably, will all the other customer. French people will usually smile and say Bonjour to you when passing. They will help you out when you are lost; they will take time to take you a photo when you ask but also offer this when they see you are struggling with the selfies! Anyway, they always say: Bonne Journee, Passe Un Bon Weekend!French-people-are-actually-very-politeq
  9. French people are very funny! Have you already had a chance to discover French humor. I was nicely surprised. They have a great distance to life, they laugh a lot, make jokes, they make fun of themselves and others. They don’t get offended but they like to laugh out of themselves!  They are easy & natural & casual on TV so you can see mnay imitations of politicians, many comedians performances, shows with naked French people showing off the French ‘bottoms’. At the beginning I have been a bit shocked when watching TV, now I appreciate the cheerful French lifestyle…you are sure to be laughing a lot here! Just enjoy!French-people-are-very-funny
  10. And lastly …when they have something to say, they will take it to the streets…you cannot imagine on how many manifestations and strikes are here in France. French like to fight for their rights, show they are not happy and want a they disturb the transport, have ‘time off work’ and can disturb your tourists plans but you will still love French…we just cannot resist them!many-manifestations

Now, I would love to find out from you. Do you agree with me? Are those the top characteristics you would describe the French people? I have tried to be very honest and objective with my observations. And as I mentioned there are many more facts about French people to discover for me. And maybe you have some real experiences with French people? Maybe you have a better idea of What The Real French People Are Alike? Please do share with me…I would love to be very fair to French people and I will keep on observing…..


I am a Polish girl who felt in love with Lyon from the first sight! Jadorelyon is my way of exploring France, the French way of life, their cuisine, sharing the experience from visiting beautiful places in France. Jadorelyon is my new way of adding some Polish influence into French lives and watching on how they like it...

10 thoughts on “All The Truth about French!

  1. According to my experience they do not have any distance to themselves and the definitely hate being criticized. They can not even laugh at themselves ! One word too much spoken and the get offended for life. Due to that I rather find them self-centered, thinking they are the greatest nation in the world, treating foreigners like a piece of crap. That would be my observation. Are we allowed to criticize in here too ?

    1. Well, you can either love them or…not. I agree French are particular & unique and this make them being appreciated and loved by some …like me…and easily dislike. Thank you for honest feedback. It is brilliant!

  2. I should visit Lyon ! bc i have been here a while and have not met any of these people u describe.they have just been voted the rudest country in the world by a leading magazine. u r right @ the children, they can’t be bothered to comb their hair b4 sending them to school. they do love their food and wine but I’ve yet to see anyone test the legs or aroma of the wine mostly served in plastic cups. my roommate is french , even he doesn’t like the french. I do know as an American, I don’t feel very welcomed here, but I am a curiosity to them. I’m from the south- (u.s.) always voted the friendliest, most hospitable place in the world by CondeNast Mags. so maybe my vision is skewed. Lest u get the wrong idea, I Love France and its quirky people ! am slowly winning them over- teaching some English etc… its just a different way of life. I am also working on a blog/book about cultural differences , humorous but helpful. ( on a personal note, i see eng. is not your first lang. and would be happy to help u w/ some editing if u like- free of charge- its a southern thing) let me know if u r interested u can email or pm me.

  3. Hi im french and i totaly agree with your article , most of french peoples are as you discribe them for the bad things you have noticed it depends on the person you have in front of you it’s like everywhere there is good and bad peoples all over the world but the problem with most french is they mix their personal problems that you can have in the current life to their character so
    If they are unpleasant with you it is not because of you but of themself .
    Best regards
    a french guy 🙂

  4. Eating is something very important for French people. have you noticed they rarely skip a meal ? Even while working, many take 1 hour and half (even 2) to lunch… And in Lyon, we must admit we are very lucky : this THE place where we can have a pretty delicious meal at all prices, for any budget there are very good restaurants.

  5. Je suis français et c’est avec plaisir que je découvre votre blog, je ne sais pas si ce que vous dites est vrai même si j’aime bien manger et boire. Au-delà des différences culturelles qui sont des manières d’être en relation avec le monde, l’humanité reste la même partout. Ce que vous dites est touchant, vous avez une belle curiosité et un bel esprit d’ouverture. Soyez la bienvenue.

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