How did I make myself embarrassed with things NOT typical French?

My Real Belgian Lyon food experience in the Capital of French Gastronomy! Moules-frites a la belge in Lyon!

However they call it ‘gaffe or faux pas’, I made it and I got embarrassed! Because after living almost 2 years in Lyon and discovering France & French like here, for example, I should have known it. I should have known that moules-frites are not French!  But how could I not get confused? Please tell me you got a bit confused as well?

My real belgian Lyon food experience

In Poland, you can see mussels mostly frozen and overpriced. So I haven’t tried them before coming to France. I was then looking forward to tasting them here in Lyon. I told myself – another French cuisine experience I cannot wait and how wrong I was!?

Anyways…while getting ready for ‘my moules-frites French experience’ I ended up in the Lyonnais restaurant and discovered that moules-frites are not French but Belgian! A big gaffe! Yes, the dish has the name in french but this is a typical Belgian speciality!

Moules-Fries Not French But Belgian
Moules-Fries Not French But Belgian

And if we look deeper into this, it actually makes sense. We have moules-frites so mussels and french fries* served with the best beer in the world so Belgian. And French fries are Belgian so all together it makes a Belgian food speciality. What a language headache!

But let’s leave this linguistic headache and focus on the Belgian food Lyon experience in the Capital of French Gastronomy! Where else? But this time, not french food experience yet a very good Belgian food experience in Lyon!

Because at the end I was invited to Leon de B which is a Belgian originated restaurant established in France over 25 years ago and over 4 years ago in Lyon. Located in the rue Mercière – the most famous street for the best restaurants, Leon de B serves Belgian specialties: mussels, fish & chips, fries, and waffles, all fresh and “homemade”. So I had my moules-frites food Lyon experience and I am very happy about it. Why?  Because I think if you want to eat properly and experience different cultures do it well. And for the typical Lyonnais specialities, go to the typical Lyonnais Bouchon and when you want to experience another country speciality, go to their restaurant. So I tried moules-frites experience in the center of Lyon at Leon de B! And you know what? You should have it as well. Why? Because Leon de B restaurant:

  • serves the real Belgian moules-frites and they are good. Belgians know it very well and the French like them a lot. It’s apparently the French people’s second favorite meal!
    Moules at Leon de B in Lyon
    Moules at Leon de B in Lyon
  • has so many types of moules, done in so many different, creative, properly Belgian way which you can see here. And did you notice, this is not all, as they have all the best Belgian specialities to taste.
  • has the ‘frites’ (chips/french fries) which taste different, good, very good obviously as they have been made Belgian way. This is a unique experience
    French Fries at LYon de B in Lyon
    French Fries at Lyon de B in Lyon
  • serves Belgian beer but also beer cocktails and how can you resist if they come in pink with the strawberry?
    Beer Cocktails at Leon de B
    Beer Cocktails at Leon de B
  • has the portions you will struggle to finish so watch out to save some place for delicious Belgian dessert speciality – waffles/ gauffre!
  • is opened every day late, till 11 pm and Saturday till midnight. Convenient, isn’t it?
    Leon de B in Lyon
    Leon de B in Lyon
  • is located in the center Lyon and easy to find at the rue Mercière. You can easily get there. More convenient!
  • and even more convenient it offers home delivery from here
  • so you can have your Belgian Lyon food experience at home. Yet I recommend the Leon de B because
  • has the staff who is welcoming, quick and helpful. They will recommend you the best dishes, teach you how to eat mussels and do it quickly and very efficiently
  • has fun, easy going atmosphere. Family, friends, couples friendly!
  • has fixed/set menus which are affordable!Leon de B Happy Hours Offer
  • has other offers which you can take advantage of like La Belge Hour –  One Drink bought One Drink Offered. And they appear very often at Groupon for a good meal deal.  This is the famous Happy Hours in Lyon – Buy One Get One Free, from Monday till Friday 5-8 pm.

So now! Do you know that moules-frites are not french?Visit Leon de B for best moules frites food belgian experience Do you know that you can get real Belgian Lyon food experience in Lyon? Very good! I feel much better now. I think I have ‘repaired my gaffe’! But it is good to learn something new each day and especially about Lyon, France and everything French! And now can you tell me what is your moules-frites experience? Do you like this belgian food speciality?

And now can you tell me what is your moules-frites experience? Do you like this Belgian food speciality?

Thanks and Bon Appetit! 

*Small note: french fries are french! This is known by over 90% of world population. We all have learned that french fries are part of belgian culinary and cultural heritage. They have the ‘french’ in the name as in old English ‘to french’ meant ‘to cut into sticks’. So it makes sense but also creates a real linguistic headache


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