My Best 10 Ideas For Celebrating Valentines in Lyon, France

The Best and Totally Different Types of Ideas For Celebrating Valentines In Lyon

Being in the Country of Love & Passion….I felt huge pressure to get prepared for Valentines in the best way ever and as I expected it should have been easy…why? As whatever you do in France it feels and sounds romantic 😉 But I took a step further and I came up with the My Best 10 Ideas which are Different yet Very Best that we can do for Valentines in Lyon, in France but actually…from any other  place so I hope you will find something for yourself as well….Let me tell you then what I would recommend (small tip for interested one: what I would like….) to do for Valentines…and share with me your ideas, will you?

Spend a romantic day in Lyon

  1. Spend a romantic day in Lyon! There are so many things to do. Let’s start with the top lover’s getaway which is for me the Parc de la Tete d’Or. You can find a lot of secret spots in the Park and especially the Gardens offer a lot of privacy. It’s a great place for a surprise picnic, evening walk. What is also equally delightful and surprising is an unusual date in the Zoo…we are all grown up but inside small kids who love animals…be a bit different and invite your second half on a Zoo Date. Another lovely and romantic walk in Lyon could be done in Vieux Lyon which has very romantic and charming  atmosphere. All night long, there are endless restaurants and bars of Vieux Lyon waiting for couples to curl up over a bottle (or two) of wine. For a romantic view I would recommend taking your beloved one to the Fourvière and on top of that visiting with her/him the Fourvière Theatre. Why? Well, have you seen those sprawling roman ruin looming over the city? It will make a great impression on anyone! And also, it is filled with many secret spots…Dinner in the Capital of Gastronomy
  2. Have a Dinner in the Capital of Gastronomy. This sounds so boring and obvious, doesn’t it? But it is a must if you live in Lyon or if you are appreciating a nice food! So here in Lyon – the Capital of Gastronomy you have a huge choice of places, food experiences you can do! To impress anyone will be not that difficult as all food in Lyon is top class…Let’s start with bouchons then – indeed a place where you can eat well and tasty, you can get great happy but maybe too overcrowded atmosphere…is  a bouchon called Abel which is the best one in Lyon and if you invite anyone there they will feel very special. Then you have Paul Bocuse restaurant and his more affordable brasseries…there are 4 to choose from and the one the most romantic one is called North. It’s quieter & posher and ideal for couples…For lively atmosphere I would recommend L’est so it’s up to you if you are more into quieter or more loud evening! On top of that, there are plenty restaurant ideas and actual deals on Groupon  which not only offer great deals and discounts but also bring you new inspirations.Send Gifts to Lyon
  3. Send Gifts to Lyon. Why send? Because you can find something special and totally different, sth that you liked & seen abroad and struggle to find in France. You will then send over a special present that your Second Half will not expect. For the gift ideas to be send over abroad, I would recommend those top website. They offer reasonable delivery options and good prices and on top of that great choice of creative presents. So here you are: Etsy and Folksy for hand made and personalized presents; than for many amazing valentines gifts inspirations, for something strange & weird, unusual and funny and beloved as you cannot go wrong there!Buy Gifts in Lyon
  4. Buy Gifts in Lyon. Because on top of making a present for the Second Half, you will treat yourself well with the shopping trip!  So it is a part for me! I would actually love to make such a present as I do love shopping 😉 So it will require a trip to La Part Dieu, The Confluence Shopping Centre  or Rue The Republic for a big choice of the top brands. There are also View Lyon and Croix-Rousse areas which in contrary offer loads of shops and small boutiques where you can find some gems. Where would I start my Shopping trip? How about Sephora, …..Valentines Breakfast to bed
  5. Now something easy and simple...Valentines Breakfast to bed. This requires from you a bit of early wake-up effort but I am sure you can make it for your beloved one! So how about you make a jam filled toast in a shape of cheesy hearts? How about heart-shaped pancakes with Nutella? Or maybe something more savoury…eggs in a shape of heart on toasts? What about total treat and morning surprise –  the best in Lyon freshly baked croissant and baguette and which you can get at my favourite boulangerie – Jocteur? If you are not lucky enough to live in a place where Jocteur has it’s bakery, then try out Lidle – I am not sure why but they successfully copied the French pastry and have very good French Croissants and Baguettes…Home Made Romantic DinnerHome Made Romantic Dinner
  6. Prepare Home Made Romantic Dinner. This sounds obvious as well but so nice…You can get as creative as you wish and I am sure all the efforts will be appreciated. Prepare the Creative and Posh Menu, start with the Entree & Some Hot & Yet Refreshing Plate Principle and follow the Chocolate Involving Dessert! For Valentines Menu Inspirations check out the following! I am sure you find something what matches the taste of you both…DIY Gift
  7. Valentines DIY Gift. Now lets  get creative & personalized with our Valentines gifts. How about making a present! This will be ‘on a budget’ Valentine Deal and with the personal touch  so you can be sure t will make the other person feels very special. So here you have some of the top ideas I found. Which one do you like?Spa for 2
  8. Spa for 2 – treat your Beloved One with the Spa! But do not leave her/him there alone…join them for a nice relaxing treat together which will make you relaxed, happy, more in love…Find a good deal for your Spa Treat, there will be many available via Groupon! Alternatively check out local beauty salons websites and especially their FB as they tend to communicate deals on their social media.Organize a Day of Wishes
  9. Organize a Day of Wishes...Give your Second Half one empty piece of paper which she/he should fill with the wishes that you are going to make happen! Just put a little *** saying that those wishes should be doable and reasonable 😉 I am sure they understand and you both feel good…cause how good you can feel when you can make wishes come true for beloved person?Promise yourself to treat each day as a Valentine Day
  10. Promise yourself to treat each day as a Valentine’s Day. Don’t only make efforts on 14th February but be good to each other every day! Remember to say and appreciate the love for your second one, don’t feel ashamed to say I love You, take her/him for a dinner at least once a month! Cook something romantic and surprising from now and then. Take for a date and buy a small gift, make flowers surprises without occasions…so it is not that much and difficult (you can even schedule it in your Google Calendar if your memory is short 😉 but that feels even better then any of the Valentines Celebrations, wouldn’t you agree?

Anyway, those are My Top Best and Totally Different Valentines Ideas. I could keep on going with many others and so lastly I will only mention my latest Valentines Idea discovery which is totally different and unusual. It does not come from Lyon but I have tried it while being in Lyon (thanks to the very efficient delivery). Check out yourself for the atlanticfolk valetines gifts ideas for him and get the very unusual present for him.

I hope I have inspired you. Now, I would love to find out which valentine gift idea you like the most? And I would love to hear your suggestions and recommendations for the Valentines Day! Please do share…

And in the meantime, Happy Valentine Day From The Country of Love & Passion, from the City Which I Felt In Love….From Aga at J’adoreLyon …who spread love all around 😉


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