The Best Places To Do Creative And Unusual Shopping in Lyon

Just in case if you haven’t had enough ideas to do shopping in Lyon, I have something some more for you…

Basically, when I started to summarize the best places to do shopping in Lyon I ended up with a huge list! Why? Because

  • I am simply a Women!
  • I am simply  a Woman who is a Shopaholic!
  • And even simpler speaking…..I am a Shopaholic & Woman who live in Lyon and is on the mission to explore the French lifestyle (also shopping!)

Woman in France who loves shopping

So finally, I decided to split out the list of the best places to shop in Lyon. I have already written about my favourite places to do the shopping in Lyon here. And today I want to present you something a bit different! Basically, did you know that Lyon offers really cool: creative and unusual shopping? Well let me show you this…The Best Places To Do Creative And Unusual Shopping in Lyon. I am very excited, are you?

  • The Best Places to do Creative Shopping in LyonVintage Shops in Lyon
    • There  are at least 30 vintage shops and a number of successful businesses around the vintage concept in Lyon. You can find them in the Vieux Lyon, Croix Rousse and Victor Hugo Street – the places which offer the biggest selection of them. One of my favourite vintage shop in Lyon is  a rare collector’s shop Les Ateliers de Marinette which presents the vintage passion of Gerard Murat. This gentleman has been collecting various items for over 30 years. His passion was passed onto his son, Thibault and reminded a family business, a tourist attraction and local treasure hunt spot. You will find a friendly atmosphere there and you will be sure to learn one or two things about Lyon as wellLes HAlles de Lyon
    • Les Halles de Lyon which is a very famous lyonnais indoors food market displaying more than 60 traders and would you guess it operates since 1850? It is a place where you will find the local specialities at the only best quality. So if you want to learn more about regional specialities of Lyon and taste the best quality food such as the impossibly runny St Marcellin, fresh jamón serrano, snails and oysters – Halles de Paul Bocuse is a must. Note: you can also enjoy a sit-down lunch/drink at the stalls – quite unusual experience of the top lyonnais quality!Les Puces du Canal
    • This is very unique and hidden by Lyonnais yet really good place for shopping if you are a fan of old object, antiques, second hand items. You can find little or big gems there, at a little or really big price. You can always negotiate a price and will be offered a discount! Have you heard about the Puces du Canal. I love it very much yet it is not as accessible as other shopping places. But it is worth visiting! Have a look here for more information!
    • And the winner of unusual, creative shopping in Lyon for me…my favourite place to shop for useful and unuseful things, second hand items, antiques, furnitures, art gems just to name a few, the place that basically sells everything, the place where you will save a lot of money or again you will spend quite a lot if you are a real antique collector is Emmaus. Basically, I was disappointed that France is not as developed in the charity shops idea as England for example, but Emmaus is something like charity shop here in Lyon for me anyway. Unfortunately it is not opened everyday, has lunch 2 hours breaks so check for details here and visit because I am recommending…!Le MArche de Creation
  • The Other Types of Best Markets in Lyon (as I have already written about Typical Best Food Markets here)
    • My Wow Market which is happening only once a week on Sunday mornings, next to the River Saone. I am sure you heard about the famous Le Marche de Creation. It is my favourite market of Lyon on where over 150 artists are registered and the impressive different style ranges of the paintings, photography, crafts, sculptures and engravings are displayed. It is like a art gallery for free and very autentic! So don’t miss it!Le Marche aux Livres
    • Other specific market of Lyon is Marche Aux Livres. It is a lyon’s most famous book market – a must visit attraction in the city. Located also along the banks of the River Saône, at the picture perfect Quai de la Pêcherie, the market offers a huge selection of looks that are sold from stalls and opportunity to exchange opinions and passions for reading, You can find there some real gems and second hand books at a very good price! The market is open on Saturdays and Sundays, from 10am until 6pm. Map it hereOnline Shopping in LyonBonus – The Best Online Shopping in Lyon
  • To get the best voucher code in France is here
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  • Priceministeris my favorite French price comparison website
  • Bonialis very useful collection of catalogs with the latest offers from the local shops

And now it standard question. Did you like it? Did you know any of those places to do unusual and creative shopping in Lyon? I would love if you can add some more! I am shopaholic and I want to explore more places to shop in France. Any recommendations? Thank you!


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