Have fun at the Crocodiles Farm!

Visit Crocodiles Farm!

Have fun at the Crocodiles Farm

Believe me, I was not the oldest one who visited and enjoyed the trip to the Crocodiles Farm but yes, I need to admit it’s the ideal place to take kids any age. I enjoyed looking at the little ones being so excited and not at all scared while seeing lots of crocodiles, snakes, lizards and the beautiful birds freely flying over our heads.

But let me tell you a little bit more about the Farm of the Crocodiles and why is it worth visiting it.

Firstly, don’t be put off the idea of going there if you hear that it’s almost 2 hours drive from Lyon. It’s located in Drôme département of France with the lovely countryside views and it’s worth the drive!

The Crocodile Beast

Crocodile Farm is home to over 400 animals.
The park is composed of 8,000 m2 and 1,200 m2 conservatories and an outdoor area of 4,000m2. Because it holds over 600 exotic plant species, it is also a relevant horticultural and botanical garden which makes it the largest tropical conservatory that can be visited in France. What is interesting, the Crocodile Farm is also furnished with a laboratory and hatchery for the purposes of scientific research and animal conservation.

Lizards at Crocodiles Farm

Address395 Allée de Beauplan, 26700 Pierrelatte, France

Prices: 11-17 Euros, however, there are family packages worth considering.

Snakes at Crocodiles Farm

Now, why you should visit Crocodile Farm? It’s very simple:

  • I would dare to say it’s one of not many places in France that has so many crocodiles accommodated. I have never seen islands of crocodiles as there.
  • There are many different types of crocodiles so it’s super interesting to see them all alive and learn more about them.
  • If you plan well, you can see  the feeding of the giants turtles or/ and crocodiles. The animators will teach you more about all the species, their likes and needs.
  • Yes, you won’t see only crocodiles but also lizards, the biggest snakes, giants turtles and birds.
  • There’s an indoors and the outdoor area. There’s a lot of playgrounds and ateliers for kids.
  • There’s a small cafeteria to buy something to eat and drink and the souvenir boutique. Of course!
  • There are few other things to do in the area, so after the visit to the farm, you can go to the perfumeria or Palais de bonbons et nougat, just to name my favourite ones.

Crocodiles farm with birds

Lastly, let me share with you some useful tips which I learnt during the visit and I wished I had known before…These are:

  • There’s quite warm and humid in the indoor part. I took a jacket and was sweating. The smarter people went in jumpers.
  • The outdoor area is pretty death during winter so I guess it’s more lively, useful and fun for kids when it is warmer.
  • It’s humid inside so don’t forget a drink with you.
  • Useful for parents of the very little ones: you are allowed and welcomed with the pushchairs.
  • You can take or bring in the lunch with you, there’s a picnic area.
  • The whole visit takes up the half a day so it’s worth planning to do something else in the area for the rest of the day ( if you’re not time pressed).
  • Take the camera, it’s worth it!
  • Enjoy and let your whole family enjoy. Don’t be scared to bring the very little ones. They will have a great fun. The whole place is super children friendly.

Turtles in Crocodiles Farm

I hope you like the Idea of Crocodiles Farm and you will consider it as a place to visit as it’s worth it. I enjoyed anyways.

If you have already been there, please share your experiences with us. All comments are welcome. Thanks a lot!

visit crocodiles farm



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