GPSmyCity app – my new discovery to explore the world!

Discovering the world and my beloved Lyon on a go has never been easier thanks to GPSmyCity mobile app! Let me tell you about my new discovery to explore the world!

I used to like visiting places without a map…always! The best thing about it was the fact that I have been discovering hidden gems, exploring routes, more and less known streets, often getting lost but finally reaching out to people, speaking to them and finally finding my way. So you can see how useful it is to travel and explore new places without a map really. It is useful, helpful yet time consuming in many situations…

Not map but GPSmyCity mobile app

Anyway, there was a time when i needed to be at a certain time in a certain place and I was lost and there were no people around to help me out so I got scared! I was  not going to make it but finally i got the idea to switch my mobile GPS…I figured out pretty quickly how to use it and once I succeeded in reaching the place on time I was over impressed with the power of GPS – the independence, the efficiency, the satisfaction it gives are on top of the benefit of speaking to people which you can always do with and without a map 😉 Anyway, since that moment I become a real fan of the GPS solution in the mobile!

citywalk GPSmyCity app

So more and more I started to use it and become addicted. But the more I used it the more demanding I was. I quickly  faced few limitations of the mobile GPS and started searching for the options I want. Basically I though that while discovering new places, visiting towns and villages, I want to know more about the places i pass through while walking with my GPS. OK, I can do it with my mobile data switched on, search Mr Google on the go,  but the problem arrived when i was abroad and my mobile data was limited. So then I figured it out. I found a mobile app which actually makes my wishes come true…so here you are: I have the GPS and I have info about the sites, monuments and places to see around me as i walk/drive/move…I can easily read about the points of my interest i am passing by and actually doing my own guided tour!

The potential of gpsmycity app

And that all comes with my new discovery which is called GPSmyCity. I got it on my phone and just update with the new place i visit becausdiscovering-the-world-with-gpsmycity-appe GPSmyCity mobile app is very powerful and I love it the most because:

  • Happy with GPSmyCity mobile appit provides me with the collection of citywalk apps for IOS (and soon for Android) which feature over 700 cities around the world and obviously my beloved Lyon here!
  • the information and reviews given are very interesting & unique and you cannot find them in a standard guides. Check out here for few articles to get the idea.
  • the content is written by the real travellers, inhabitants, bloggers, people who have been & seen and write about their own experience
  • it gives me the opportunity to create my own self guided tour without paying for a guided one!
  • I can save my mobile data as once downloaded I have the unlimited access to the GPS map of the city I want and related articles
  • it gives me my freedom when doing sightseeing, no scheduled appointments, no crowds, no fees!it makes my holidays and sightseeing much cheaper and more interesting!
  • it is better then printed or online tourist guide and it’s for free
  • stress-free-holidays-with-gps

And what is more….I have been given the opportunity to share my articles about Italy and Lyon with people via GPSmyCity. I am determined to share my passion for Lyon and travelling and to help people discovering the world if I only can travel, visit new places, I will write more so keep your eyes open…

But coming back to the city walk app, I can confirm it is totally for free for you to get on  IOS.  There is advanced version which can be upgraded for even better quality so you should consider.

Happy with GPSmyCity mobile app

And lastly, the BONUS: For a limited time only, November 14 till 21, when you download one of my articles, you will get a FREE upgrade for the GPSmyCity walk. So, don’t wait too long. Have a look, try it out now with the FREE upgrade offer and enjoy traveling and discovering new places around the world! And to get you started, let me help you out to discover Florence and obviously my beloved Lyon!

The app is very easy to download and use for free. You can either find the city and one of my articles in GPSmyCity Apple Store. And even easier, you can click on the  articles above and will be redirected to get it.  And the big news is:Unusual Restaurants in Lyonis there totally FREE for you (just remember the FREE upgrade offer is time limited 16 – 22nd of November)

Also…there will be more articles coming! Have your ears and eyes open with your Free Upgraded GPSmyCity app… Can you ask for more?




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