Why did I fall in love with Florence?

Why did I fall in love with Florence?

I am in heaven and it’s called Florence! This is a real statement I can sign below! I am not sure if this is the whole Italian experience or just the Florence one…but truly Florence is an amazing place to visit and I felt like being in a women/Aga/Shopaholic heaven….and I will tell you why…why i did felt in love with Florence…

There are naked men bodies everywhere!


So firstly: There are naked men bodies everywhere! I mean very handsome, beautifully shaped Gods…showing of their beautifully shaped bodies…uncovered…and the most stunning man of Florence is the very famous and huge  David (he is It is a 5.17-metre tall) – the masterpiece of the Renaissance & the work of Michelangelo, the marble statue of a standing male nude. You can find him …firstly in the Galleria dell’Accademia di Firenze…..then on the Piazza della Signoria and  on the other beautiful market square. So make sure you go to those places to find this particular handsome guy and others in all and mostly huge sizes!

there are handbags, leather wallets, shoes everywhere FLORENCE

Secondly, there are handbags, leather wallets, shoes everywhere! There are handbags in any color you can imagine, any shape you can find. There are handbags copies for 15-20 Euros up to 200 Euros which you need to spend for the real leather. So make sure you visit the Leather Market – San Lorenzo market to have even bigger choice. But I will assure you you will find a handbag at any corner every 2 mins when you are walking in the center! So dont look for a cheesy souvenir to put on your shelf back home but get yourself an italian handbag and feel good….

Italian Gelato Everywhere

Thirdly, Italian galeto! Everywhere, cheap & good …commercial with many artificial colors and huge piles of flavours to choose if you prefer or the real home made Italian ice cream which are also easy to find and give you an amazing experience of real flavours. All are lovely & tasty & refreshing and most needed when you feel too hot! Tthe Galeto treat is ideal for the italian weather and atmosphere. The (unwritten..Shopaholicfromhome’s) rule is…eat Italian Galeto at least one each day!

The four reason for me falling in love with Italy and Florence is the Tuscan Sun…yes & yes another big plus of the holidays in Italy is the weather! I mean if you love Sun and heat you are in the right place. I am loving it even though it has been too hot in some moments but you cannot complain as the summer holidays have to be hot! When going to the Italy you are sure you will have a great weather and very warm sea! That is one of the main reason people and me choose Italy…to be sure the sun is there and to escape the miserable raining and cloudy days in hometown…having said so if you live in Lyon (France) you cannot complain for weather either!

Tuscan Sun

Carry on with my Florence heaven…I discovered the bridge full of jewellery shops! It is called The Ponte Vecchio and situated above the Arno River.  It is stunning with its Medieval stone segmental arch  and a place to visit & admire for it’s beauty the real shopping experience that it will provide you with! There is no women who doesn’t love a nice jewellery …to admire …to buy…to receive. But I bet some men will find The Ponte Vecchio very interesting: for it’s architectural aspect, for shopping for themselves or for their women . They can get yourself a real top class and expensive watch if they have spare 8000 euro..yes yes I have seen a few man watches valued over 8000 euros and I got speechless…they were nice but…lets face it with such a valuable and expensive watch I would be so afraid to walk carrying it…but anyway, a walk through the bridge and admiring the old style and posh jewellery shops fulfilled my need of window shopping!

Pharmacy Shop in Florence


Moving on…I am loving Florence also for its Perfumes! Uff…with the amazing Old Style Pharmacy Shop – Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella -very famous in Italy and located in Florence you can feel really like in heaven! I made sure to visit it on the first day! So it is a beautiful old style shop (obviously free to enter!) and the service is top class….the top are also prices which you can expect…for a bottle of the perfume you will pay 90Euros or more….but remember you are worth it! There are other things like soaps, candles more affordable and with an amazing sell. So actually you can get yourself a nice souvenir from Italy & Florence. The birthplace of perfumes!

Florence Monuments


Another thing which made me feel like in the heaven are all the monuments located in Florence! Each day i went to a new part and said to myself i haven’t seen anything so beautiful and the next site made me say it again and again…so indeed you discover the city and you are stunned on what it offers and how stunning it is!. For me the very best places and must do things in Florence are…

Tuscan Specialities

Lastly but most importantly…the Italian food and Tuscan specialities. They are all rich in taste & flavours yet healthy and good quality thanks to the fresh and natural ingredients used! So you can eat and it’s actually good for you! Italy offers pizza & pasta but this is not all. Simple and creative basic margaritas and raviolis, then Florence specialities which are very tasteful  italian flavours all in good quality with the top oil olive which makes it tasty and healthy so don’t be stressed out on eating and enjoying…but remember if you are French or the real wine lover the Italian wine can be a bit disappointing (it’s not that good as in France, it’s different…have a go and discover your favourite one.) alternatively try their local Italian beers as they are very nice and make a good match with the Italian food!

Florence Is Beautiful
Florence Is Beautiful

Vola! So, do you understand now why I can honestly call the beautiful Florence my heaven? You need to come over and I will bet you you will love it all! The city, the atmosphere, the sun, the food and shopping experience! I could carry on with listing more my experiences which made me fall in love with Florence but I will leave them for you to discover! Plan your next trip and let me know if you have questions. Or maybe you have already some experience and memories connected with Florence, so please do share with me! I am definitely coming back one day to Florence – my Little Heaven on Earth!


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