Findery – Because Every Place Has A Story

I love passionate, creative women behind projects that can help us exploring world! This time I have discovered that Catherina Fake – entrepreneur, mother, reader, optimist; the Flickr and Hunch co-founder; has just successfully launched Findery.

I would like to take this opportunity to say Congratulations to her…and also introduce you to the Findery and tell you a bit on  what’s so unique about it?

Well as much as I love shopping I also love travelling and exploring new places. I do appreciate the culture differences, the way people live and act depending on the country they come from, I like to get to know all the hidden facts about places I want to visit or visiting. And I believe this is what Findery is offering!

Did you know where Obamas first job was? Would you like to impress your friends and family knowing the things only few people have info about? Well…explore Findery, a new social discovery platform previously known as Pinwheel.


It is a free to use service in a form of website and app that will help you discover new places in a completely new way – through the notes left by other people, deeper stories which are attached to the places, fav things, and memories, unexpected info. So you can see the world being brought to life thanks to others people experiences, stories and news they only know about….cause Every Place Has A Story indeed!

How to use Findery properly? Well you can browse the website for ideas, facts about specific places, news, people, you can create notes attached to places, build maps and share them with others users and friends. There is also free app to get. It allows you to take photos and notes from specific locations and tag them to the map so other people can see and discover. Sounds cool? Well, get started here and tell us more about stories of your home town to start with….or check out the hidden facts about the places to plan to visit….anyway I am sure you will enjoy it!



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