Let me introduce you to Florie En Accord. So creative, so lyonnais and so beautiful!


Today, let me introduce you to Florie, the super stylish, extremly talented, quite funny, so professional friend of mine who has recently set up her own business – Florie En Accord. I am extremly proud of her doing what she is very good at…helping people with the style and not only… Find out about her concept and don’t hesitate to contact her…You are worth taking care of yourself and she is here to help!

Meet Florie En Accord conseillère en image
Meet Florie En Accord. Your Image Consultant in Lyon

Who you are?

My name’s Florie, I am 32. I’ve been living in Lyon for something like 12 years ! I live now in Caluire to be precise. I am “ ”, that could be translated by “image consultant. I give advices to people regarding their physical appearance: colors that enhance the face, clothes that highlight body assets, looks that answer a wish to evolve, for instance to be more natural, more sport chic, more glamour, more feminine… My job is close to a relooking job. However, it’s deeper in the approach as I don’t totally makeover my clients. My aim it to understand their need, observe their assets in order to stress them.  

When did you start?

I started in April, 2021, after doing a 4 months certificated formation. 

But why?/What for?

Before that, I was a press attaché, first in the cultural area, then in the food, wine and lifestyle area. I really enjoyed it but after a few years, I was a bit tired of this job where human relations may sometimes be complicated and where there were in my opinion a lack of reconnaissance. Feeling good in what I do every day is so important to me. Today, with this new activity, I can be in touch with lots of different people, I advice them, I help them, I spend a precious time with them in a climate of kindness. This is primordial to me. Moreover, I’ve always like in some way clothes, fashion, accessorizes. Today, I can explore them ! There is a sense of beauty in my job, but not in the shallow way. The idea is to take time to observe beauty and assets that everybody has to highlight them and to feel good. Creativity and liberty are other important concepts at the heat of my job.

Who are your colleagues?/What is your Team?

I work on my own and I am ok with that as I meet every day great people : my clients but also partners. Indeed, I am putting in place different partnership. Exchanging and being in touch with other people is always a great source of energy. It helps to keep open minded and it gives great ideas. For instance, I may  collaborate with a person working with pregnancy and young mum. There are links in our activities. As far as I’m concerned, I would like to advice mums as some of them need to reclaim with their body after giving birth. I’m may also have I partnership with a structure that proposes sport and beauty services for women. 

What is the idea?/How does it work?

First, I propose a free image point. This can take place on the phone. It lasts about 20 to 30 minutes.  The purpose is to talk about the need of the client and for me, to understand precisely his/her aims. After that, I can propose one of different of my services. 

  • Color analysis
  • Morphology analysis
  • Look & style analysis
  • “tri dressing”
  • “Accompagnement shopping”
  • Face analysis & make-up advices with make-up lesson
  • Face analysis & hair advices + I can accompany my client to the hair dresser
  • Face analysis & glasses advices + I can accompany my client to the optician
  • Personal shopper, for people who don’t like or don’t have time to shop 

Then, we take I appointment. I can go either to my client place. Or I can welcome him/her on Mondays into my hairdresser partner : J.Y.N le salon in Croix-Rousse.

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Why on Mondays : the hair salon is closed so we can have the place for ourselves. 

First, we do the analysis. Then, if the client is willing to do so, we go shopping, we organise his/her dressing, we go to the hair dresser…

Where we can find you?

Facebook : Florie En Accord

Instagram : florie_enaccord

LinkedIn : Florie Charnay

Meetup : 

meetup.com conseil-en-image-les-bons-accords-avec-florie

www.meetup.com conseil-en-image-vos-ateliers-colorimetrie

My website will be finished soon, hopefully ! enaccord-conseil.com

Meet Florie En Accord. Your Image Consultant in Lyon
Meet Florie En Accord. Your Image Consultant in Lyon

How we can contact you?

06 80 17 88 31 


Facebook : Florie En Accord

Instagram : florie_enaccord

LinkedIn : Florie Charnay

What is the website? enaccord-conseil.com (coming soon)

Would you add anything else?

I am a volunteer in La Cravate Solidaire

A great way to give some of my time to people in need with a link to my professional activity.


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