The French and The Beer! I am surprised, are you?

French drink a lot of beer! Did you know that?

Well, I don’t know about you but I have been very much surprised by the fact that beer is very important for the French people!The French like their beer Did you realize that? Firstly, there are facts backed up by numbers of litters the French drink, produce, buy, sell etc. Then there is my own little observation after couple of years living in Lyon.Lyon Bier Festival in Lyon And lastly, there is a Beer Festival in Lyon happening again this year which got me thinking about the importance and role of the beer for the French..So are you ready to hear more about the French attitude towards beer? Here you are!

Firstly, the numbers…as found on the portal Brasseurs de france I have learnt that!

  • 26th is the position which France has worldwide in terms of the beer consumption
  • 8th is the position which France has in Europe in terms of the beer production
  • 3rd is the position which France has in Europe in terms of the production sites
  • 20.6 million hectoliters is  the level of annual French consumption
  • 30 liters is the number of liters consumed per year in France per inhabitant (it seems little but i would say reasonable when you compare it to the Czechs  (record = 144 liters per year per capita), Germans (107), the Austrians (104), the Irish (81 liters), the Belgians (72), the British (68) and the Spaniards (47).
  • 70% is the share of beer consumed in France also produced in the Hexagon
  • 1000 is the number of breweries in France, which produce nearly 3,000 different beer brands
  • 7.18 million hectoliters is the volume of beer imported by France (mainly from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands)
  • 6.9 million hectoliters is the volume exported by French brewers (mainly to Spain, Belgium,UK and the Netherlands)

And now, this is what I have learnt about the French attitude towards Beer!The French Attitude Towards Beer It has been easy to spot things as instead of drinking I have been observing. Because I will disappoint you here… I don’t like so I don’t drink beer. It is just the way I am. I am loyal to red Cote Du Rhone which i cannot resist. But I am lucky (?!) enough to live with a big Beer Specialist and I have gained some proper knowledge about the French and their Beers.

Wallace Bar in Vaise and Elephant and Castle in Vieux Lyon.

  • I have to (want to!) stay loyal to my beloved Lyon and everything what is lyonnais. So i visit and enjoy Ninkasi also! They are the first French and Lyonnais brewery which started operating here in…. Nowadays Ninkasi has 12 pubs in Lyon and many types of beers to choose from.Ninkasi The Top Places To Get The Best Beer in Lyon
  • The French like and drink a lot of Belgium and German beers but also like the original ones. So I have been browsing for the artisanal beers in the carrefour shop many times. And many times I got lost as there are actually plenty to choose! I discovered many new brands like here and spend hours searching for Japanese beer which goes with the sushi. Because we love the international experience…so no sushi if there is no Japanese beer. Anyway I succeeded and found Bière Blonde Japonaise 5° – Asahi but not next to the drinks section of the shop but the sushi food (just a little tip)
  • And lastly…I have been hooked up into discovering more…so at the Le Salon Mahana Lyon which took place in February 2017, I have spotted & chatted to nice lady who told me all about artisan products and beers of Bibracte – a lovely town in the Mont Beuvray, Bourgoun. At the end she was kind enough to give me 4 different types of the beer to taste and she encouraged me successfully to come and visit.The beers of Bibracte These were the Bibracte Cervoise – the emblematic beer of the Gauls, produced from fermented barley; brewed exclusively for Bibracte. The different types are Gilara (blonde with savory), Bugia (blond with violet) or Roudiana (brown with morello cherry)..looking good! So my Beer Specialist is testing (tasting) them and I am making plans to visit Bibracte!

And what is your knowledge and experience with the beer in France? Did you learn something interesting? Are you surprised by the numbers? Anyway, I shall stop talking and just lastly mention about the Lyon Bière Festival. Come and Taste The best beerBecause either you like beer or not, I think it’s a great to take part! It is already the second edition as it turned out to be successful event the previous year! Find all details here but briefly: 15th & 16th April 2017, La Sucrière in the Confluence district and a new spotlight on artisan beer …I am going to explore. How about you?


I am a Polish girl who felt in love with Lyon from the first sight! Jadorelyon is my way of exploring France, the French way of life, their cuisine, sharing the experience from visiting beautiful places in France. Jadorelyon is my new way of adding some Polish influence into French lives and watching on how they like it...

2 thoughts on “The French and The Beer! I am surprised, are you?

  1. Although I adore a good white wine I am also a great fan of Brewdog’s IPA, Jackhammer. A real, proper ale, delicious.
    Thank you dear blogger for all the info.

  2. The Bibracte beers are very tasty.
    Wallace Pub in Vaise has a nice atmosphere and very good selection of draught beers.
    Cannot wait for Lyon Bière Festival !

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