My List of 30 French Funny Phrases That Will Make You Laugh!

Try not to laugh out of French Slang Sayings, can you?

Let me cheer you up today! Can I? Well, I have been trying to learn French for some time now. It has been taking me a long & long time to start talking some basic French as we all know how complicated the language is! Firstly, the new sounds I needed to make….then the words you write down sound completely different from what you hear so it seems like you are learning 2 different languages. And don’t get me started on French grammar where each rule has an exceptions and so on…the only fun I had with French language is discovering new words and phrases which I have been looking at in my spare time….they are quite different from Slovac type of language from which Polish comes, they are more familiar to Spanish and Portugal as they have Latin roots but anyway there are actually few French words which exist in Polish…parasol, ananas, debil (pardon my language here), pedal …and I think few more which I still have to discover…So in the moments when I was really discourage to learn French I have been distracting myself with some Funny French/English Phrases which made me laugh! It worked out well to lift up ‘morales’ and get back the motivation…hope it will work well for you as well…..

My List of 30 French Funny Phrases That Will Make You Laugh!

Here you are My List of 30 French Funny Phrases That Will Make You Laugh!

  1. Aller comme un gant: fit like a glove
  2. Avoir des fourmis dans le jambes (ants in one’s foot): ‘ have pins and needles’; waiting nervously for something to happen
  3. Avoir l’estomac dans les talons (to have one’s stomach in one’s heels): to be extremely hungry
  4. Avoir la gueule de bois (to have a face of wood): to have a hangover
  5. Avoir le cafard (to have the beetle): ‘be down in the dumps’, be unhappy
  6. Avoir un chat dans la gorge (to have a cat in the throat): ‘have a frog in one’s throat’; to have difficulty speaking
  7. Avoir un cœur d’artichaut (to have an artichoke heart): to fall in love too easily
  8. Avoir le melon (to have a melon): be sure of oneself
  9. Bâtir des châteaux en Espagne (to build castles in Spain): ‘build castles in the air’;  daydream; make plans that can never come true
  10. Boire comme un trou (drink like a hole): drink a lot, they never stop, even if they should
  11. Boire sec: be a heavy drinker
  12. Chercher midi à quatorze heures (to look for midday at 2 pm): to over-complicate things
  13. En faire tout un fromage (making a whole cheese): make a big deal out of something
  14. Être fleur bleue (be a blue flower): be naive or sentimental
  15. Être (vivre) comme un coq en pâte: ‘To be sitting on top of the world’; Lead a comfortable and cozy existence
  16. Il fait un temps de chien (it’s dog weather): the weather is terrible
  17. Il pleut comme vache qui pisse (it is raining like a cow who pees): ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’, it is a really heavy rain
  18. La moutarde me monte au nez (the mustard is getting to my nose): ‘get hot under the collar’, loose my temper, get angry, upset
  19. Les doigts dans le nez (fingers in the nose):  ‘a piece of piss’, something is terribly easy, could be done with one hand tied behind your back, etc
  20. Manger sur le pouce (to eat on the thumb): to eat on the go; to grab a quick bite to eat
  21. Manger (bouffer) comme un chancre (eat like a canker): ‘eat like a pig’; eat extensively, overeat
  22. Ne pas être sorti de l’auberge (not be out of the hostel): not be out of the woods, don’t see the end of the situation without going through the difficulties
  23. Ne rien savoir faire de ses dix doigts (not knowing how to do anything with one’s ten fingers): it means that somebody is completely useless.
  24. Passer du coq à l’âne (go from rooster to donkey): to jump from one subject to another
  25. Pédé comme un phoque: ‘queer as a £2 note (UK); gay as a 3 dollar bill (US); gay as a trumpet; gay as a window’,  completely homosexual.
  26. Peigner la girafe: ‘beat a dead horse; do busy work; whistle into the wind; piss into the wind (vul)’, do veryg, uneffective work
  27. Pour des prunes(for plums): for nothing
  28. Prendre son pied (take his foot): ‘to come’, to get the orgasm pleasure
  29. Rouler une pelle: snog, give a French kiss, kiss with a tongue
  30. S’occuper de ses oignons (take care of one’s onions): mind one’s own business

So have you laughed at this at least once? I hope so!


I love My List of 30 French Funny Phrases That Will Make You Laugh! I keep it with me for the grey and dull days when I am kind of not in a mood so it can cheer me up. Can you add any other French Funny Phrases that you know of? I would love to get few more to keep on building the list and laughing more & more. Thanks!

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