So French So Good Toys & Kids Shops and Brands I Found Living in Lyon

How well do you know the toys & kids shops and brands from France? I haven’t known at all…until

So French So Good Toys & Kids Shops and Brands So French So Good Toys & Kids Shops and Brands

The 1st of June in Poland, 21 November in France.  This is an International Kids Day about which I have already written here. So important in Poland and so not known in France, the holiday which made me have a closer look at the French toys here in France and while living here in Lyon. Why? Because even though I am not a parent, I am a proud aunt and I wanted to find an ideal toy for my nephews. So I made a top 10 choices for kids toys from France here. But also I have discovered the very good toys french brands, marks and shops that impressed me a lot. I realized then that actually they are known and very popular worldwide. Learning something new each day, I have collected the Top French Toys Shops and Brands I Found Living in Lyon. See my selection below and please let me know if you know any others? It has started for me…with 2 nephews I need toys shopping ideas anytime really.

  1. Janod is a France’s leading company specialized in the traditional toys and games in wood and also in cardboard. They create toys for kids from 12 months to 10 years, such as puzzles and games, offices and paintings, creative arts, outdoor, decoration but also timeless toys such as tops, diabolos etc. This french toys brand is a bit old (founded in 1970) but still very relevant and loved by many because as the years and our preferences change, the company adapts to the new world. So parents who used to play with those toys will happily buy them for their little ones. Win – win situation!Janod Shop
  2. Jeujura – another french toys shop specializing in wood, well – known and famous for its know-how. It is truly French, being manufactured in the Jura mountains in Saint-Germain-en-Montagne for more than 100 years. They offer a very wide range of wooden toys. These are all playful, educational and authentic toys and games that always amaze little one. So as you can see the wooden (looking so simple and old stuled toys) are coming back to the main parents and kids top toys choices.Jeujura Shop
  3. Pabobo – now something different. Not a typical toys shop from France but a unique and playful french proposition for kids. How? Well this french company invents and proposes a whole universe of lights for kids. As useful, beautiful, amusing and creative all their lamps are just to look at, they also allow kids to have a play with them. Because the french shop offers you the light in few ranges: for sleep, to care, to decorate and to play!Pabobo Shop
  4. Papo – a well known french toys shop which offers another simple yet creative proposition for kids. Children have chances to discover the world around them, imagine the fantasy world by creating the first princesses, princes, dragons, and knights. Nowadays, when we are all prisoners of smartphones, ipads, tv, Papo remains true to the real wish of toys…to develop imagination, to teach to think, to amuse, to develop creativity. Today, the company is a top reference in the world of model figures and continues to develop new ranges to inspire the imaginations of children the world over. They propose more than 600 references covering different worlds ranging from animals through to original or funny charactersPapo Shop
  5. Petitcollin  – they are old, they are good, trust me. The are very old, french toys shop from France which was created in 1860! Why are they so special and unique? Because they are the one of the top french toys company which produces dolls made in France and the French are very proud of it! Because the company has built up a wealth of expertise in manufacturing dolls and continues to make dolls in the traditional way. And also what i like, is the fact that they a have dolls museum in Etain and offer guided visits to it and the Petitcollin factory. So your kids and you (!) can see how the dolls are being made. It couldn’t be cooler 😉 Petticolin Shop
  6. Trousselier – is a 45 years old french toys shop created in 1971. It is well known and respected french brand because they offer top quality soft toys and cuddly toys but not only. This so french toys shop from France provides beautiful collections of accessories for child’s room: sleeping bags, bed rings, bathrobe, arousing carpets, lamps and musical accessories. On top of that there is a wide choice of timeless music boxes with ballerinas, princesses, suitable for babies and ideal for parents and families to find a present for the little ones.Trousselier Shop
  7. Vilac another wooden toys shop here in France. Quite old with a great experience of using wood as a natural and durable material for kids and not only. They started in 1911 in the village of Moirans-en-Montagne called the French capital of the toys. Made from beech branch transformed, modeled, polished and varnished with love, Vilac toys are made with a very large expertise. They even opened a shop in Japan! Respected and appreciated here in France and worldwide,  in 2007,  Vilac was awarded the label ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’ and the ‘Savoir-Faire’ label of the Haut-Jura Regional Nature Park. They never stopped to develop and grown. It is a french toys brand we can trust!Vilac Shop
  8. Les jouets libres – very interesting (i would say intelligent and clever) french toys shop which creates the healthy and sustainable games for children. This french toys company develop modern, sustainable and ecological toys. The idea is great – make toys with which the child can get involve in the game and  develop his/her imagination and creativity. The most famous collections of those intelligent toys are RouleTaBille (launched at the end of October 2012) and “Maison et Objets” ( January 2013). Today they continue to develop their toys in France by partnering with external illustrators. I like. Do you?Les_Jouets_Libres Shop
  9. Vulli – I don’t think the name rings a ball for you, but if i say Sophie the Giraffe or the Klorofil Tree I am sure you have already known them!  They are one of the most famous and successful worldwide french toys shop and it all started with the Sophie! Nowaday, they are successfully present in over 75  countries. They continue to develop and improve to offer consumers the highest level of safety worldwide. That is why the toys are so popular, successful and meet the standards (and preferences and likes!) around the world.Les_Jouets_Libres Shop
  10. Abysmile – pretty new toys concept here in France. The toys french shop created just in 2010 and already very successful, Why? Maybe because they represent such a great and gentle principles: have fun, learn and share. They say that for them playing is just one of the most beautiful moments of life. And Abysmile is known as a french creator of smile moments. They make their games and toys especially for children from 2 to 6 years. What I like about them the most is the fact that they design the imaginative, educational  games in collaboration with parents, psychologists, teachers and children obviously. So you can be sure they meet the expectations of all.abysmile shop

Did you know any of those French Kids Shops and Brands? Which one do you like the most? Please & please let me know others. I am in a real need to find more places to search for toys! So any good french toys shops and brands which I can find online or/and in France are very much appreciated! Thanks!


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