My Top 10 online french shops to buy a present for a baby in France

Where in France you can buy a present for a baby?

Well, i know what you think. The opportunities are unlimited when we talk about online shopping. However if you narrow this online shopping to only babies, only french brands and only the best, it becomes more difficult to find the right online shop which sells presents for baby in France. That is why I did my small investigation and I have found my top 10 online french shops you can buy a creative, fun, stylish gifts for a new born baby in France! Interested to discover my findings? Have a look below: My Top 10 online french shops to buy a present for a baby in France

  1. Berceau Magique. is an online store that has it all. The very informative blog which accompanies moms and future moms in their daily lives by offering information on various topics such as conception, pregnancy monitoring, maternity, baby birth. But most importantly,, offers a selection of more than 30,000 products, from 350 brands for babies ready to be ordered as a gift for a baby.berceau magique _ Cadeaux bébé, puériculture et liste de naissance_ -
  2. Nature et decouvertes. Nature et Découvertes is a French store chain founded in 1990 by François Lemarchand. The brand’s stores are mainly established in France but also in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and French-speaking Switzerland. Nature & Découvertes has been seeking to promote the link between man and nature by offering to a public of all ages a selection of original and quality products, allowing nature to be discovered and inspired. Their section of presents for babies and kids is very creative and interesting, check yourself hereCadeau de naissance - Nature & Découvertes -
  3. Ideecadeau. The website and their international sites offer the customers the chance to find the most unique and perfect gifts. For babies. Their store is stocked with the latest awesome, stylish and amusing products. Thanks to many creative gift lists, you can find a present for any occasion and also for babies, kids which are very stylish and cool like here.Cadeau Naissance & Baptême - Large sélection sur IdéeCadeau.fr_ -
  4. Cadeau Maestro. Gift Maestro is the specialist of the gifts original and customizable! Whatever the event, the budget and the person, you will always find an original gift to make. Thanks to their buying guides, you can find several gift ideas adapted to your needs: deco, gourmet, hi-tech, love, well-being, sports and leisure as many themes on which you can find gift ideas to please or please you. And this is not all. The strength of Maestro Gift is the opportunity of personalization of gifts and a very quick delivery. I like it for babies and kids as you can find here very unusual and funny gifts.  Offrez un cadeau premier âge original -
  5. Premier Cadeau. is an online store since December 2006. It is managed by the company SMILY, created in 1995 and specializes in the mail order of birth and baptism gifts (baby bracelet, baptism medal, baby jewelry, kettledrum, piggy bank , tooth box …). The objective of is to offer you an original collection of birth gifts and baptismal gifts with fast delivery times. They have their own artisan engraver that allows them to engrave and ship a large part of the baby jewelry collection within 24 and 48 hours to guarantee delivery within 3 to 5 days. Cadeau de baptême, gourmette bébé, medaille et chaine - PremierCadeau_ -
  6. little crevette. It is a french brand created in 2013 around Lille. All their creations are exclusive which means that each motif, each printed fabric and each model has previously carefully walked in the limbo of their creator. Their items are of course handmade, beautiful and so cute. Check here to discover and agree with me.Coffret cadeau bébé original - Little Crevette
  7. Les petits Raffineurs – Since 2016, Les Petits Raffineurs has been offering a selection of elegant, surprising, fun products for children from 0 to 6 years old: birth gifts, games, toys, stuffed toys, decoration, clothing, equipment, personalized products. They offer the best gifts of birth, from the great basic to the original, through the essential baby care. For older children, they offer: beautiful books, timeless or atypical toys, design decoration. They refer to many French designers as well many brands from around the world.Produits personnalisés - Les Petits Raffineurs -
  8. Une Cuillère Pour Doudou. It is an online store of eco-friendly wooden toys, original birth gifts, baby care and bedroom decoration for babies and kids. I found this online gift shop very interesting as it has a lot of suggestions and ideas for original baby birth gifts and toys. Check yourself here.Cadeau de naissance original _ cadeaux bébé -
  9. Pouce et Lina. The Pouce et Lina brand offers a collection of original musical mobiles. The team Pouce et Lina is ambitious and passionate about creation and sewing. Their  mission is to deliver high quality products, handmade and all made in France, wherelses? Very beautiful, creative and unique french presents to offer to a baby.Pouce et Lina spécialiste Mobiles Musicaux Français pour Bébé - Pouce_ -
  10. Nin – Nin. Nin-Nin is a collection of doudou and blankets so soft so cute, all made in France. Nin-Nin offers a mixed blanket, an original blanket and a customizable blanket and other very soft original products for babies. The founders wanted to offer the French and quality products made with Love. They created their own workshop at Le Creusot and continue with their success to deliver great original and soft presents for little ones. articles de Puériculture originaux pour Bébé fabriqués en France_ -

I know there are many more online french shops which sell great presents to a baby in France. I could try to list a few more and I would be still missing so many. That is why I decided on top 10 and I would be very happy to hear your suggestions and ideas for a bets online french shops where you can buy a present for a baby. In the meantime, enjoy online shopping for a baby in France!

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