The comprehensive list of the French text message abbreviations

Find out how to understand the text messages you are receiving from the French friends and/or your kids! 

I don’t want to admit it but I think I am getting old. I do not understand any more the language of teenagers (neither Polish or French) and their French slang plus short text messages. It make me feel very stupid. That is why I have already investigated the subject of the French slang here but I have never touched the subjects of the text abbreviations used in the sms and social media. It has been a high time! Finally, I have put together the comprehensive list of the French text messages abbreviations which you can find here. I hope this is useful for you!

The comprehensive list of the French text messages abbreviations feature

    1. 12c4: un de ces quatre  which means <<one of these days>>.
    2. a+ or @+: A plus which means<< see you>>, << see you later>>.
    3. a12c4: à un de ces quatre. Which means <<see you one of these days>>. 
    4. a2m1: À demain which means <<see you tomorrow>>.
    5. alp: À la prochaine which means <<see you>>.
    6. ama: à mon avis which means <<in my opinion>>.
    7. amha: à mon humble avis which means <<in my humble opinion>>.
    8. ams: à mon sens which means <<as I understand it>>.
    9. a tt: à tout à l’heure which stands for <<talk to you later, see you later>>.
    10. auj: aujourd’hui, it means <<today>>. 
    11. asv: âge, sexe, ville. Used in instant messaging to <<ask the age, sex, and location>>. 
    12. b1: bien, phonetic short for <<good>>, <<well>>. 
    13. b1sur: bien sûr which stands for <<of course>>.
    14. bcp: beaucoup which means <<very much>> , as in “merci bcp” (thanks a lot).
    15. bjr: bonjour which is obviously <<good day>>.
    16. biz: bises or bisous which means <<kisses>>. 
    17. bsr:  bonsoir which is obviously <<good evening>>. 
    18. c1blag: c’est une blague meaning <<it’s a joke, Just kidding>>.
    19. c: c’est which means <<it is>>.
    20. c-a-d: C’est-à-dire which means <<that is to say>>.
    21. c ca: c ça: C’est ça which can mean anything from <<that’s it>> and <<there you have it>> to <<there you go>>.
    22. cc: coucou which means <<Hey/ hi!>>.
    23. c or : sais (<< know>> form the verb “savoir). J c= je sais (I know), Tu c = tu sais (you know).
    24. c cho: c’est chaud, literally <<it’s hot>>, slang to say for instance you could hardly do something, for instance by lack of time, but you have a strong obligation to do it, or you have a very important thing to say, but it may be too hard to achieve it. “c’est chaud” = It would be really difficult!
    25. chuis: Je suis pronounced (shwee) which means <<I am>>.
    26. com dab or kom dad: comme d’habitude, which means <<as usual>>.
    27. cki ?: on se connaît ? which stands for <<Do I know you?>>.
    28. cpg: c’est pas grave. It means <<it’s no big deal/ not a problem>>. 
    29. ct:  c’était which means <<it was>> or <<that was>>.
    30. dac: d’accord which means <<ok>> or <<all right>>.
    31. dqp: dès que possible which means <<as soon as possible (ASAP)>>.
    32. ddd: demande de discussion which means <<request for discussion>>. 
    33. dsl: desolé which means << sorry>>.
    34. entk: en tout cas which can mean <<in any case>> or <<anyways>>.
    35. exprd: eplosé de rire and literally means <<exploding with laughter>>. Use like ROFL or LMAO when something is funnier than a simple LOL.
    36. fds: fin de semaine meaning <<weekend>>.
    37. fo: faut which means <<we must>>.
    38. g: j’ai which means <<I have>>.It’s an approximation, because normally the letter “g” and the word “j’ai” doesn’t have the same sound, one is é, and one is è. Example: “g f1” = “j’ai faim”, (I’m hungry.)
    39. gt: j’étais which means <<I was>>.
    40. id: idée which means <<idea>>.
    41. je re : je reviens tout de suite  which means <<I’ll be right back>>.
    42. j’y go: je dois partir. Which means <<got to go>>.
    43. jms: jamais which means <<never>>.

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    44. jtm: je t’aime which obviously means <<I love you>>.
    45. jsg: je suis génial which means <<I’m doing good>>. jc: Je sais which means <<I know>>. 
    46. kan or qd: quand which stands for <<when>>.
    47. kdo: cadeau which stands for <<gift>>.
    48. keske: qu’est-ce que  which means <<what>>. 
    49. ke: que which means <<that>>.
    50. koi, kwa: quoi which means <<what>>.
    51. koid9: quoi de neuf? which stands for <<what’s up?>>, because “new” (neuf) in French sound like “neuf” the number nine in French.
    52. kom: comme which stands for <<how>>.
    53. lut, lu: less common slang for “salut” meaning <<hi>>.
    54. mci: merci.It means simply <<thanks>>.
    55. mda: merci d’avance which means <<thanks in advance>>.
    56. mdr: mort de rire. It literally means <<dying of laughter>> so it is similar to well known LOL. It seems to be the most used French text message abbreviations around
    57. mplc: merci pour le cache which simply means <<thank you for the cache>>.
    58. mr6: merci so the famous <<thanks>>.
    59. msg: message which means <<message>>.
    60. nn: non meaning <<no>>.
    61. nrv: énervé which means <<angry>>.
    62. ok1: aucun which means <<none, no one>>.
    63. ouf: fou which means <<crazy>>.
    64. pb: problème which means <<problem>>.
    65. peh: pour être honnête meaning <<to be honest>>. Use this when stating your opinion or thoughts on a matter.
    66. pk: pourquoi which means <<why>>.
    67. ptdr: pété de rire and means <<you are laughing so much that you just can’t laugh anymore>>. Use it like you would use LMAO when something is even funnier or more amusing than a simple LOL.
    68. pr toi: pour toi. It means <<for you>>.
    69. qq1: équelqa’un”. It means <<someone>>. It can be abbreviated as QQ1, QQN or QQUN. It just depends on the user. I don’t list out ever variant. I just list the one I see the most or that I use myself.
    70. qqc: quelque chose which means <<something>>.
    71. raf: rien à faire, which means <<nothing to do>>.  
    72. ras: rien à signaler which means <<nothing to report>>.
    73. re: rebonjour which means <<hello again>>.
    74. re: de retour which means <<back>>. This is what you write to notify someone that you are back in the conversation after leaving it for a while.
    75. rstp: réponds, s’il te plaît.Used to ask someone to text, <<please, reply back>>.
    76. sa va: can be used as a question “ca va?”  which means <<how are you?>>.
    77. slt: salut  which means <<Hello, hi>>.
    78. snif: which means <<I am sad>>.
    79. STP or SVP: s’il te plait which is the informal way to say <<please>>. If you want to text using the more formal way to say please than you would use SVP (s’il vous plait).
    80. t1kiet: t’inquiètes!, meaning informally <<don’t worry>>.
    81. t or t’es: tu es which means <<you are>>.
    82. texto: sms
    83. tg: ta gueule which stands for <<shut up>>.
    84. tlm: tout le monde which stands for <<everybody>>. In messaging: slt tlm = “salut tout le monde”= hello everybody
    85. tt: tout meaning <<all, everything>>.
    86. tt: t’étais which means <<you were>>.
    87. v1: viens which stands for <<come>>.
    88. vrt: vraiment which means <<really>>.
    89. X moi: crois-moi which means <<believe me>>, because a cross is a “croix” in French, and it sounds like the verb “crois” (from “croire”, to believe)
    90. ya: il y a which means <<there is>>.

The comprehensive list of the French text message abbreviationsI hope you liked my list and found it helpful to understand a bit more the French language and especially your French friends messaging you. I tried to put as many as possible abbreviations used in text messages and social media (remember you can get the whole list The comprehensive list of the French text messages abbreviations) but I believe there are more and more will be created. The language and the slag always develop. Therefore, I would like to ask you to share with me other abbreviations which you came across. Thanks in advance!


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