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Exactly, if you cannot visit France or you live in France and you want to eat the best cuisine in the world which is said to be the French one, I have an idea for you. How about cooking and baking those delicious and easy to make French meals including  obviously the even more delicious french desserts. I promise you the success, the ingredients that you can find in any country, the delicious taste and not too much work. Are you ready to discover and prepare any or all of the top 15 easy to make French meals?  Check them out, get my Recipe Book with the top 15 easy to makeFrench meals and …bon appetit!Easy French Meals to Make

    1. Croque Monsieur. It sounds complicated but it isn’t. This hearty ham and cheese sandwich, however, tastes unexceptional when made version french. Why? Because the French like to add the white sauce to it and a lot of cheese…obviously. 

      Croque Monsieur
      Photo by By Michael Brewer – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5
    2. Quiche Lorraine. This is one of the most popular dishes in France and worldwide. The French eat many types and varieties of the quiches: with only vegetables, with the goat cheese, with chicken, salmon, tuna etc. And the traditional one is with the lardons (lard sticks) and the heavy cream.

      Quiche Lorraine
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    3. Clafoutis.This classic baked dessert would need a little bit of effort from you, but don’t be scared, compared with other French desserts, it’s still relatively easy to do. Clafoutis, is a traditional dessert from the Limousin region and made of cherries arranged in a buttered dish and covered with batter. Originally, black cherries are used but there are several variations using red cherries, prunes, plums, cranberries, and many other types of fruit. And about the effort part…it depends what type of cherries you have…the one with the inside or already drilled ones. 

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    4. Crepes. I’m sure you have been making, eating pancakes…they are easy to cook and eat. Each country has its own way of making pancakes and eating them. However, the French crêpes are again so french and I would recommend trying the recipe to have a chance to taste the real french pancakes. Originally, they are being eaten very simple way only with sugar, but …nowadays as all the French are obsessed by nutella…this is one of the most popular types followed by the pancakes served with jams etc. I also need to mention that the crepes are being eaten in France salty with the cheese, egg, ham etc.

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    5. Boeuf Bourguignon. As complicated as the name sounds, this beef stew is, ok, a bit challenging to cook but doable. And I would highly recommend to try to prepare it following the easy recipe I have got for you in the book. Because, it’s a real French star, a Burgundy-style rich beef stew cooked in wine: full of favours and good wine. 

      Boeuf Bourguignon
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    6. Ratatouille. I cannot recommend more to make. This is the ultimate French classic, it’s vegetarian ( but I often put the meat on the side or sausages). It’s cheap, doesn’t require a ton of skills, and it’s basically synonymous with summer for most French people. Although the recipe is very easy, it requires a lot of good seasoning which gives it a great, rich flavours. 

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    7. Salade Nicoise. The ‘Nice Salad’ which comes from Nice, a city in the southern coast of France…as simple as that. There are many variations of this famous salad copied worldwide. The basis is tuna, hard boiled eggs, small boiled potatoes, green beans and a small green salad,all mixed together. Follow the recipe from my book to be sure to do it the French way.

      Salade Nicoise.
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    8. Coq au Vin. So the chicken braised with red wine and lard. It’s another french stew, challenging to make  but so worth it. Just follow the easy recipe I found for you and put inside the book, and you will have the best French classic on your table.

      Coq au Vin
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    9. Tomates farcies. This is really yummy traditional French meal. So the French empty carefully the big tomatoes and fill them with the ground beef. The inside of the tomatoes isn’t wasted! They use it to make tomato sauce which is served with the meal accompanied by rice.

      Tomates farcies
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    10.  French omelette. You will probably not find this in the french breakfast menu but the French happily make and eat omelette for dinner.  Made with fresh herbs, an Frech omelet is delightfully simple yet filled with great flavor from the herbs that are used to make it. Keep it simple and add any filling you wish.

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    11. French Soufflé. This egg-based dish dates back to France in the early 18th century and comes in both sweet and savory varieties. To create a perfect soufflé, it is quite challenging. So how does one succeed with making the perfect soufflé easily? According to the professionals, the first rule of soufflé baking is to never, ever open the oven while it is cooking.  Other pieces of advice is to not over-whisk egg whites and also make sure to delicately fold meringue into the custard with a wooden or plastic spatula. Try out the basic French Soufflé recipe from my book and enjoy the perfect French Soufflé. 

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    12. Gratin dauphinois. As I arrived to Lyon I have been welcomed by the family with this dish. I remembered it tasted creamy, cheesy, soft and I thought what a masterpiece impossible to replicate. After a few years living in France, I found out that it’s actually not that complicated. I can do it, so you too. 

      Gratin dauphinois
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    13. Salade lyonnaise. As I live in Lyon, the capital of the French Gastronomy, I had a chance to taste many meals and prepare few. This salad is in every Lyonnais bouchon and many French people like it. Why? Because it’s quite filling and yet it’s not as heavy as most of the Lyonnaise cuisine. The basis for the salad are green leaves, bacon and poached egg so with the running inside and therefore it’s nicely spread over the salad when you start eating it. As you can see, simple ingredients, few instructions to follow and you can make it yourself.

      Salade lyonnaise
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    14. Tartiflette. This is a baked gratin with potatoes, onions, bacon, wine, cream and cheese. Very comforting, warm, hearty, filling, ideal for winter dish. Easy to make and so full of flavours that you will enjoy. 

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    15. Tarte aux pommes. I love cakes with the real fruits, I love apples. I have baked so many apple varieties of cakes that I though there is nothing to surprise me. But again, the French pastry is unique, delicious and therefore the French apple cake, the famous Tarte de pommes, has also been a new experience for me. Finally, it’s quite easy to make. Check the book for the recipe.

      Tarte aux pommes
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So can you tell me which french meals and desserts have you already prepared yourself? Are there any new ones that you discovered and want to cook and bake? Do you have any suggestions for other easy to make French meals I can try cooking and baking? Thank you so much for sharing! 


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