Get My List of 200 French Idioms for Free!

Get My List of 200 French Idioms for Free! I bet you will laugh at least 199 times!

My Little List of 30 French Funny Phrases which has been cheering me up for some time, seems not effective anymore. Well, I got used to the French Funny Idioms and got bored of them. So, being a girl, who never wants to stay miserable and sad, I decided to use the previous technique to lift up my moods and I mixed ‘the beautiful with the useful’…I mean I mixed learning something new (‘the useful’) and laughing a lot (‘the beautiful’) and so I decided to expand my List of 30 French Funny Phrases.


I got so motivated and found more and collected 200 French Idioms which i liked! I created the colorful list here & printed it out and I am keeping it close to me! Get it for free, read, print, share with others. I hope it will make you happier!

Top French Funny Phrases Free Book

And here just few of my favourite French Idioms to get you into the  mood:

  • Avoir le melon (to have a melon): be sure of oneself
  • Bâtir des châteaux en Espagne (to build castles in Spain): ‘build castles in the air’;  daydream; make plans that can never come true
  • Boire sec: be a heavy drinker
  • Brouiller les cartes: ‘cloud an issue’; confuse the situation
  • Chercher midi à quatorze heures (to look for midday at 2 pm): to over-complicate things
  • Coûter les yeux de la tête (to cost the eyes of the head): ’it costs an arm and a leg’
    it’s a price that’s unreasonable;
  • Etre fleur bleue (be a blue flower): be naive or sentimental
  • Haut les coeurs (keep the hearts): ‘Cheer up’; have a courage, be brave
  • Il fait un temps de chien (it’s dog weather): the weather is terrible
  • Il pleut comme vache qui pisse (it is raining like a cow who pees): ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’, it is a really heavy rain
  • Je dis ça, je dis rien (I say that, I say nothing): it’s a French way of saying what in English is ‘I am just saying’
  • La fin des haricots (the end of the beans): ‘the end of the line’; it’s all over; the end of everything. The complete loss of hope
  • Les doigts dans le nez (fingers in the nose):  ‘a piece of piss’, something is terribly easy, could be done with one hand tied behind your back, etc
  • Mettre son grain de sel (put in one’s grain of salt): give someone an unrelated, unnecessary opinion
  • Parler français comme une vache espagnole (speak French like a Spanish cow): speak French poorly
  • Passer du coq à l’âne (go from rooster to donkey): to jump from one subject to another
  • Passer un savon à quelqu’un (pass a bar of soap to/over someone): ‘give someone a good dressing-down’; reprimand someone
  • Poser un lapin à quelqu’un (put a rabbit on somebody): not show up for something that you’ve planned
  • Pour des prunes(for plums): for nothing
  • Prendre son pied (take his foot): ‘to come’, to get the orgasm pleasure
  • Raconter des salades (tell salads): tell stories, lie
  • Remuer ciel et terre: ‘move heaven and earth’; use all the means to find & discover
  • S’occuper de ses oignons (take care of one’s onions): mind one’s own business
  • Se mettre le doigt dans l’œil (put one’s finger in one’s eye): be wrong
  • Soupe au lait: ‘have a thin skin; change the character quickly
  • Sucrer les fraises (sweet strawberries): ‘go dotty’, become somewhat eccentric, odd, or mentally unbalanced.
  • Se casser le nez (break one’s nose): have no luck; get no answer
  • Tomber dans les pommes (fall into the apples): faint
  • Un jus de chaussettes (sock-juice): bad coffee
  • Un bon coup de fourchette: a hearty appetite

Ready for the whole list? Just have a look My List of 200 French Idioms here and you will find My List of 200 French Idioms.Let me know how many times did you laugh while reading it? Was it 199 at least?


Well, I hope so as  I am being ambitious here. Also, can you tell me if you have known any of those phrases? Maybe you know any other? Please do help me to expand the list…Let’s make a challenge to get to the 300 French Funny Idioms which will cheer us all up! Please send me a message, email or simply leave a comment with some other French Idioms. Thanks a lot!

Learn French Idioms Be Happy
Learn French Idioms Be Happy


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  1. Well, “Parler français comme une vache espagnole” is in fact “Parler français comme un basque espagnol”. Many french people do the same mistake 😉

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