Halloween in France. Oops, I got it a little bit wrong!

Find out how to organize a successful Halloween Party in France with those 5 Top Tips!

5 tips for halloween party

So what do you know about Halloween? Do you know anything about Halloween in France? Well, I don’t think it exists. For sure it wasn’t celebrated last year in my area of Lyon….by others but only me but it doesn’t matter I organized Halloween and I had a good fun! The only thing is I haven’t checked what is the French people’s attitude towards Halloween and assumed it is as popular as elsewhere all over the world so also in Lyon. I mean I know many young people use Halloween as an excuse to organize a party but the main idea of ‘trick or treat’ doesn’t exist in France. Kids don’t go around dressed up and don’t ask for sweets well maybe just a few…but for all the sweets I prepared for this occasion I haven’t given away even half of them. Anyway, I don’t complain I had my Halloween party organized in France and I was proud of it. As it was done from the scratch…the theme menu, the house decorations and the overall atmosphere and as it worked out very well I can share some tips with you. Because it doesn’t matter where you are and if the Halloween is being celebrated around you, you can have your Halloween party and all good fun it provides! So now check my just a few 5 (being precise) essential tips to organize a successful Halloween Party in Lyon:

  1. Design and send your Halloween invitations to your friends or family in advance so they are booked in advance to come.Treat or Trick
  2. Think what you like. Either you are a heavy party person or a quiet one, design your party. I would suggest that whatever person you are you need to include those elements: theme food, costumes, decorations are all essential elements. Then you can add things like music for dancing, a scary movie for easy evening or many games for creative entertainment.
  3. Theme decorations. For the cheapest material, go to the Carrefour or Auchan, follow Pinterest Halloween Decoration Boards, and start at least one ideally two weeks before to cut, glue, shape all the ghosts, bats, spiders as you can see in my little apartment.
  4. Theme menu. Again I went through many Pinterest Halloween Food Boards I got hungry for few things and finally did the brain cake, little pizza spiders, sausage mummies just to name my favorite ones. Do you like any here?
  5. Dress up appropriately and don’t forget about the makeup. Actually, use this opportunity to go crazy with your make up accessories, you are allowed that day!Get Scary For Halloween

I’m not having more tips for you as I’m not Halloween party specialist at all but I did it for the first time and it was a pretty good success. I had fun, guests had fun so have a good time yourself.

Are you ready for HalloweenLastly, I would like to ask you kindly to share your experience with Halloween. Have you ever celebrated it? Where if I can ask? What did you like the most? And do you have any tips for us? Thanks and have a great Halloween party


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