Top 10 Interesting Facts About Nuits de Fourvière

This is what I have learnt about Nuits de Fourvière. Top 10 Interesting & Surprising Facts About Nuits de Fourvière! Maybe you know more?Les_Nuits_De_Fourvier_-

There are so many great events happening in Lyon so I struggle to write in details about them. I usually take part in them if I have a chance and my real Lyonnais ‘petit’ friend (aka Instant-Shots) is taking photos and I share on Instagram Instagram and FB so you know about them quicker and can still benefit from them. I hope you like the idea.Simply Vianney

Anyway this time I m very excited and happy and already organized for July in Lyon. Because firstly, I’m so happy to take part in a really famous Lyonnais event for the first time and secondly, I’m going to see and listen to my favourite French singer,  songwriter Vianney. Do you know him? I love listening to his French. On top of that he is such a funny french guy. He has a really particular, good personaity and he is a great example of a French person I like. Because it’s not the berets and scarves that we associate with French but their particular and funny and kind personalities they have which are: cheerful, funny, optimist, silly and with a big smile!Simply Vianney

But coming back to the subject, I feel very fortunate to have a chance to go to the concert of Vianney which is happening at Nuits de Fourvière on July 2017 in Lyon. And I feel like learning more about the Nuits de Fourvière and here are my 10 top interesting facts I found out about this Lyonnais annual event. So how well do you know the event?Did you know Facts About Nuits de Fourvieres

  1. Not only the Fourviere Theater. The festival takes place: in the Théâtre antique de Fourvière, and in the Odéon de Lyon (since 1952) in the 5th arrondissement near the Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière. On top of that, for Les Nuits Cirques – A simple space, L’homme Cirque, Santa Madera, the other place has been chosen: 171, avenue de Lacroix-Laval, 69280 Marcy-l’Étoile
  2. Let’s talk about numbers: The Age: 71 years old. The first edition of the Nuits de Fourvière took place in 1946. Each year during June and July there are about 60 shows. The Grand Theatre has a capacity of 4600 and Odeon Theater offers 1200 places. And so there is around 130,000 people participating each year.
  3. Always crowded: 139 shows, and 150,000 spectators being predicted for 2017
  4. The Origins: On 29 June 1946 Edouard Herriot, Mayor of the city of Lyon, inaugurated the Grand Theater and invited the Antique Theater Group of the Sorbonne to play a tragedy of Aeschylus.
  5. The Strange tradition of throwing the cushions. So at the end of the concert, the audience throw their seat cushions on the stage like a frisbee to show they really like it…i need to start practicing!Throw your pillow
  6. No roof! So what about the rain? Attention! Umbrellas are not allowed! While trying to look at the bright side of things: umbrella I have, the waterproof jacket I don’t. So I need to do some shopping for a good waterproof jacket (I love finding excuses for more shopping!)
  7. No seat number! So if we want to get a good seat, we need to come much earlier and wait a bit. The gates open 90 minutes before showtime.
  8.  “Contemporary” music? Did you know that it only appeared in 1969. For 25 years, the festival has entirely been dedicated to theater, dance, choir and classical music concerts. It was not until 1969 to see the first groups of more contemporary music on stage, and 1978 to hear jazz. The rock music is still to come.
  9. What happened in 1994? Rename! “Festival de Lyon” finally became “Les Nuits de Fourvière”
  10. Some festival records: Andromache, the queen piece has been the most played piece since the beginning of the festival. Presented each time in different versions, it was played 6 times between 1950 and 2008. Sylvie Guillem has been the most faithful artist who loves to come to Lyon. She took part in the Festival 8 times! Unfortunately, she had her farewell last year so I guess if she comes to Les Nuits de Fourviere this year it will be in a new role of spectator. Do you know other festival records?

BONUS: More about the program and artists coming can be found here and in great detail here.Enjoy Les Nuits De FOurvieres

Did you know Nuits de Fourvière? Have you ever took part in it? Are you planning to come this year or next one? Please share with me in the comments. Thanks and enjoy Lyon in July.


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  1. I remember ourselves throwing cushions at Nuits de Fourvière 2008 for the movie “Pink Floyd The Wall”. Is the tradition older than 2008 ?… It seems that no one knows…

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