Let Me Present You Just Eat. So French & Adopted in Lyon – So Creative and So Good.

Today I would like to present you a French concept which is very popular and successful in Lyon. Have Just Eat before?

I have just discovered and so I want to share with you. I didn’t meet in real but virtually Nathalie, Chief Happiness Officer at  Just Eat who took the time to answer the questions for us and introduce us the concept of yummy food delivered to you. It has been a pleasure for me to find out so much and I hope it will be a delicious pleasure for you to learn more about Allo Resto here

Letmepresentyou-Allo Resto by Just Eat

  1.     Who are you?

Allo Resto by Just Eat LogoJust Eat is the n°1 food delivery marketplace in France and most downloaded FoodTech app. We operate in more than 2 500 cities in France and our service targets 26 million of French customers. As the leading food delivery marketplace, we offer the largest food selection available in France with more than 50 different specialties and more than 5 000 restaurants. In 2016, we have been awarded the prize of “Great Place To Work” in France, highlighting our bold and inspiring culture of enterprise.

  1.     When did you start?

Allo Resto by Just Eat was born in 1998. We are pioneer and creator of the food tech sector.

  1.     What for?
Enjoy Take Away Together. Share it with friends.
Enjoy Take Away Together. Share it with friends.

The essence of our business is to connect restaurants that have their own delivery service with customers wishing to be

Enjoy your Take Away alone!
Enjoy your Take Away alone!

delivered. We are present nationally and have offers accessible to everyone, to every desire and every occasion. We also have customer reviews – the only site that benefits from this (nearly 2 million notices left each year to refer other customers). We have commercials all over France who find new restaurants each month to complement the existing offer.


  1.     Who are your colleagues?/What is your Team?

Just Eat has 70 employees and the average age is 31. We like to work seriously but without taking ourselves too seriously 🙂 Our main objectives are to make our partner restaurants proud of working with us and to make our customers happy, offering them the best possible experience. Moreover, this year we are particularly happy because we have reached 10 million orders delivered!

  1.     How does it work?

You can find us on the web or on our app. You start by giving your address to discover the restaurants that are in your delivery area. We have more than 50 culinary specialties available, so to help you make your choice, you have customer reviews and filters (delivery time, minimum order amount…).

Your meal well packed and delivered to your doors!
Your meal well packed and delivered to your doors!

We often have exclusive discounts that we negotiate with our partner restaurants. According to the restaurants, these reductions can be -15 to -30% per order.

On our side, we often do special operations also, with reductions to be won.

On the client side, we do not charge the delivery, we take in all 0.95 cents, for the management fee ^^

Nathalie works at Allo Resto by Just Eat and She seems very Happy about it!
Nathalie works at Allo Resto by Just Eat and She seems very Happy about it!

You also have at your disposal a 24/7 hotline, which you can contact in the event of a problem with an order. If you prefer social networks, we have a Twitter account dedicated Hotline: @NOPROBLEMORESTO

Where can we find you?

On our website: www.justeat.fr

On our app: android & iOs

How can we contact you?

You can contact us on our social networks: Facebook and Twitter

We will be happy to answer your questions!

..such a lovely message from them…

Thank you, Nathalie and Allo Resto!

Didyouknowthat Allo Resto by Just Eat


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