Let Me Present You Baguette à Bicyclette. So Lyonnais – So Creative and So Good.

Today, let me present you – So Lyonnais So Good New Concept & Brand I found here in Lyon called Baguette à Bicyclette! With this short interview, let’s all have a chance to discover more of Lyon, it’s innovation, beauty and Lyonnais people!

And a big thank you to Deborah & Caroline– the founders of Baguette à Bicyclette . The girls who impressed me with the creativity & idea & innovative spirit and hard work!

Let me present you -Baguette à Bicyclette

The Big 5 Questions Are:

1. Who are you? 

Deborah & Caroline - the founders of Baguette à Bicyclette
Deborah & Caroline – the founders of Baguette à Bicyclette

We are 2 Lyonnais girls in our 30ties, friends for a long time and we always wanted to set up a business together. We are very different yet we complement each other. Caroline has a real talent to create a company and Deborah is a specialist in designing the spirit, culture of an organization. New businesses, start ups are always difficult but we follow our motto ‘alone we go faster, but together we go further’. We have our strong and weak points but we make a very good Team – dynamic, motivated, determined to succeed.

2. When did you start?

The yummy & good quality French breakfast delivered any morning , anywhere in Lyon
The yummy & good quality French breakfast delivered any morning, anywhere in Lyon

About 5 months ago. On March 7, 2017 exactly, what was still only a project and imagination in early 2017 quickly grew to become a real business that is being developed every day. Between the idea and the launch of the business, there were 3 months of planning, designing and finding partners for the concept. After 5 months of tests, we got a good experience and positive customer feedback. This gave us energy, motivation to improve that business and got even better.

3. But why?/What for?

Breakfast delivered for a fresh, tasty, stress free morning!
Breakfast delivered for a fresh, tasty, stress free morning!

Everything started from a rather personal observation. In the morning we count the minutes to delay the wake-up time and so often consequently we don’t have enough time for good breakfast. It is, however, a pity because in France we have the chance to have good bakeries, so if there is not enough time to go to buy it, why not have it brought to you. This is our idea with a bicycle. The delivery of bread and pastries from our local baker. A service that allows you to order the day before 10pm, open your eyes in the morning, have the fresh products delivered and ready to taste before heading off to work. Not to mention the weekend mornings that are always nicer under the duvet while waiting for breakfast service!

4. Who are your colleagues?/What is your Team?

For now, there are just two of us – the founders doing it all! Caroline and Deborah! In order to fully understand a model, we must have tested it, used it, done it ourselves to understand it fully and to foresee all the situations that employees will face. Nowadays in three situations of too many orders, we get help and soon we will start to recruit.

5. What is the idea?/How does it work?

Order by the 10pm and have your breakfast delivered home or office!
Order by the 10pm and have your breakfast delivered home or office!

The idea is very simple. The customer who wishes to have fresh bread and/or pastries in the morning, they connect the day before 10pm at www.baguetteabicyclette.fr. Once on the site they can choose the products without minimum order, fill in the address and select a delivery slot for the following morning between 6:30 and 9:00. The payment is made online secured, quickly and efficiently. It’s as easy as that, no minimum and a 7/7 delivery.

Would you add anything else?

We have just succeeded in our fundraising campaign by receiving the financial support of more than 6000 €. This money is to pay for the electric bike range which will launch soon for our deliveries. Looking forward to presenting this all in September with our giant breakfast event. Stay tuned!

Where can we find you?

We don’t need and have a real address. We are in a move. So you can easily find us on social networks and our website.

How can we contact you?

The best way to contact us is via our website www.baguetteabicyclette.fr. On top of that, you can use the social networks of baguetteabicyclette on which we are very present.

What is the website? www.baguetteabicyclette.fr

Did you know that Baguette à Bicyclette


So did you know Baguette à Bicyclette before? Have a closer look and let us know who much you like this Lyonnais concept developed with the great experience, knowledge for Fashion & Shopping. Because I am sure you do!


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