Let Me Present You Doctolib. So French – So Creative and So Useful for Lyon.

Today, let me present you – So French Start Up, an interesting concept which I discovered and realized that it can be very useful and so good for Lyon. And this is not all, the Doctolib is also very helpful for Expats, Tourists & Vistors to Lyon.

Let me present you so French and So useful for Expats, Tourists and Lyonnais - Doctolib So now I would like to ask you if you ever had a problem or came across any frustrations when trying to go to the doctor, medical specialist in France. Or better, let me ask you first, have you ever had a problem with finding the medical specialist in your town? Maybe you were interested in finding a specialist who can speak English or Polish or German…How cool that would be? Well, I have a good news for you. I discovered and I want to tell you a bit about Doctolib? Because I think I found out the solutions to the above problems (yours, mine, ours…). Check out the very inspiring (and funny) interview with the company and let me know if you like the concept as much as I do! 

1. Who are you?

We are Doctolib, a French start-up created by Stanislas Niox-Château as CEO, Jessy Bernal & Ivan Schneider as CTO. Stan was already known in the start-up landscape as he largely contributed to LaFourchette.com, Balinea.fr, and Weekendesk.fr. Jessy & Ivan are senior developers, born entrepreneurs. They created www.massivemusicquiz.com, a famous blind test App.


Doctolib Trio
Doctolib Trio

2. When did you start?

October 2nd 2013, 23:00pm 🙂

3. But why?/What for?

After a sport’s accident (Tennis), Stan had a bad experience with the healthcare path (lack of information, long waiting times, no follow-up). On that day, he decided to create a new kind of service with only 1 objective: simplify the access to healthcare. In France, it can be super hard/time-consuming to find a Doctor and make an appointment. Doctolib is committed to making a medical appointment a super easy thing for patients.

4. What is the idea?/How does it work?

Doctolib.fr allows anyone to book an appointment with doctors directly online: Dentist, Dermatologist, General Practitioner, Pediatrician and all the medical specialties are available on Doctolib. Thanks to Doctolib, you can find an appointment that fits your planning and schedule it in less than 3 minutes. It’s super easy: just select the specialty you are searching for, then the city or even the neighborhood and pick the right specialist/appointment. An example for Dentist in Lyon. We also thought about tourist or expat 😉 On Doctolib you can book an English-speaking dentist.

5. Who are your colleagues?/What is your Team?

In 2013, we were 3. We are now more than 380 and 45 people are directly working in Lyon. Numerous skills are represented such as:

It is a great place to work
It is a great place to work
  • BizDev: Their job is to promote Doctolib to Doctors
  • Web developers: They are responsible for Doctolib.fr features and design
  • Doctors success: They ensure that every doctor is happy to work with us

Where can we find you? You can easily find us on social networks and our website.

How can we contact you? By email! Just write to julia@doctolib.fr

What is the website? http://www.doctolib.fr

Would you add anything else?

At Doctolib we have a specific corporate culture managed by the acronym « SPAAH » which means: Service Passion Attack Ambition Humility. It’s our leitmotiv and it is present in everything we do.


So now I hope you discovered well Doctolib and I hope you find it useful. Check it out and let me know if you liked it. Or maybe you have any other tips on finding a good medical service in France and so easy? Please share with us your opinions and experience. Thank you!



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