Lyon in OCTOBER. For All The Top Things to Do & Events to Take Part In!

October…not my favorite month as neither it’s  not summer not proper winter but autumn which I only like for the colors but hate for the weather…as it’s cooler, rainy,  grey so to try to enjoy autumn in Lyon I have another comprehensive list of All The Top Things to Do in Lyon in OCTOBER. If you know others please add below. Thank you very much!

Lyon in October

Festival Lumière. This very prestigious festival which invites many film celebrities to Lyon for nearly a week and finishes off with the Lumiere Prix contributed to one of the important for cinema and film person. There are conferences, exhibitions, parties and over 180 projections organized for all audiences all over Lyon. Once you checked the agenda here, you can choose an event you want to take part in. If you are a huge cinema fan, why not trying to get your autograph from the famous celebrities? Where: Different places in Lyon; When: 14.10 – 22.10. 2017; How Much: Get your ticket here

Festival Lumière.

Halloween. Celebrate Halloween in Lyon! Where: different places in Lyon, When: 31.10.17; How Much: Mainly FREE

Halloween Party

Le réseau Scène Découvertes. The first Festival Replay!  8 different theaters in Lyon get together and replay their “coup de coeur” shows of the 2016-2017 season. Where: Lyon; When: 27.09 – 13.10.2017; How Much: 10 €

Le réseau Scène Découvertes.


Rencontres ContemporainesRencontres Contemporaines. An event devoted to contemporary art, music to painting, in the Haute-Loire and in the Lyon region. The program includes exhibitions and concerts, after which meetings are planned between the public and the artists. The detailed program here. Where: Lyon; When: 17 & 29.10; How Much: 7-12 Euros

Festival Parole ambulante à Lyon et Vénissieux. A festival around poetry, literary, mode of expression and contemporary literature. On the program: readings, meetings, debates, and also projections. The 2017 edition is dedicated to the theme “Travel book”. Where: Association Espace Pandora; 8, place de la Paix; 69200 Vénissieux; When: 30.09 – 7.10 ; How Much: TBC

Fete Cinema Animation. Nearly 200 cultural places throughout France are mobilized to propose projections and events. Nearly 80,000 spectators of all ages are expected in theaters for the viewings. On the program: screenings of rare or unpublished films, previews, tributes, retrospectives, discoveries of young talents, ciné-concerts, meetings, exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops …Where: Lyon; When: 1-31.10; How Much: TBC

Run in Lyon. Several thousand people participate in this marathon of more than 42 km in Lyon. Where: Lyon; When: 1.10; How Much: 20- 56€*RunInLyon

Salons des vins des vignerons indépendants en France. Meet with winegrowers from France and Navarre who tell passionately about their wines, their history and their craft. A tasting glass is given at the entrance to the lounge. When: 26 -30.10.2017; Where: Tony-Garnier Hall in Lyon; 20, Place des Docteurs Charles et Christophe Mérieux 69007 LYONSalons des vins des vignerons indépendants en France.

Marché des Saveurs. Food market in the Bellecour organized to discover regional products. When: October -11.11. 2017; How Much: FREE

La Vogue des Marrons. It is a traditional Lyonnaise fair, born more than 150 years ago, it has become a Lyon tradition in the same way as the market, traboules or genuine bistros. When: starting the beginning of autumn; Where: 69004 Lyon 4ème; Place de la Croix-Rousse; How Much: FREE

Salon du Mariage When: 30.09 – 1.10 2017 , 10am -7pm; How Muchch: FREE if booked online

Salon Automobile de Lyon. Event organized to display the latest version and models of the foreign brands. When: 28.09 – 2.10.2017, 10am – 7pm ( Friday until 10pm); Where: 69680 Chassieu; How Much: 6 € (online: 5 €)Fete de la Science

Fete de la Science. The Ministry of Higher Education and Research organizes in a number of cultural and tourist places in France a series of events aimed at understanding our environment and sharing knowledge. On the program: workshops, exhibitions, visits to laboratories, natural and industrial sites, meetings between young people and researchers, science cafés, debates and conferences, live performances. Where: Different places in Lyon. Check for details here. When:7-15.10; How Much: FREE

Fete de la ScienceID Créatives. Salon activities Creative and DIY.  When: 5 – 8.10.2017; Where: Salon Version Scrap; 69680 Chassieu; How Much: 5 – 9 €;

20 years Ninkasi Birthday. Celebrating a birthday with music events. Where: Ninkasi in Lyon; When: 16 – 22.10.2017; How Much: FREE

Salon International du Disque Where: 69100 Villeurbanne; When: 22.10.2017, 10am – 5.30pm. How Much: 4 €. Cœur Presqu’île. After the exhibition “La Presqu’île s’embellit”, presenting the project Cœur Presqu’île, the Pavillon continues to honor the major projects of the Metropole! Where: Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie, 69002 Lyon 2ème; When: 28.06  – 29.10.2017, each Wednesday,  Saturday, Sunday; How Much: FREE

55th Montbrison Fourme and Côtes du Forez wines Show. A weekend entirely dedicated to the showcasing of the two Forez AOC, a territory synonymous with the art of living and quality of life. Where: Centre Ville 42600 Montbrison; : 29.09 – 1.10; How Much: FREE

55th Montbrison Fourme and Côtes du Forez wines Show

Fascinant weekend Vignobles & Découvertes . This autumnal oenotouristic event in the Rhône-Alpes region, created in 2014, invites visitors to (re) discover the vineyards of the region. Many fun and unusual activities are planned: flying over vineyards in gyrocoptère, electric bike through vineyards, initiation to the work of the vine on horseback, wine and chocolate workshops, cooking courses and food and wine pairings etc. Where: Different places in Lyon and around. More details here, When: 19-22.10; How Much: Different prices for different activities

Semaine-du-GoutLa Semaine du Gout. Throughout France, the open days are organized including commercial events, symposiums and debates, tastings and special menus, in order to develop consumer education and offer a wide range of tastes and flavors of regional products and to promote healthy eating behaviors. Where: Different places, check for details here and register. When: 9-15.10; How Much: TBC

Biennale d’art Sacre Actuel  Admire the original works (paintings, sculptures, photos, installations) with a theme of ‘Deep Flipping’ organized in Lyon. The exhibitions are ‘outside the walls’ of unpublished works. It’s a great chance of exploring more of art in Lyon. More information and details here. Where: Different places; When: Dates to be confirmed. From September to December 2017. How Much: FREE

Go and admire Vlan - Expo of 77 years of Comics in Lyon and its Region14e Biennale d’art contemporain de Lyon Mondes Flottants. Admire modern art with the theme of ‘Floating Worlds’. Take part in one of the biggest art festivals in Lyon. Check for details here. Where: 81 quai Charles de Gaulle, 69006 Lyon 49-50 Quai Rambaud; Lyon; When:  20.09. – 07.01.2018; How Much: 9 -16 € 

The exhibition “Vlan!” – 77 years of Comics in Lyon. The expo allows cartoon enthusiasts to reconnect with their youthful heroes, and to enter the world of contemporary comics. Through a chronological and thematic journey, the exhibition unveils this rich and colorful history through illustrations, publications, original documents and objects from the many comic book publishers since the 1940 armistice until today in Lyon and in the Region. Where: Lyon bibliothèque de la Part-Dieu, 30 Boulevard Marius Vivier Merle – 69003 Lyon;  When: until November 4th,  Hours and details;  How Much: Free

Musee Miniature et Cinema New collection: 5 top Superheroes arrived in the Miniature and Cinema Museum worth seeing! You can admire the real costumes of  Spider Man, Batman, Robocop, Hellboy and a Jaffa warrior from the TV series Stargate SG-1. Where: 60 rue Saint-Jean, Lyon 5e; When: 10 – 6.30pm Monday – Friday; Weekend: 10 – 7pm; How Much: 6,50 – 9 €

See this and more at the Miniature and Cinema Museum
See this and more at the Miniature and Cinema Museum


Did you find something interesting here? So what are you actually doing IN OCTOBER?

*** Note*** I have been using the posters and images of the events provided by the companies who organize them or share additional information about events in Lyon. Thank you!


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