How to make money from home with my 10 top ideas!

My List of 10 Top Ways to Make Money Online & Frome Home & Remotely!

You can do shopping from home being a jadorelyonand saving a lot on online purchases, you can enjoy the great choice of things to buy and the convenience of shopping. But this all cost money and it seems it is much easier to spend money from home even if you can gain many discounts. So to feel less guilty or to allow yourself for your passion for shopping to continue, you need to get some additional money. And this also can be done in a convenient way…from your home…I came up with some ideas to deal with my passion for…fashion, beauty products, travels, gifts, home decor and recently my love for France, activities in Lyon and around & the amazing cuisine of the Capital of Gastronomy. And to be able to pay for all…I need more money…so I have gathered ideas to make some money online & used few successfully. How to make money onlineNow I would like to feel even more useful & helpful and I will share them with you… I tried to make it compact and efficient with the Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online & Frome Home & Remotely!

My List of 10 Top Ways to Make Money Online & Frome Home & Remotely!Sell unwanted items online

  1. Sell unwanted items online. This should be the best and the most enjoyable way of making money if you love shopping! You can do both…sell unwanted things and buy the new ones! Assuming that you are not as I am ‘too much attached and sentimental about things’ – I am the collector! I buy things and look after them and reuse over and over…but I know that many people like to clear their stuff few times a year, refresh the wardrobes, garages or get rid of unwanted presents, in this situation – selling them online can be very handy and useful and efficient. Because you gain so much…you get rid of the unwanted things, you clear your house, you make space for new things, and you get money. There are many trusted websites which you can use to do it, the best results will bring you the country specific and popular online sites similar to eBay and Amazon which are worldwide popular and famous. In Poland you have for example and so on. But you can also utilise the little websites and Facebook Groups around the place you live, this will give the best results as at the end of the day people like the comfort and the ability to save on the delivery and pick up things from around. So get prepared: open an account at the worldwide popular sites to start with, search for the country oriented websites and local communities. Then start looking at the things you want to sell, take good photos, put the reasonable price and monitor (you even don’t need to monitor as you will be emailed with any updates)…it is as easy as that… No pressure, in your free time and as much as little as you want…Look for remote work with those websites
  2. Look for remote work with those websites. There are many websites and online services which offer you remote work. But you need to be careful with many as some especially the ones which offer you easy work and a lot of money can trick you. You need to know that working remotely requires some real work to be done and any easy wins should be double checked. If you have found any good looking website that helps to find remote work, search for online reviews, opinions about them. I am sure their reputation will be shared on some forums, in comments so you can easily and quickly find out if you can trust them or not. Otherwise, go with the safe and trusted and tested ones which I have on here: Angel or Working Nomads and very comprehensive & universal one Indeed. Check them out. Don’t get too distracted and register with few but properly. Fill all required info, as you will increase your chances of finding an ideal job. Stay patience on filling the CV info and any additional info they asked you for, this will pay well. Once you are registered in their database you gain both, the access to the job database and the contacts of employers. But also the employers will be able to find and contact you. So you can be easily surprised that the job will arrive to you….Start enjoying crafting and selling it online
  3. Start enjoying crafting and selling it online. You don’t need to be talented, gifted or amazingly artistic to do this. There are many ideas, creativity and time only needed. You can benefit from your creativity and artistic skills and create the really designed and expensive unique lines of things you produce. Or you can follow some tutorials, simple handmade projects that you can produce in a significant amount and offer online. This can be of a great benefit for you as some crafting can be relaxing and therapeutic. And those Hand Made Crafts can be priced nicely. There are also many useful websites which help you out to sell them online, such as popular and worldwide famous:, , and just to name a few.Look after a kid or small child sitting at home
  4. Look after a kid or small child sitting at home. How are you doing with kids? Well, you don’t need to be in love with them to assign a few hours per day to look after them, do you? Ideally, you have a passion for kids, you are creative and love kids to offer these services but have a think for how cool idea it is. I am not saying to offer full-time services, applying to agencies, searching a lot and in many places. The best & easiest way to start it out would be to offer your services to neighbours, young couples living in your local community and the easiest way is to simply approach them, leave a small note in the letter note or post a free ad on the community & local websites.Rent things out
  5. Rent things out. This might be more complicated project but the one that can bring you more money. So you rent actually many things…with my small researches I found those ideas…So you can rent a spare room! There is for example an ideal website for this – Airbus. You register there and offer your room for tourists; you can rent a house if you plan going away for longer as well. Another one is to rent your clothes and accessories. So the best ones will be some unique and posh, designers’ fashion you have or you might want to invest in this. You buy it first to be rented. There is a place for those types of things called Twice  or Poshmark. Another thing you can rent is the seat in your car with the services. This is brilliant and works well for all. Basically, if you travel somewhere you can post on the Blabla website and find interested people.Offer Your Parking Space
  6. Another cool idea I have thought about is mainly for people who leave near the airports or some venues, monuments, you can offer them the parking space or a lift to the airport. To offer such services and find demand, I would also recommend the local communities and websites with free local ads. And there is the last one I have found recently…you can offer your tour guide services…I found recently this website like Viator or Rent a Guide  which let you register as a local guide. Sounds interesting to you? For this …you actually need to leave your house…so have a think on how does it work for you. Do you have other ideas? Be creative & share with me…Take care of pets
  7. Take care of pets and be paid. If you are not a fan of kids and babysitting how are you doing with animals? How about offering ‘pet sitting’ and ‘pet walking’ and ‘looking after pet’ services in your local communities? This is becoming more and more popular among people. SO if you don’t want to leave your house you can agree to ‘pet sitting’, if you fancy some fresh air and walk, take it outside but make sure you feel comfortable and easy with animals as again you need some patience and strong nerves.Write a book
  8. Write a book! I am sure you always wanted! Or if that sounds like a big project, start with short articles for online websites or magazines. There are many who look for writers, bloggers, and editors. But I would encourage you for some publishing as it becomes easier and easier to try out your skills and publish things, firstly online and there in the agency. There are sites that help you create emagazines and ebooks for free such as Calameo or my fav: Issuu. You can do a short Chapters online and share with people to get their feedback. You can create the whole book and then ask to be paid! If this works well you can sell on Amazon or contact agency and make loads on money….In the meantime, keep on writing shorter articles which bring quicker money for youStart your own blog
  9. Start your own blog . This one I like very much and I can recommend! But lets be honest, in order to be successful and make money you need to have some knowledge and learn all the time. It is also very time-consuming task as you need to do many things at the same time. Ideally, you are passionate and devoted the topics you know a lot about or you are willing to learn. You need to know how to get people interested and make sure you always write something what is useful for your audience. You should have some SEO and PPC and design skills or learn it. You also need to be on top of things with the online marketing practices and read a lot and share even more. So on top of writing on the blog you need to use social media, grow your audience. You should also build up the clients lists, registered with advertising agencies if your traffic is sufficient and anytime you want; you can start out the affiliate marketing to get started with the revenue. Sounds like a lot of work? Well, as long as it involves the passion and pleasure of blogging, then it is worth doing! And once you become successful, you will be so in demand, that you will struggle to calm your clients who want to work with you and pay you requested 😉Be a human guinea pig
  10. Lastly, the existing one but not the preferable by me…you can be a human guinea pig . So you can take part in the medical research. It all depends on where you live, what is your health, and there are other factors like age involved. So on top of the fact that you can make nice money, you can feel you have contributed to the next generations…. While taking part in the clinical trials, medical studies and test-and-research projects, there can be many cures invented and the health of many people can improved and even the life of many people can be saved. So it’s a tricky one…depends on how you feel about it…good money, being a guinea pig, help for others…Make Money From  Home

So what you think? Do you like my list? Have you heard about some of them, have you tried some already? Anyway I hope some of my ideas are appealing for you. Do you have other suggestions? I would love to hear about them. I am always open to new ideas and challenges for me so please do share! In the meantime, let me know which one sounds the best for you and if you are going to try any of them out. The beauty of them is that you can choose to do remote work full time or additionally so no pressure at all…

Happy Earning More Money and Happy Spending More On Your Guilty Free Shopping!


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