Let Me Present You MaryPop. So Lyonnais – So Creative and So Good.

Today, let me present you – So Lyonnais & So Good, So Useful & Helpful for Expats, Tourists & Visitors to France Concept and Company I found here in Lyon. It is called Marypop

Let Me Present you marypop

I am totally overwhelmed with the fact that there is such a useful service for expats, international families but also the French ones interested in bringing up their kids learning two languages. It is great timing for me to find out about this concept and use it soon. I am sure it can be very helpful for many of you. Find out more about Marypop, the platform of bilingual babysitters below and share your observations, use the service or recommend to others.

1.Who you are? What do you do? And why in France?

I am Nathalie, founder and CEO of Marypop and mother of 3 franco dutch children. I have been living in Lyon for 3 years. Originally from Paris, I have also lived in Brussels. 

Nathalie from Marypop

Marypop is the 1st platform dedicated to the booking of bilingual babysitters. We solve the problem of many parents who are looking for a babysitter who speaks the language of their child while they are abroad. These are often expatriates, parents on holiday abroad or parents who have bilingual children. Our service is also used by parents who wish to introduce their child to a foreign language.

Marypop is a true « babysitting Airbnb », offering all the functionalities of an online platform: research of babysitter profiles, consultation of babysitter profiles, booking, secured online payment, cancellation… You can manage everything online with Marypop.

We provide our service in 15 European cities including Paris, Lyon, Barcelona, Rome and London. We target the most touristic cities as well as those where expatriates are numerous. They are often the same ones!

marypop services

Tip: One of the plus « + » of Marypop is that you can also use the service during your holidays !

2.Do you help Expats OR Do you get help as an Expat?

We help Expats of many nationalities.

babysitter services marypop

3.What are your Top 3 Tips For Expats in Lyon?

    • Go and meet people: networking is in the ADN of Lyonnaise culture, so do not hesitate to go and talk with people.
    • Learn French: even if you meet people who speak your language well, acquiring some knowledge of French will allow you to integrate more quickly and to fully enjoy life in Lyon.
    • Do a specific activity: dancing, boxing, singing, skiing… you will more easily develop friendships with people who have the same affinities as you.

4.What are Your Top 3 Useful For Expats Resources (magazines, books, websites, services etc)

    • Lyon radios and newspapers will help you learn French and keep you up to date with regional news.
    • The Facebook Group « Expats Living in Lyon » is very active: ExpatsLivingInLYON
    • And Marypop is of course the reference website to find a trusted babysitter who speaks the language of your children!
    • babysitter services marypop

5.Where we can find you?

Address: 36 quai Fulchiron, 69005 Lyon

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marypop.babysitters

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marypopandthekids

How we can contact you?

Email: contact@marypop.com

What is the website?

URL: www.marypop.com



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