Let me present you Meïsō!


Let me present you a totally new, unusual and so creative concept that has arrived to Lyon: Meïsō!


It has been a while since I conducted so inspirational and interesting interview with a person who is in Lyon and is passionate about what they do. But this is not all. These people also have the strength, initiative and positive energy to share their passion with others. This time I am talking about Aurélienn who is the nicest and calmest person I have met recently. He is managing the new concept created in Lyon called Meïsō. Have a read of this quick interview which describes Aurélienn work and the concept of Meiso. Let me know if you tried it already or if you are planning to. Thanks!

Who you are?

Globe-trotter at heart, relaxologist and manager of Oasis Meïsō in Lyon, I am passionate about techniques that allow everyone to come into contact with his inner worlds. Flotation is a very effective tool in this area. I have great pleasure in accompanying the floats in people experience while taking care of this Oasis.

My meeting with Meïso and its creators Alexandre and Maïté, at the opening of their very first center, was one of the best things that happened to me … And I have since enjoyed every moment of the great adventure Meïso.

When did you start?

I started in April 2018 at Oasis Meïso in Paris and I arrived in Lyon mid-October to help finalize the work and gradually take over the management of the center. Our Oasis Lyon finally opened its doors in December 2018.

The company Meïso, opened its first center in Paris in 2015. Initially, there was only one cabin, but quickly the success required the opening of a larger center in Barbès. It opened in January 2017, it has gradually replaced the first and now has 4 cabins. The continuous and growing success in Paris leads us to consider the opening of a second center and then we will think about the possibility of settling in other major French cities.

But why?/What for?

Because we want to make it possible for people to find and experience an oasis of calm and serenity in the heart of the urban agitation. To create a place of relaxation where everyone comes to recharge their batteries, come into contact with the source of life and creativity present within oneself. A place that facilitates access to our inner worlds. A place to soothe the body and mind, to step back and recharge … A place to find the meaning … to regenerate and regain the vitality, enthusiasm and creativity needed to solve the challenges of daily newspapers and the achievement of our objectives.

Flottaison MEISO 1
Who are your colleagues?/What is your Team?

Here in Lyon we are a team of 6 people. Axel and Sarah both work with hypnosis, Camille practices Thai and Ayurvedic massage, Diakhère is an art therapist, Mélanie is a dancer and animates body language workshops.

What is the idea?/How does it work?

The Meïso concept was created around the flotation experience in sensory isolation. In Anglo-Saxon countries, we call it  “Float REST” for Restricted Environment Stimulation Therapy. The idea is to remove as much as possible any stimuli coming from the outside, this allowing to direct all our attention towards the interior of ourselves. The absence of external stimuli will increase our sensitivity to internal stimuli, whether they are physical, emotional or mental. Each experience is unique and everyone will experience it in their own way, like an explorer, discovering their own inner worlds. The effects of weightlessness and Epsom’s salt combine to help the heart of this journey, allowing muscle tension to relax and the nervous system to subside. The benefits can be felt on the 3 levels, physical, emotional and mental.

The benefits are many:

  • Relieves symptoms of stress and anxiety
  • Reduces physical pains and tension
  • Improves physical recovery, muscle tone and athletic performance
  • Improves mental health, especially in cases of depression or burnout.
  • Improves creativity
  • Relieves physical discomfort related to pregnancy

Where we can find you?

Oasis Meïso Lyon

28 rue de Condé

(Building on the left 28)

69002 LYON

How we can contact you?


Tel : +337 66 80 47 01

What is the website?


FB : Meïsō – Le Centre de Flottaison (Lyon)

Instagram : meiso.lyon

Would you add anything else?

Thanks to you all reading this article!

Take care,

Aurélienn de l’Oasis Meïsō Lyon

07 66 80 47 01

So are you ready for Meïsō experience now?


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