My best Lyonnais blogs and all about Lyon. So this is how I discover Lyon!

My best Lyonnais blogs and about Lyon. So this is how I has been discovering Lyon!

This is true. I felt in Love with Lyon from the very first time. And from that moment, I have been loving the Lyon city more and more every single day. And this is mainly thanks to some French people & Lyonnais blogs and persons who share their passion and love for Lyon with their lives.  I had a chance to discover them and in some cases contact. So, let me introduce you to my beloved lyonnais blogs, bloggers, persons who have been showing me Lyon on a daily basis (and especially before weekends) and making me more and more in love with the city. Thank you guys for making me in Addicted to Lyon!Top Lyonnais Bloggers

GirlsTakeLyon – the first website which ‘welcomed me here in Lyon’. I felt in love with the concept of lyonnais girls being passionate about Lyon and sharing the honest opinions, making recommendations and exploring Lyon every day. They do it voluntarily and all of them have many different talents.  I had an opportunity to become a part of the Team and started to contribute with my English articles like here. Because as much as i love GTL, i think it’s not fair it is all in French and not easily accessible to the tourists, international people who would benefit from them a lot…

CityLyonCrunch – another one – all things Lyon. I love them for their humor, and all the things to do in Lyon on a budget. They are really great to help you out to have fun in Lyon and savvy way. SO they will share with you all the events, good places to eat/drink/enjoy and provide you with the price! They will research, review and share with you all the things on a budget and will show it funny & easy way. Unfortunately they are all in French so you need Mr Google Translate to understand them or you speak French well 😉

Lyon Visitor I could not believe that there is only one single mad behind this website. I think it’s one of the best websites about Lyon, it is very comprehensive and give you very throughout information about Lyon. You can learn about the history, places, events and be sure the information is detailed, clear and honest. I have been impressed by the knowledge of this man who is writing about Lyon just because he loves the city! On top of that he is really nice, kind Lyonnais who is very passionate and intelligent and have helped me out to improve the information about Lyon on my website! I appreciated his feedback very much!

Yiondelyon another blogger passionate about Lyon. Again I could not believe this is only one girl behind such a good website which I love for Weekend Ideas. I always wait for the Friday Little Newsletter where she shares really good things to do in Lyon. I can assure you it is not the basic events that everyone knows about but on top of the well known lyonnais activities, she will present you some events which i never could find myslef (and i am a good researches and in a good relation with Google Engine 😉 but never find all those gems she is sharing each Friday!

Lyon City Crunch For Kids – ok  I dont have kids but the website is very good for all of us anyway. Firstly, if you have kids it will give you good things to do with kids and also savvy way! Secondly, the Father behind the website is a real Lyonnais passionate about the city, creative and funny! I love reading his ideas for things to do in Lyon always on a budget.

I am not a blog – dont be fulled by the name, it is a real lyonnais blog by a very funny and stylish, full of good taste, talents and humor Lyonnais girl. She seems to be a very positive and enthusiastic person who knows everything Lyonnais very well.

Pepsy Quinqua I discovered it recently,  the simple, little blog of an experienced by life women who found optimism in her life and started to enjoy the life. I respect her for kindness, happiness she is sharing in each post and I take advantage of her reviews of not touristic places to eat and visit in Lyon. A real Lyonnais!

Happy Curio – another real Lyonnais,  this time a mec who loves his city and things to do in Lyon which I never could find in the guides. But mostly he has been teaching me how to cook the french way. He givs out great, creative and Lyonnais recipes to prepare. There is always something new to discover and not the top typical Lyonnais meals which you find everywhere but more surprising likes and preferences of typical Lyonnais person. I appreciate!

BONUS: My Top Good Websites About LyonTop Websites About Lyon

monweekendalyon – great for weekly events in Lyon, well organized and simple.

ONLYLYON – the website you can trust for all the information and if you are ever lost in Lyon, I promise you will find it here! The real label of Lyon which promote Lyon with the real Lyonnais hear and I am proud to say I am a part of it. I am an Ambasador of Lyon as I am truły Addicted to Lyon!

blog in lyon – wow e-magazine about Lyon in French. Check this out, it is pretty & super amazing – the Virtual visit of Lyon in panorama 360

thisislyon – wow the 1st e- magazine about Lyon in English

spot-web for Lyon – not very standard, a bit unusual magazine about Lyon presenting Lyon not a standard way, so you are sure to find all those little gems hidden in Lyon and not displayed in general guides of France and Lyon.

rue89 lyon – ok i need to mention them as well as they share news about Lyon but totally not the boring way. They are creative, interesting and have a young spirit. For example I learned about Lyon Bière Festival here and loved it. But honestly they present real Lyonnais news with their fresh attitude. Again its  a bit of shame as it is only in French.Thank You Lyon

One more time, Thank you guys for making me in Love with Lyon! You are the best. I really love your passion for Lyon, kindness & patience and gentleness, your welcoming approach & your exceptional knowledge of the city! I don’t know if you realize it but you make a difference! I can imagine for all those other Lyon citizens you are a great example and helper to make advantage out of the city. For all of us – the international people: tourists, expats, visitors, passionated people about the France, you are great source of information and humor (and French course! As you mainly write in French, I needed to speak with Mr Google TRanslator all the time!) And I am not sure if you know that you have changed me…for better! I am simply happier and more optimist person living here in Lyon. Keep on a great work!

Please note: I realize I didnt put all of the existing blogs & passionated about Lyon bloggers. am still discovering Lyon and all the things French So if you came across any interesting French & Lyonnais blog or you are such a passionated about Lyon person, please let me know…make a comment, contact me and I will be happy to add you up here if relevant!


I am a Polish girl who felt in love with Lyon from the first sight! Jadorelyon is my way of exploring France, the French way of life, their cuisine, sharing the experience from visiting beautiful places in France. Jadorelyon is my new way of adding some Polish influence into French lives and watching on how they like it...

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    1. Thank you! I live in Lyon and I found your blog very unique. I like your restaurants’ reviews as you visit the places which are not top touristic ones. I also like your happy spirit. Carry on a very good work and THANK YOU!

  1. Although I live in Lyon thanks to you I have discovered many interesting places and new things to do 👍. Thank you .

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