My Top 10 Things to Do in Cold and Rainy Day in Lyon!

My Top 10 Things to Do in Cold and Rainy Day in Lyon!

It has been so cold in Lyon this winter! So cold that the only thing I was able to do was to get outside to the place I needed to and come back home asap. What a life! What a life for someone who loves Lyon to be stuck at home? Well, I stayed one day, the second day…but the third one i got really down to be locked indoor and  so i decided i will think hard and make a list of things i can do in Lyon when it’s cold or when it is raining…I was sure there are plenty…and this is true! I made a list and it sounded very reasonable. The fourth day, I woke up and looked at my list of things to do in cold and rainy Lyon. I was free to choose on whatever I feel like doing. Top 10 BEst Things to Do in a Cold and Rainy LyonAnd now to lift up your moods, I want to share with you My Top 10 Things to Do in Cold and Rainy Day Lyon:

  1. Hide in the Lyonnais Museum. And here you have a pretty impressive choice to make. How about you consider going to one the most popular lyonnais museums like Musée des Confluences, Musee Miniature et Cinema; Musée des Beaux-Arts;  Musée Lumière; Musée Tony Garnier Musée Gadagne; Musée de la Civilisation Gallo-Romaine etsc or the small and particular lyonnais museums which you might have not heard about such as: Museum of Horrors, Musee Malarte, Le Petit Musee Fantastique de Guignol  Centre d’Histoire de la Résistance et de la Déportation,  African Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art. You can read more about the Lyonnais Museums here to get more details and to choose the most appealing and interesting for you. Do something cultural today!Hide in the Lyoonnais Museum
  2. Hide in the Shopping Centre.  And here you cannot got wrong as well! The shopping center if full of things to do! You can grab a coffee with a friend, you can go to see a movie in the UGC cinema, you can simply do the shopping, window shopping and/or eat some lunch and/or use the free wifi! I am sure there are few favorite things you can decide on doing in the shopping center. Lyon has 2 big ones to choose from. Have you heard about La Part Dieu – my favorite ones for shopping and Confluence Shopping Center. Each of them has cinema, good dining area, big supermarket Carrefour!Hide in the Shopping Center
  3. Hide in the Planetarium Of Vaulx-En-Velin. Why not doing something different? I am not a big fan of stars and planets but I went to experience Lyon differently, to learn few new things and be amazed!  What I would recommend is to book in advance so you will have a chance to take part in the impressive shows.Hide in the Planetarium
  4. Hide in the Aquarium which is located in Lyon here. Well, it is not the biggest one i have been to but definitely interesting as it shows not only the water species from all over the world but also the fishes which ‘live’ in Lyon. This was quite interesting to see the one from which you make the Lyonnais speciality – yummy quenelles! Hide in the Aquarium
  5. Hide in a warm, cosy cinema and remember to choose the cheerful happy movie! So in terms of cinemas Lyon has a huge choice. There are many big and commercial ones but also small once which show particular and different movies for a real cinema fans. How about choosing in between the biggest commercial Lyonnais cinemas like: UGL Lyon, Pathe Lyon which are located in many parts of Lyon but also how about considering those particula Lyonnais cinemas like: Institut Lumiere, Comoedia Lyonnais Cinema, Mourguet Lyonnais Cinema just to name a few.Hide in the cinemaHide in a cosy and warm Lyonnais theater. And here you can either enjoy the real french play in the beautiful Celestins Theater of Lyon. You can get into local and smaller Lyonnais Theater of Croix Rousse to see not commercial show. You can also enjoy particular local theater which is located in our favourite Parc de Tete d’orHide in the theater
  6. Hide in the House of Guignol! And this is my winner! It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, you dont really need to justify your choice. It’s cheerful, happy, funny and typical Lyonnais! So go and see the very well known Symbol of Lyon – the very famous Guignol. Book in here at La Maison de Guignol – for a Puppet Show in Lyon!  But also make sure to visit his house and if you feel like spoil yourself with your own puppet here. It will be a very good souvenir you can buy in Lyon. Amazing experience and reasonably priced!Hide in the House if Guignol
  7. Hide in the Lyonnais Opera. It is beautiful – firstly! Have you seen it outside? So this is just a start, when you enter you can really feel the beauty of it and this is the second start..because there is so much that is waiting for you. The Opera of Lyon will offer you not only opera shows but also concerts, tours, debates, spectacles of all kind. For the Opera de Lyon Calendar and Agenda you can click here. Hide in the Opera
  8. Hide in a Lyonnais Spa. And this is a brilliant idea as  you are not only escaping the cold, raining Lyon but also getting your energy back, you relax and lift your moods, you stay very warm and spoit. This is all you need when the weather is miserable. Don’t you agree? I have a good news for you. Lyon provide you with a big choice of places where you can get your spa. Check the quite comprehensive list here which has been kindly created by Lyon Tourism Office. If you want to do it on the budget, remember to visit and check for a spa voucher at the Groupon France. Hide in the Lyonnais Spa
  9. Hide Cosy At Lyonnais Home! Lastly but most importantly, the most easy and the most lazy & creative it is to stay at home. It can be nice, it is needed in some situation, it does not need to be boring! Hide in the cosy homeAnd so what else you can do at your little flat in Lyon or a big lyonnais house you live in? How about one of my favorite ones:
  • wearing cosy slippers and drinking hot chocolate
  • organizing dinner party with friends
  • setting up the home cinema
  • inviting a friend over for a coffee and cake
  • reading a book, choosing the one from my favorite review site goodreads
  • doing coloriage or some DYI craft projects (birthday cards or felt toys)
  • sleeping!
  • cuddling to a second half, your pet or teddy bear, French Nounours, or a blanket! All need to be soft and warm!
  • and so so on…dont let me carry on!

I hope you found it useful, didnt you? Obviously you can do all those activities in Lyon anytime but they are ideal for cold and rainy weather indeed. And also, do you have any ideas of things to do in Lyon yourself? What to do in a cold and rainy dayWhat can you recommend when it is cold? Please do share with me. I would love to learn a new interesting thing to do when it’s cold and rainy. Thank you!


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  1. Very interesting list !! I could not think of something to add… which proves that your list is exhaustive ! 🙂 Next time it’s raining in Lyon and I am there, I will try your number 6, because you say it’s you favourite.

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