My Top 3 Most Beautiful Villages in Central France

Find out what are My Top 3 Most Beautiful Villages in France, Central France, Loire Valley area.

There are about 11 « Plus Beaux Villages de France » in the centre of France. If the time would let me visit more I would as all of them look really worth visiting. But I have already been too active on my holidays so I have chosen just 3 …as I say….My Top 3 Most Beautiful Villages of Central France to visit. These are: Apremont-sur-Allier, Lavardin, Noyers-sur-Serein. But don’t be limited just to those which i went to, there are other villages recommended in the area area. Consider going to Candes-Saint-Martin, Crissay-sur-Manse, Montrésor, Gargilesse-Dampierre, Saint-Benoît du- Sault and Yèvre-le-Châtel just to name the few. And now let me tell you a bit more about those beautiful villages I had the opportunity to visit and let me bring you back into the atmosphere of the medieval France…Noyers-sur-Serein

  1. Noyers/  Noyers-sur-Serein is a pretty village located in the Yonne department in Burgundy, by the River Serein. The village is tiny but actually it offers 78 classified historic monuments worth having a look at, for example: House of La Toison d’Or, Municipal Museum of Art Naïf, House of La Toison d’Or, Castle of Noyers-sur-Serein Church of Noyers, Door of Noyers, Door of Tonnerre,  Town Hall of Noyers. I have been overwhelmed, well it does not take you so much time to see all but everything is so so beautiful! On top of that the village is famous for its wine. The wine and grain trade wasprosperousatNoyers and lasted many years. In 1861 there were still 128 vine-growers and 25 tillage-farmers.

    Yes…local people …they are so nice and welcoming, there is a nice bakery in the village which sells really tasty bannetts, the local houses are beautifully decorated with flowers and silly (yet funny and sentimental) ornaments etc. So you see how the locals pay attention to the town and how they care about it…it is so unique and special! SO if you are ready to go, get organized before visiting and get your FREE Guide hereApremont sur Allier

  2. Apremont – Sur – Allier is  my another beloved, visited and classified among the ‘most beautiful in France’ village. It is quarry workers villagelocated in the Cher department, Burgundy region of the Centre France, by the Allier River. It is near the big city called Nevers. I will sound boring but this is again a prettyvillagewhichi liked a lot,ithasbeen build from the local rock (the famouscathedralatOrleansis built from the same local stone) and so it looks unique and robust. In the 20th century the ancient houses had been and therefore the village got it preserved medieval character. On top of that it is very clean, beautifully decorated by locals with the flowers.

    The main highlight of the village is its attractive gardens, the ‘Parc Floral’, designed by Gilles de Brissac which is located in the park of the Chateau d’Apremont. It has been listed as “Jardin remarquable” by the ministry of culture. The garden is not that old actually, it has been created less than 20 years ago but it represents the gardens landscape in the style of 18th century. It is a nice place to relax but there is a fee you need to pay to enter, well its worth it as you get to see a lot! You will admire the beautiful white flowers and silver leaves  starting from the entrance. They have been inspired by “White Garden” of Vita Sackville-West in Sissinghurst, England. You will approach enchanting buildings designed by the Russian painter and architect Alexander Serebriakoff and his sister.The park will also give you you a very good view of the village once you cross the Pagoda bridge and visit the belvedere that overlooks the village. And on top of that there is a beautiful castle… If you like, you can also quickly visit the stables museum next to the chateau to admires various horse-drawn carriages.heck out how to get it here anddont miss out on a great medieval experience in the Central France… If you are in the area and still have some free time, you can visit the interesting places around such as abbey atFontmorigny to the west and the cathedral and Duke’s Palace at Nevers.

    Lavardin - The Most Beautiful Village of France
    Lavardin – The Most Beautiful Village of France
  3. The village of Lavardin is situated 20 km south-west of Vendome and 40 km north of Tours. It is really tiny but yet one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France! It has no more than 260 inhabitants. I think it has just one shop, coffee place, restaurant and a cosy shop with local (few) products and a small museum.

    There is an impressive roman style Church of Saint Geneste with its impressive frescos, drawings and carvings inside and the castle of course, which is open for tourists visits from 11.30 am in summer so bear that in mind when visiting. This ruined chateau towering above the rocky cliff comes from the 11th-14th centuries. It looks stunning, powerful and so it creates unique atmosphere in the small village. The whole village atmosphere is really nice thanks to the helpful and welcoming local people, the fact that it is not expensive to visit as the tickets are reasonable priced and  there is a free museum and access to the church. The houses look different thanks to the 16th century influences. They have some fascinating features like  colombage, ornate windows and slate roofs to discover. The other monuments worth visiting are the Maison Perrault on Rue de la Barriere, a gothic style house dating from the 13th century; and the Maison Florent Tissard, a substantial medieval house with a tower and raised balcony.  Have  a look at their website as you will be impressed what this tiny place can offer you!

So are you now tempted with exploring a bit of medieval side of the France? Remember there are about 155 Beautiful Villages of France all over the country. I have mentioned about few located in the South of France, few on the way to Lyon. Oingt

Go to the site and search for the ones around you to get started and exploring them more….I got addicted now and that is why I have just visited another local Lyonnais gem called Oingt…this is so highly recommended as well!


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