What’s new in the French vocabulary space? A lot!

Even more French words to learn! What’s new in the French vocabulary space? A lot!

I am the last person that should be talking about the French language as I’m very far from being a specialist. However, I got inspired by the fact (or a bit depressed)  that each year the very famous Larousse add about 150 new words in it’s a dictionary. Interestingly, since it’s edition in 1871 which had 35000 words, there were 28000 new words added. Currently, there are  60000 and more to come, according to L’Express

What’s new in the French vocabulary space_ A lot!

But what does it mean for me? Well, it means that every year I should be learning or at least, check what’s new! And to motivate myself to do it, I have just looked at the new edition Larousse 2020 and would like to share with you the top 15…should be enough to get you inspired. Ready to learn something new today? I’m!

  1. Dédiésélisation- determination, and dedication of all actions to reduce the proportion of diesel vehicles in the fleet
  2. L’antisémitisme – a worldview that rejects, as opposed to speciesism, the notion of hierarchy between animal species and, in part, the superiority of humans over animals.
  3. Apatridie – statelessness,  absence of legal nationality.
  4. Locavorism -a movement advocating to consume only local and seasonal fruits and vegetables, in order to contribute to sustainable development.
  5. Survivalisme – survivalism; a way of life of a person or group of people preparing for the onset of a disaster (nuclear, ecological, economic, etc.) at the local or regional level.  World.
  6. La cryptomonnaie – cryptocurrency; a virtual payment method that can essentially be used over the Internet, using cryptography to secure transactions and the creation of units and beyond the control of regulators and central banks
  7. Là charge mentale: mental load, translated from the original French idea
  8. La bigorexia – bigorexia; the condition of being addicted to the gym, physical fitness, and sports.  
  9. Le cyberdjihadisme- cyber jihad, the use of the internet to promote or participate in jihad.
  10. La smicardisation – the increase in the number of workers paid minimum wage (“au smic” in French)
  11.  Ubériser – the French equivalent to the American English word “uberization,” meaning the replacement of services by apps, digital platforms, and other tech or start-up creations.
  12. L’adulescence – the phenomenon of being in your early adulthood years (approximately 18 to 30) and still acting like an adolescent.
  13.   La sentience –  means to be alive and have the capacity to feel emotions, pain, and have a subjective perspective.
  14.  Le bore-out – is like burn-out, but instead of stemming from working too hard, le bore-out comes from a lack of interesting work tasks to do or a lack of work. BMFTV characterized it as “l’ennui profond” (the profound boredom) of certain salaried workers.
  15.  La fachosphère – an efficient word that encompasses the entire online presence (blogs, social media, videos, etc.) of the “extreme right” in France (far right, in the U.S.).

Never stop learning

So does such a list make sense to you? Did you find your favorite new French word?  Or maybe you know of any useful French word which we should start learning? Thanks for contributing in advance.


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