Let me introduce you GoneBuster. So creative, so lyonnais and so cool.

Today, let me present you GoneBuster – so cool website, creative project made in Lyon by the real Lyonnais. I was searching for the original gifts from Lyon and I found them. Check GoneBuster if you are searching for something cool and creative… lyonnaise and geek friendly and also funny.

Please meet Manu and Martin – two founders who came up with the idea and put it into life.

I just realized that I haven’t yet said what actually is, so creative; fun and Lyonnais. GoneBuster create, produce and sell super cool T Shirts and other accessories very creative, super funny and geek or Lyon related. Check them out and got tempted as I did. And also read below more about the project, founders and their plans.

Let me present you GoneBuster
Let me present you GoneBuster

1.Who you are? 

We are two friends who met at the Cuisine du web. We like Lyon (normal, it’s our city :)), beards, boxing, telling jokes, drinking wine, beer, eating good things, and also a lot of geek stuff… and of all that, we wanted to make t-shirts out of it!

Let me present you GoneBuster
Let me present you Manu and Martin

2.When did you start?

The idea had been on our minds for some time and we decided to launch our brand, Gonebuster, in the spring of 2019.

3.But why?/What for?

First and most of all for fun and to make people laugh 🙂
Since we both work in the digital and tech world, we wanted to dedicate a big part of our creations to profiles working in the web and more specifically in development. We realized that there was not such an equivalent on the market of the personalized geek t-shirts.
Another big part of our creations is dedicated to our beautiful city of Lyon, from where we come from and our blog 🙂

4.Who are your colleagues?/What is your Team?

We are two co-founders: Martin (Leclerq) and Emmanuel (Baratin).

It looks like Manu and Martin are a great team
It looks like Manu and Martin are a great team

5.What is the idea/How does it work?

The idea is to be able to print on t-shirts (and soon other products) the things that make us laugh. And since we make jokes and puns all day long, we have a lot of ideas in stock 🙂

Where we can find you?
On our website where you can buy all our t-shirts

How we can contact you?
Again on our website or our social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

What is the website?

Would you add anything else?
We love geek stuff so much that we can now pay in Bitcoin on our site 😉
Ah yes, and also that a t-shirt from our collection in Lyon can make a much more original souvenir than a snow globe or a puppet from Guignol 😀

Super souvenirs from Lyon
Super souvenirs from Lyon






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