The best 15 attraction parks in France!

Who does not like amusement parks hands up! ….I cannot see any! Because most of us love attractions parks and if the others are not very convinced than by looking at the selection I got for you I bet you will change your mind.

I have never been a huge fan of attraction parks, I liked the idea but I wasn’t obsessed or I was not dreaming about going there. But I guess this was because  I really didn’t know what a good amusement park is. I only knew little local parks from communism times in Poland and this is just because I became older and started to travel and seeing things I realised what a real amusement park is and that I have missed out on so much. But luckily in France I have found so many, really top quality attraction parks that I would love to visit. There are many of them and of different themes, I picked up the top 15 attractions parks in France, I want to introduce to you.

the top 15 attractions parks in France

1.Disneyland Park Paris/Parc Disneyland Paris formerly Euro Disney Resort, is an entertainment resort in Marne-la-Vallée, located 32 km east of the centre of Paris. This is a fairy world that attracts millions of families each year for a day (well honestly speaking one day is too short) so at least 2 days or a holiday long weekend! Nowadays, the park expanded and there are the 5 lands of Disneyland Park filled with classic attractions, shows and street parades. The 5 mysterious lands are Fantasyland, Frontierland, Adventureland, Discoveryland, Main Street. But this is not all, there is also Disney Village with its restaurants rather less crowded than in the park, shops, air balloon. Finally, next to the Disney Park, there are the Walt Disney Studios. A dream!

Parc Disneyland Paris
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Adresse: Disneyland Paris – Marne la Vallée; 77700, MARNE LA VALLEE, Seine et Marne, Ile de France

2. Europa-Park Well, honestly speaking, it is not in France. The Europa-Park leisure park is the largest theme park in Germany, and the second most popular theme park resort in Europe, following Disneyland Paris. It is just thirty minutes from Strasbourg, and it is extremely successful and popular among the French public. The theme of the park are the European countries featuring 14 neighborhoods. So in the park, the visitor finds the architecture, cultural and gastronomic traditions of 14 European countries, and even certain landscapes. The park has 13 roller coasters, the oldest being Alpenexpress Enzian, a powered coaster that speeds through a diamond mine, and the newest coaster being the Ba-a-a Express, a small kiddie roller coaster. Europa-Park has very high capacity roller coasters and attractions meaning the park can accommodate approximately 60,000 guests per day. On this 95 hectares, there are more than 100 attractions and shows for children, teenagers and their parents! 

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Adresse: Europa-Park-Straße 2, Rust, Baden-Württemberg, Germany 77977

3. Puy du Fou Park /Parc du Puy du Fou is a historical theme park in Les Epesses in the heart of the Vendée region of Western France. The park brings more than 2 million visitors every year, making it the second most popular theme park in France after Disneyland Paris. It is an extraordinary leisure park, which offers dozens of shows, day and night, and many activities in the heart of a century-old forest of 55 hectares. To visit: four villages reconstituted in authentic materials, animated by dozens of craftsmen. What also is worth seeing, is the Cinéscénie: on Fridays and Saturdays during summer, Puy du Fou offers a sound and light show of night of 1h40 with 1480 actors and dancers …Stunning!

Parc du Puy du Fou
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Adresse: Parc du Puy du Fou, BP 25, 85590, Epesses, Vendée, Pays de la Loire

4. Futuroscope Park/Parc du Futuroscope is a French theme park based upon multimedia, cinematographic futuroscope and audio-visual techniques. It has several 3D cinemas and a few 4D cinemas along with other attractions and shows, some of which are the only examples in the world. It is located in the department of Vienne, Nouvelle-Aquitaine. The Futuroscope was created more than 25 years ago. It offers more than 25 original attractions and continues to renew each year. The night show created by Cirque du Soleil “The Forge to Stars” and The Extraordinary Journey, The Time Machine, Ice Age, Dances with Robots, Arthur, the 4D Adventure are just few of them.

Parc du Futuroscope
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Adresse: Parc du Futuroscope, Avenue René Monory, 86360, Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, Vienne, Poitou Charentes

5. Asterix Park/Parc Asterix is a theme amusement park in France, opened in 1989 and based on the comic book series Asterix. It is situated approximately 35 km north of Paris, 32 km from Disneyland Paris and 20 km from the historic Château de Chantilly. With two million visitors yearly, Parc Asterix is the second biggest theme park near Paris after Disneyland (which has 11 million visitors yearly!). It is especially well known in France for its large variety of roller coasters. Parc Astérix is ​​a park designed for all ages with several attractions and permanent shows. The park proposes 6 universes through different themes: Egypt with its “Asterix and Cleopatra”, Gaul with its merry-go-round, the Roman Empire with the Romus and Rapidus, Greece with the Flight of Icarus, the Vikings and other 39 attractions! I am tempted, are you?

Parc Asterix
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Adresse: Parc Asterix, 60128 Plailly, France

6. Nigloland is an amusement park located in Dolancourt, in the French county l’Aube. This is one of the most visited parks in France after Disneyland Paris and Parc Astérix. Nigloland was created by two brothers, Patrice and Philippe Gélis. The park opened June 13, 1987. The name “Nigloland” comes from its mascot, “Niglo,” meaning hedgehog in Romani. It has 39 attractions including 12 experiences, as well as shows in a green field of 25 hectares, near the lakes and the forest of Orient. The park offers four thematic areas: Rock’n Roll Village, The Village of Canada, The Wonderful Village and the Swiss Village. Many attractions are exclusively reserved for the youngest with rides adapted to their preferences.

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Adresse: Nigoland, D 619, 10200, Dolancourt, Aube, Champagne Ardenne

7. Little Prince’s Park/Parc du Petit Prince  is a unique amusement park in the heart of Alsace, between Colmar and Mulhouse. This park is the first interpretation of the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry where you fly in the air, where you travel, where you cross animals and walk through the gardens. He evokes these universes through the Little Prince of Saint-Exupéry: the planets and the adventure of Aéropostale. Poetic, educational and, above all, very fun, the park offers 34 attractions and activities and attracts more families every year. In 2019, the Parc du Petit Prince celebrates its 5th birthday and took off again thanks to several major novelties: a new attraction  called “Pierre de Tonnerre”, the opening of a new animal zone: “Tame-nous”, a new 3D film: “Fly to the Moon” and the renovation of an Alsatian boutique hotel.

Parc du Petit Prince
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Adresse: Parc du Petit Prince, 68190, Ungersheim, Rhin (Haut), Alsace

8. PAL Park/Parc Le PAL is a French animal theme park that combines two activities: an amusement park and a zoo in the municipality area of Saint-Pourçain-sur-Besbre, in Allier, France. Created in 1973, the site became a theme park in 1981. The PAL is the most visited site in Auvergne. Its originality lies in its diversity as it consists of a beautiful natural setting of 50 hectares, an amusement park and a wildlife park. An amusement park offers 26 attractions for the whole family, young and old ones. On the animal park side, the park gives you a chance to see over 700 animals from the five continents which are in their semi-liberty in reconstituted natural environment.

Parc Le PAL
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Adresse: Le PAL, 03290, Dompierre-sur-Besbre,

9. Walibi Rhône-Alpes is a French theme park located in the Isère department. It is the only large theme park of the Rhône-Alpes region. The park contains more than 33 rides and it covers an area of 35 hectares. Walibi Rhône-Alpes also contains a 13,000 m² waterpark called L’Île aux Pirates (previously Aqualibi) with slides, waterfalls, waterfalls and the Radja River which offers the sensations of rafting. The rides are assigned for adults and young children. For the big ones, the rids are with thrills in the water and in the air and for the young ones, the park offers the trips in basket, on a small train, on a wooden horse, a show of sea lions, and a small farm to caress the goats. 

Walibi Rhône-Alpes
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Adresse: Walibi Rhône-Alpes, 13000 m2, 1380 Route de Corneille, 38630, Avenières, Isére, Rhône Alpes

10. Vulcania, called the “European Park of Volcanism”, is an educational French amusement park and museum with a volcano theme. Situated in Saint-Ours-les-Roches, Auvergne, 15km north-west of Clermont-Ferrand, it was officially inaugurated in 2002. It is actually the only park I have already visited. So, Vulcania is the largest amusement park dedicated to the history of volcanoes and impressive natural phenomena. The Park invites you to discover the Earth, volcanoes, the forces of nature and the fragile beauty of our planet. Theme park dug into the volcanic rock and it is at the ¾ underground with an architecture both modern and discreet.

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Adresse: Vulcania, Route de Mazayes, 63230, Saint-Ours, Puy de Dôme, Auvergne

11. Space City/Cité de l’Espace is a scientific discovery center focused on space and the conquest of space. It was opened in June 1997 and is located on the eastern outskirts of Toulouse. As of 2012, there had been more than 4 million visitors. Ideal for adults and children, the Cité de l’Espace offers a remarkable dive into the world of space. Many manipulations and really fun simulators allow you to experience the feeling of weightlessness or to walk like cosmonauts on the moon. Not so easy yet such an experience! On top of that, Cité de l’Espace, offers Imax® shows on a giant screen and let you experience the conquest of space and authentic spaceships.

Cité de l’Espace
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Adresse: Cité de l’Espace, Avenue Jean Gonord,31000, Toulouse, Garonne (Haute), Midi Pyrénées

12. Walygator is an amusement park located in Maizières-les-Metz, Lorraine. Since its opening, back in 1989, the park has taken on a variety of names; successively Big Bang Smurf, Walibi Schtroumpf (Smurf), Walibi Lorraine up to its present name Walygator Parc. Just in case you heard of those names before and you can relate to the park.  Nowadays, the Walygator theme park in its wooded setting of 47 hectares, offers more than 60 attractions, entertainment and shows. Several imaginary universes are staged for the pleasure of the children. By going through the World of Adventure, the World of Little Tips and the Door of Time to the Circular World, you can discover the many attractions and shows ideal for the whole family.

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Adresse: Walygator, Parc d’attractions Voie Romaine, 57280, Maizières-lès-Metz, Moselle, Lorraine

13. France Miniature Park/Parc France Miniature is a miniature park tourist attraction in Élancourt featuring scale models of major French landmarks and monuments in an 5-hectare outdoor park. It contains about 117 most beautiful monuments of France ( 1/30-scale models) and 150 reconstructed landscapes, from the Stade de France to Chambord, from the Eiffel Tower to Fort Boyard! Many of the models are animated: a system of model trains runs through the park and that is not all, because the visitors can also admire the animated boats on the “Atlantic Ocean” and the “Mediterranean Sea”. In the miniature park, there is also an indoor exhibition features extremely detailed models of several indoor scenes.

minature park france
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Adresse: Parc France Miniature, Boulevard André Malraux, 78990, Élancourt, Yvelines, Ile de France

14. Bagatelle Park in Merlimont/Parc Bagatelle à Merlimont is a theme park with rollercoasters & rides for younger children as well as restaurants & parkland. Located on the Côte d’Opale, in a haven of greenery, Parc Bagatelle offers its many and loyal visitors more than 40 opportunities to enjoy themselves as a family. The parks attractions and entertainment have delighted young and old ones. This amusement and recreation park offers many thrilling attractions such as rafting, cinema dynamik, as well as family attractions such as the little train or the rapid bag. Many shows and temporary animations are planned and punctuate the life of this park.

Parc Bagatelle
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Adresse: Parc Bagatelle à Merlimont, RD 940, 62155, Merlimont, Pas de Calais, Nord Pas de Calais

15. Sand Sea Park/Parc La Mer de Sable is an amusement park founded 1963. It is located in Ermenonville Forest, in the Oise department of northern France, less than an hour from Paris. The Sable Sea is an adventure park with three worlds, 30 attractions and 3 shows. “Les Portes du Désert” reproduces the Saharan atmosphere, with attractions in 4×4, buggy off-road, train of sands. “In Pioneer Times” invites children into the legends of the American West, with the Colorado train or the mechanical horses of the western track. “Adventures in the Jungle” plunges visitors into an equatorial atmosphere, with Asian decorations, carnivorous plants and tribes of monkeys. So cool!

Parc La Mer de Sable
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Adresse: Parc La Mer de Sable, Route Nationale 330, 60950, Ermenonville, Oise, Picardie

So what do you think about the amusement parks now? They are so cool, aren’t they? And the best thing about the attraction parks is the fact that there is no age limits. Everyone is invited and everyone has great fun. It is also true that the quality and standards in amusements parks nowadays are very high plus French do not go on compromises with the quality so you know that you can expect only the best!…lastly, well, visit France and choose the attraction park you like the most! Which one is that?The best 15 attraction parks in France!


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