The Top 5 Parks Near Lyon

Find out What Are The Top 5 Parks Near Lyon so you can plan a great day out, will you?

Do you like parks? You should do as they can offer you such a variety of things to do. I think everyone can find something interesting for them. So Lyon is an ideal place where you can discover many of parks and spend a quality time in. What is more, you can actually check my Comprehensive List of Lyonnais Parks which you can pick and visit. I have found about 23 parks in Lyon! So that should keep you busy! But if you are still looking for a different park experience or want to organize a trip day out of Lyon I can recommend you My Top 5 Parks Located Near Lyon which are worth visiting. Have a look below and make sure you go there!

So here you are: The Big My Top Parks Near Lyon:

Le Grand parc de Miribel-Jonage
Le Grand parc de Miribel-Jonage

1. Le Grand parc de Miribel-Jonage: Address: Chemin de la Bletta 69120 Vaulx-en-Velin. It is a large country park close to Lyon, located between two branches of the Rhône, with extensive woodland and a number of lakeside beaches. Its huge, it is one of the largest peri-urban natural parks in Europe! It covers 3000 hectares of undeveloped land, 2200 hectares of natural park, 850 hectares of forest and 600 hectares of protected environment. There is a big lake of 350 hectares. It is difficult to describe what does this park offers as it offers a lot. So the lake for bathing, the beaches for sunbathing, the wide range of sport activities such as tennis, table tennis, badminton, archery, climbing, trampolining, golf and a golf practice putting-green, the rollerblading and mountain biking , jumping with the rope bridges just to name a few.  There are animals and plants to admire and so many of them! There are more than 1,000 species of animals and plants in the park. You can hire catamarans, sailing boats, windsurfing and surf boards, canoes, rowing boats, small boats etc or visit the riding centres that offer horse-drawn carriage rides in July and August. There is a gym and a sauna. There are many picnic spots and barbecue area so its ideal for a day out especially when the weather is really hot! Its ideal place and very popular for music festivals!

Le Parc de Parilly by Ville Bron
Le Parc de Parilly. Photo by Ville Bron

2. Le Parc de Parilly –  Address: 36 boulevard Emile Bollaërt 69500 Bron; Tel: 04 72 61 73 98. Located near Lyon the park covers 178 hectare and it is owned by the Département du Rhône. It has 2 areas: the wooded one and a sports one. There is an athletics stadium, the  public 400m running track, 10 football pitches, 1 rugby pitch, 12 basketball courts, 1 volleyball court, 3 handball courts, 2 baseball pitches . The wooden part consists of the 5 km woodland trail with mainly trees, fitness and orientation trail, playgrounds  and other activities for children like a famous miniature train.  And lets don’t forget there is the racecourse is at the edge of the woods.

Le Parc de Lacroix-Laval by GrandLyon
Le Parc de Lacroix-Laval Photo by GrandLyon

3. Le Parc de Lacroix-Laval – Address:  Domaine de Lacroix Laval 69280, Marcy-l’Étoile. Located next to Lyon, the park covers 115 hectares with the miles of footpaths  through a hilly landscape of meadows and forests. It offers a great diversity. There are natural spaces and landscapes, meadows and forests. There are the French style gardens and an English style park, kitchen gardens and greenhouses just to name a few. There is also a 2 km fitness trail for running, walking and other sporty activities.  And the main highlight of the park are the grounds of the château which was built in the 16th century on the ruins of a 12th century fortified manor. The castle displays temporary exhibitions and offers an environmental awareness programme, discovery of the flora and fauna, and a presentation of forest crafts.

Le Parc de la Feyssine by CommonsWiki
Le Parc de la Feyssine. Photo by Arnaud Fafournoux, via Wikimedia Commons

4. Le Parc de la Feyssine: Address: Boulevard Laurent Bonnevay, 69100 Villeurbanne; Tel: 04 78 03 67 67. Located in the Villeurbanne of Lyon, it covers 55 hectares. It is a lovely woodland alongside the Rhône. It is the largest green space and the biggest urban park of Villeurbanne. What is interesting is the fact that the Feyssine Park was used to enable the Lyon to receive the drinking water for more than 90 years. The supply process stopped in the 1930s. And nowadays it is used for recreation and leisure as well as to admire the animals and plants which cannot be found anywhere else in Villeurbanne. There are 47 types of birds recorded and 20 rare and protected plant species in the park.

Mur Végétal by metronews
Mur Végétal. Photo by metronews

5. Mur Végétal Address: rue Francis de Préssensé 69100 Villeurbanne. It is not quite a park but the highest self-standing wall in France.It is17 m high and 14 m wide and it covers 250 m² of the wall with the 11,000 plants and more than 30 species such as geraniums, ivy, crocuses just to name a few. What is more the variety of plant species are being changed every season. The green wall is important as its contribute to the animal and plant biodiversity. It was created in 2010 by Canevaflor.

So are you ready for a day out near Lyon when some quality time spend in the green space? Have you ever heard of any of those parks? Do you know any other parks near Lyon which are worth visiting? Share with me as I always want more and more places to explore…Have a good time!



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