Tips on consumer rights

Tips on consumer rights
Tips on consumer rights
Happy New Year – Kicking of the 2013, lets do this properly with the very useful list of 10 Savvy Shopping Tips On Consumer Rights by Money Saving Expert and Finance Guru – Martin Lewis.

Martin is a broadcaster and creator of, check out his website here for future references, tips and really good savvy shoppers offers updated daily.

So what’s his top tips on consumer rights? Here you are and for detailed information just visit finance section of Telegraph.

  1. Spend over £100 with your credit cards and the card company additionally to retailer protects you
  2. Know your rights and quote the rules
  3. You have a “no-fault” right of return online – more protection when buying online, via post & phone
  4. Remember to ask for the delivery charge back if returning online goods – it is your right
  5. Buying for a friend? Keep the gift receipt so you can transfer the statutory rights
  6. Second-hand have exactly the same ”faulty’’ rights
  7. On eBay remember to buy only from a professional trader – this will give you  full ”faulty’’ right
  8. For a full refund, return within one month
  9. After six months you need to prove fault, otherwise that is the store responsibility
  10. When the store does not want to agree with you, the court is the judge

 I hope you found those tips on consumer rights useful. If you have further questions or something was unclear I would recommend reading Martin Lewis Blog and following his forums. They are a great voice for community of today’s savvy consumers.


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