Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit France!

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit France!

I do not need to convince you to come over to visit or live in France. France is still the top holiday’s destination in the world. Everyone seems to dream about coming to France and everyone is fascinated by France & French people and language of course. I liked France before but I haven’t dreamed about coming over here. The French (very complicated!) language has been putting me off but I liked the idea of the Love & Paris & Eiffel Tower, Roasted Chestnuts I wanted to try (still haven’t! can you believe it?) Anyway, I had a chance to visit Paris and it was OK, I had a chance to visit Lyon and it was WONDERFUL! So I felt in love in France! And so, I want to share with you my love and passion for France and present you the Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Have a look at the list I have created and let me know if I convinced you to come over!

So here you are….Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit France

  1. France has PARIS! As simple is that…Paris is one of the most important & interesting & beautiful & creative & romantic & artistic & cultural & so French place to be that everyone should at least once in life see it him/herself! Did I mention it has this so famous Eiffel Tower…oh yes!france-has-paris
  2. France has it all: sea and ocean and mountains! Oh yes…cold and so beautiful Brittany with its ocean. And the very famous and so well-known Cote de Azure with the warm and clear blue sea, a bit rocky beaches and places like Cannes, Nice, St Tropez and don’t get me started here as the south of France is simply so difficult to describe. And lets not forget about French mountains with unlimited skiing opportunities and stunning views of Mont Blanc!France-has-it-all-sea-ocean-and-mountains
  3. France has a strategic location. Many people need (want) to make a stop in France when travelling. English people love France as they can easily reach it via Channel; other tourists love France (or need France) to reach the South of Europe destinations. Did you realize that between 15 and 20 million of the visitors who come to France are just passing through on their way to Italy or Spain? Well, I just learned that! Interesting!France-has-a-strategic-location
  4. France has important and beautiful big cities & colourful & charming countryside. You are not going to be bored in France. You can get busy and cultural in cities like Paris, Lille, Lyon, Dijon, Marseille, just to name a few big French cities. You can reach a nice countryside, take your time, enjoy local specialities, take part in harvest…vineyards are waiting for you …Beaujolais, Cote du Rhone, and other countryside experience in Provence, Alsace….just choose the part of France you want to see first and enjoy its charm and beauty! Then I bet you will fell in love and continue to explore more of this stunning country.France-has-beautiful-big-cities-and-charming-countryside
  5. France has a great cuisine with the Pop of Gastronomy. I am sure you heard about him. He lives in Lyon 542`and he is an amazing person and chef. Not only his passion for cooking but also a great talent, made him create the new style of French cuisine, built the reputation of the French best cuisine and taught many to continue. He works with the best, he uses the best ingredients, he makes the best meals and he has the best restaurants in France. Come to Lyon, see & taste yourself! One life experience! And I have almost forgot…his name is of course Paul Bocus…Do you know?France-has-the-pope-of-gastronomy
  6. France has the cheese and wine. And this is not all they have the best, the most unique types of cheese and wine. Being in France and having a chance to taste this French lifestyle so finishing a meal with a fresh baguette and a cheese with a local wine is the best experience you can dream of. I mean, if you though you like or dislike cheese, if you eat it regularly in your country, you will be surprised on how little you know about the cheese or you might realize you have been eating some type of copy…so if you really want to get to know what the real cheese is come over to France and you will have over 400 types to choose from. The same is when it comes to wine … There are tens of thousands of small wine French producers and there are 450 different wine appellations in France. Trust me this is enough! As each bottle of wine is different, each moment of tasting it gives you totally different experience…be amazed & surprised, never bored. Be totally spoilt with the wine & cheese pleasure … only in France!France-has-the-cheese-and-the-wine
  7. France has croissant & baguette. Similar here, if you thought you know what the croissant and baguette is, you have been totally wrong, The things they sell all over the world seem to be the failure copies of the real croissants and baguette which you can find only in France. As simple as the croissant is, the best it is being eaten alone or with the bit of butter and jam for a breakfast. The story with the baguette is a bit different. You eat it unlimitedly every day in the French families, it is not only used as a real lunch meal or snack but mostly and daily as a part of main meal to accompany the main plate or cheese treat after dinner. It seems to be obligatory to buy at least one fresh baguette every day!  And once you taste the real French croissant and baguette you will never come back to the copies you can find in your country.France-has-croissant-baguette
  8. France has stunning art, history and culture. So I don’t know where to start here. It has Paris, old types of villages, big cities full of museums, art galleries, basilicas, monuments to visit. In fact, France is the 4th country worldwide which has the most sites assigned to the Unesco’s World Heritage list. There are 39 sites on the list and the number is growing. The biggest, the most famous and the most visited place in France is obviously Paris and the most popular museum is Louvre which receives 9.7 million visitors a year.France-has-stunning-art-history-and-culture
  9. France has over 180 Les Beaux Plus Villages de France  and over 4000 Castles…J’adore! So what they are? Basically, the most beautiful villages of France, are the very little medieval towns which have preserved its medieval style. Their heritage have been protected by the country and their citizens. They all have the old style, llittle number of welcoming local people, they are all small and cosy; colourful or grey, too busy or very quiet, each of them is different & unique, usually located on a heel with a great view. Some of them have about 20 inhabitants and one simple shop. Others will be totally full of tourists, restaurants and souvenirs. Anyway if you have a chance to visit, go for a great French experience, so unique and different. The same is with French castles…there is no place in the world which have better and more beautiful chateaux then France! I have been overwhelmed with the Lorain castles (link here). I have seen only 12 (or so many as 12) and I am happy to know I have the rest of life to explore others…magnificent!France-has-over-180-les-beaux-plus-villages-de-france
  10. France has more and more welcoming French people. Before coming over here I used to live full of silly stereotypes of French nation. The one I was totally scared of is that French people are very rude, not tolerant, speak only French, love only France and don’t welcome foreigners. So totally scared I have arrived to Lyon where I have been nicely surprised. People are curious of new cultures, open to new cultures, they want to learn & try & improve English and will happily speak with you. They are actually very helpful, chatty and always ask Ca va? They usually say Bon Journee and Merci!  I do appreciate on how nicely I have been welcomed here and how nicely I am greeted every day by French person…in the shop, in the bus, at doctors..The only thing I would improve about French people is…to make them be a bit faster…they live, enjoy, eat, work a bit too slow for me…oh well you cannot have all. This seems to be a charm of French people…take it easy (slowly!)France-has-more-and-more-welcoming-french-people

So now I am curious what you think! Are you convinced with my Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit France to get ready for a trip, holidays or life in France? As simple as that, France continue to be preferable destination to many…I am sure you will try it out as well, if you haven’t yet. I am truly amazed by the country, French people and their ‘odd’, ‘particular’ so interesting lifestyle. Not to mention the fact that France as a country is beautiful! So I can honestly recommend to visitDiscover more about France and/or share your experience with me.


I am a Polish girl who felt in love with Lyon from the first sight! Jadorelyon is my way of exploring France, the French way of life, their cuisine, sharing the experience from visiting beautiful places in France. Jadorelyon is my new way of adding some Polish influence into French lives and watching on how they like it...

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  1. Hi there! Thanks a lot for this great summary! Sometimes it’s a good thing to remember all those things to keep on going, because despite all those wonderful things – life in France is not always so great and easy 😉
    But that’s what’s beautiful about life!
    Hugs and kisses,

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