Top 10 Signs You Are A Shopaholic

Should you be worried?

shopaholicSo how do you treat your shopping? Have you ever thought you might be a Shopaholic. I am calling myself a one. Is that true or not, far as I know I LOVE shopping, I like window shopping and it relaxes me a lot, But on the other hand I am very reasonable and savvy shopper. I do not spend too much on my shopping, I always think carefully before buying, I do compare prices and offers, I look for the best discounts. When it is possible I will create something myself rather then buy. I use shops to ideas, to relax and switch of my brain …I do LOVE shopping for its creativity, for socializing, for a way of spending time but what I love the most is my small hobby to find the best offers, to find the gems I will have only, to share with other. As much as I loved visiting shops now I love online browsing which is my new way of getting the most out of shopping on a budget.

So I think I am soft version of Shopaholic which personally I can recommend. So what is the type of a Shopaholic you should be worried about becoming? Let me list you 10 Top Signs that you are a Shopaholic and you need help!

  1. Your salary has been spent even before payday. I mean you don’t pay attention to money you have, you lose control of your finance as need to buy something is stronger.
  2. You buy things you don’t need. You saw something nice in a shop and you need to buy it. Once you back at home you do realize it is another black handbag you have and you don’t really need it in this month.
  3. You shop very often. You visit shop every second day as a light version of shopaholic, you have a need for buying something new each day and actually buying it each day is very dangerous.
  4. Every stress, all your worries you hide and want to forget. You refocus your thoughts and feelings on being busy and occupied while shopping.
  5. You avoid people; you spend less and less time with your family and friends. You don’t want to shop with them; you don’t want to socialize in other ways. You like be on your own more and more.
  6. You are on debt. You spend too much and you cannot afford it.
  7. You start lying the ones that love you. You buy, hid things and you need to get more money for your shopping. Obviously that effects the family budget or just yours.
  8. At the end of the day you feel guilty? Why? Should you be guilty after shopping? Well, that should be a pleasure or a chore you need to do. And whatever it is you should not feel bad after shopping.sadshopper
  9. You start feeling The Need your Shopping controls your life. You cannot rest, relax without your daily, weekly shopping routine. You are addicted to shopping.
  10. You start using more and more online shopping. You spend hours browsing, searching and buying via laptops, mobiles, tables. Any way to buy things for you is good.

What I could say…as long as the shopping brings you happiness, as long as it is not dangerous for your finance, as long as you are not isolating from others & avoiding problems, your shopping is safe. But be alter ..there are so many other important things in your life you should cherish: love, family, friends, work, hobbies and one of those can be shopping but not the main one!

Enjoy Online Shopping



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