Top 10 Weird and Unusual Clocks. Change Time This Sunday!

Get the Right Clock to Change Time This Sunday

It is this time of the year when we are about to sleep one hour less and enjoy daytime one hour more. I am talking about the 30th of March and we are going to set our clocks 60 mins forward before we will fell asleep on Sunday. We may lose one hour of sleep but we will gain an extra hour of evening light for months ahead.

I know that less sleep is not good, but I also know the more light we get the more optimistic and positive we become! Lighter and warmer evenings, this is something I look forward to!

So, thinking about the Time Change this month, I got inspired with clocks shopping. There are so many clocks around and there is so little people using them. Everyone seems to check the time on their phones or laptops/tables which are they always switched on and they are not bothered with buying clocks anymore. So what has happened here? Well…maybe …people haven’t seen these cool and amazing, unusual clocks which they can get for their walls? I bet if you have seen those creative designs and shapes, you could not resist not buying them for yourself or as a funny present for someone else.

How about funny clock joke present which seems ideal for the 1st of April – the Fool’s Day! I am sure your friends would like that. How about treating yourself with something new for your home; once its nicely refreshed after Spring Cleaning, your home deserves new treat.

See My Own Collection of The Top 10 Weird and Unusual Clocks I Would Like to Get Myself. Maybe you will find something for yourself.

  1. Uomino Wall Clock by Diamantini & Domeniconi.Such a cool clock representing 2 running guys on your wall. It just talks to me and says – The Time Is Running! Use it well!2 guys running
  2. Busy Bee Wall Clock.  This is so optimistic yellow clock, ideal for all honey and bee fans.  It gives a warm and energetic feel and it will be great to bring some positive energy into your roomBusyBeeClock
  3. Treble Clef Vintage Music Clock by NELTEMPO.  Do you like music? Then this should be your pick. It is stylish, good looking and unusual shape will give a vintage feel to your room, especially a music room if you have one.musicfansclock
  4. It’s Time to..Clock. It is time to relax/love/kiss…you choose, you write down, you act. It looks like a cool communication tool you can use and leave a small notes can play with kiss/love/relax; you can use to make shopping list or ask for doing some choirs. How about leaving  Its time to clean your room message?Its time Clock
  5. Big Ben Wall Sticker Clock by FUNKY LITTLE DARLINGS. Bring a bit of London into your home with this 2 meter wall sticker. It looks amazing and who does not love Big Ben?BigBenClock
  6. Block Clock. This is so cool clock not for the wall this time. Don’t be fool with the books cover. Look closer and figure out what time it is! Can you imagine on who it would fit on a bookshelf?BlockClock
  7. Sparkle Wall Clock. It is ideal for  all those posh and chic girls who love to sparkle! It would be ideal for a girly room to add a style to her room. Do you like my gem?SparkleWallClock
  8. Mhin Clock. This seems like a really strange clock which I actually liked as it is so unusual. I would get this for my friend who is so precise and accurate, organized that the rule design would be perfect for her.MHIN Clock1
  9. RND TIMES Infinite Wall Clock. This will be perfect for all who have the whole wall space to accommodate. I love the idea of all the digits being spread on the wall – so messy, so creative!RND Time Infinite Clock
  10. Nextime Disco Clock. Remember those cool disco parties. Are you missing them or still enjoying them? Maybe you want to bring the disco party spirit inside your home. I like the idea and I like the clock shape! I just wonder if this goes around, play music and sparkle!nextime-disco-clock3

There are too many unusual, cool, funny and creative Wall Clocks around. I am sure you will find some for yourself or as a gift. Use my list or share your findings…and remember to set your clocks this Sunday one hour ahead!


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